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  1.  Game Data Corrupted


    The worst game I've ever had the misfortune of owning. I've never been further than 15% through the game because it crashes and tells me the game data is corrupted, i must delete it and re-install it. Something I have now done for the 8th time and still I cannot get it to work. Seems to be a common occurence when you read on various internet forums.

  2.  Absolute Rubbish


    This was not a patch on the first album, very disappointing. And why they have to have that nana-nayyyyyyyy in every single track usually at the start is beyond annoying.

  3.  Not impressed


    This game promised so much and delivered very little. This game feels like something you play on the PS2 rather than the PS3. I don't understand the positives for the graphics, all the long shots look grainy and the only depth in the graphics is the up close cinematic sequences.

    I finished it in two days of play playing it on normal mode. I would probably give the game 3 stars but for the truly awful controls. It has literally been years since I played a game with such restricted camera control. You can be running in a straight line and suddenly the camera will swing round beyond 90 degrees and you find that the way you are pressing on the controller is wrong. Come on all modern games like Drake's fortune have clever controls so if you do turn a corner you don't need to change the way you are pushing on the controller. When the camera shifts to above you the graphics really look like original PS standard. There is an awful lot of fixed camera angles so you do not get to fix the camera angle yourself which leads to great frustration in parts.

    How anyone can compare this to the fantastic Drake series is beyond me.

  4.  Disappointing game


    Overall the graphics are disappointing. The whole thing seems to run in a massive delay, there are frequent stalls in the panning in the camera and.or the soundtrack and the whole thing seems like it's too much for the system. The controls are cumbersome and not responsive as you need them to be at times when there is a big shoot out. In its genre it is a pretty weak game with many many other titles being far more value for money. At the current price of 14.99 it would be a good buy but if you got stung for the full amount nearer the time of release then the game is simply not worth it.

  5.  Fantastic Game but not 5 star


    I would highly recommend the game. If anyone has seen the film Event Horizon - the premise of the story is a little like that, however, the ship is over-run with organic monsters rather than the sotry line int eh film. The music, the lighting and gameplay all make it very horror film like and it is pretty jumpy in parts especially when things suddenly jump out at you. The graphics are fantastic and the choice and use of weapons is original. If you don't explore an area very thoroughly you miss the chance to pick up useful items like power nodes to upgrade your weapons or unlock a room with toons of loot in. The only beef i have with the game is some really random game play sections that really add nothing to the game. One section i was thinking of is at the end of one of the chapters you have to sit and fire a manual canon to stop asteroids hitting the ship and destroying it before one of your colleagues gets the automatic system back on line. I found this to be not only completely pointless and devoid of any merit either graphically or from a game play perspective, but also took about an hour of repeating it before i fluked my way through the task. Overall i highly recommend it.