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  1.  For the other reviewers.


    Check the leads coming from your power supply box, and see if any of the black ones fit into the hard drive. I've found that some items require additional power, such as graphics cards, and they will make loud noises to let you know this since they can't show you on screen.

    Just food for thought.

  2.  Very easy to install


    This is very easy to install, all you do is remove the cover from the bottom of the ps3, remove all screws, put the new hdd in and put all the screws back in. Well worth the money :D

  3.  Very tasteful bust


    Although it's a little on the small size, this is a really good bust, and for £18, a bloody bargain!

  4.  Awful


    Has anyone informed this company that computers don't use DOS based applications for games anymore? This is absolutely insulting to call a game, and I uninstalled it after my first play.

  5.  Good film


    You should really disregard what people are saying below about it not being up to Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead, this film is by David Schwimmer, whilst the other two are by Edgar Wright, so they can't possibly compared just because they are in the same genre.

    As for the film itself, it has alot of british charm and Dylan Moran does a great job in the film, a very enjoyable outting.

  6.  Practically Perfect


    This is a clever little device that adds very little weight to the controller when attached, and since your hands don't use that area, they don't affect the ergonomics of gaming. I have a couple of slight problems with the device (which may just be a personal viewpoint):

    1) I have large hands, so the small buttons are not always that easily accessible

    2) It will take a while to memorise the green/orange second/third key combinations (which on a regular keyboard is like the shift key with a number key giving a different figure, only in this instance you press a colour key which corresponds to a character on a letter).

    Overall, I am glad I bought it, and the price is well worth it especially as an extra headset is bundled in. Recommended.

  7.  Best of British


    Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg pulll it off again, providing the world with more of the british humour that has made them famous from their work on Spaced and Shaun of the Dead. Most people are having trouble comparing this to SotD, but what you have to consider is that Hot Fuzz is meant to be a serious concept with various humorous quips and references weaved in for effect, whereas Shaun of the Dead was meant to be a ridiculous Zom-Rom-Com with a laugh a second antics. This DVD is highly recommended, don't listen to me, watch it and formulate your own opinion, but I'll bet you'll like it...

  8.  A Co-Op must


    Those who were introduced to Crackdown by the demo will have had the experience slightly soured by the fact the demo will let you progress about 10 times faster than in the retail copy, but that said, the game is very good, and an excellent multiplayer experience. Plenty of weapons and abilities, the game is hampered only by it's lack of a storyline.

  9.  Surprisingly good


    I got this game in a promotion (basically to get the other game a bit cheaper), but I was pleasantly surprised with this game. The graphics are excellent, the controls are well laid out. and no two fights are the same. Recommended purchase, especially for the low price.

  10.  Disappointing


    The action in this game is very fun, and the variety of weapons is nothing short of astonishing, but the one thing that ruins the experience is the save point feature. As opposed to previous games that allowed you to save at checkpoints or even on the pause menu, Dead Rising forces you to go to save points on the map, which are generally a few miles from where you want to be. Problem is once you start enjoying yourself with the fighting, then get swarmed and die, you'll revert back to the previous save you made an hour ago and lose all the progress you just made.