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  1.  Great Driving Game


    I'll try and adress some of the issues people have been pointing out.

    1) Loading times take forever: You will have to make a 10 minute install & update for the game when you first put the disk in, after that you are asked if you want to fully install the game to minimize loading times. Installing solves the problem. Yes, it takes 50 minutes but just do something else while you wait, unlinke most people who seem in-capable of waiting 50 minutes having waited over five years for the game.

    2) GT mode is tedious at first: There are two modes to the game - Arcade Mode (where you can race in a variety of cars, on a variety of tracks, complete time trials and do split-screen races) and there is GT mode (where you complete a driving career of buying cars, completing races/championships and participating in special events). In GT mode you must start off with lower powered cars, as certain races require different criteria, like the classic pre-1970 supercar races etc... If you don't want to start the game in this "tedious" manner, then use arcade mode instead!

    3) Damage modelling doesn't work: The damage feature of the game gets progessively more realistic as you go through the game, a novice wouldn't exactly want to have to end every single one of their first races because of not having built up driving skills.

    In general it's a fantastic racing game, the graphics are excellent and every car has its own unique feel. It's not as addictive as other games, but as far as driving games go it's brilliant.

  2. 2012



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     Not terrible but...


    Roland Emmerich has used great special effects and CGI to an advantage in this film, however that really can't make up for the cheesy storyline that lets the film down in places. It's not boring like Transformers II, but fails to impress as a film as much as The Day After Tommorow.
    Verdict? It's not a bad film, but The Day After Tommorow is better.

  3.  Incredible


    This game has to have the most addictive storyline known to man. The plot is just so fantastic I couldn't leave this game alone! Or at least not until I found the truth behind the story, which was a complete rollercoaster! Highly reccomended.

  4.  Just awful.


    A few people enjoy the film because there seems to be no lack of CGI action etc.. Does that make a good film? No, and neither does this film's story. You just watch an adolescent who is about to save the world because of some magical unconvincing stuff, only for another twenty minute action scene to pop up which will utterly bore the life out of you. It's great that nowadays directors are able to use bewildering CGI, but it needs to be applied to the story, it seems like they wanted the CGI to basicly be the story in this film..

  5.  Short & Sweet


    Of Mice and Men is a short novel that focuses on the life of migrant workers in 1930s America. How Steinbeck manages to portray the characters is truely astounding. A true classic that it most definately worth a read.

  6.  What a fantastic game.


    I don't think I have ever had as much fun playing a game as I have playing this. The graphics are something you would find on PS3/XBOX 360. The story mode is excellent, the plot is something you would find in a thrilling film; it keeps your attention and leaves you coming back and playing the missions over and over again. The gameplay is smooth and works well with the Wii controls, although it can be abit frustrating learning the controls to start with.

    By far my favourite bit was the fact that there is a co-op option to the game, which mirrors the main story and never fails to impress.

    Overall a great game - highly recomended to gamers that enjoy great campaign modes.

  7.  It's a really good change


    This game is almost completely platform, yet the texture and graphics still manage to blow me away. Some people say the story is weak, and fair enough it won't have you on the edge of your seat, but the levels within the story are fantasticly designed.

    But the best bit is anyone can create a level like the ones in the story! And playing other people's levels is never ending fun, as the LBP community is vibrant.

    My conclusion is that it is a different game, in a very good way, but friends to play with are somewhat essential to really enjoy the game, either locally or online.

  8.  i'm sorry the i-what?


    Apple can say goodbye because this mp3/4 player is ledendary! The music is of such good quality with the in ear earphones!
    However dont be fooled by the salesman saying you can put dvds on it, you have to get a whole load of kit before u can finally put vids on it which is incredibly difficult
    Great mp3 player though
    Easily beats anything i-pod can throw at it

  9.  Great


    Very good game, realistic shooting and the interactivity with the wii remote makes it very kwl
    It does sometimes randomeley freeze as said in other revies, u cat stop walkin or sumin
    Then u just find yourself dead