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  1.  in the lap(top) of the gods!


    excellent machine at a very good price!
    now i can stay in the same room as my girlfriend, as she watches her soaps, without falling into a boredom-induced coma!

  2.  order a HIT!


    The sopranos is quite simply, the greatest chunk of televisual/cinematic drama that has ever been created!
    From the first episode to the last, the show never missed a beat and my sadness at its conclusion is matched only by my joy that david chase brought this to us in the first place!
    Tony soprano is a loving father...... And godfather to the new jersey mob! The show expertly intertwines his two lives, which often mix to powerful effect! Tony must keep both families in order and sometimes the kids can be more of a challenge than the killers! All this and tony's complex relationship with his beautiful shrink, dr melfi! Cant be easy for the guy, ordering pizza and a murder in the same phone call!!!
    All the characters are expertly realised and perfectly cast, and i promise you that you will feel a little sad when one ( or more ) of the established stars gets ' whacked '
    Buy the sopranos now, its an offer you cant refuse!

  3.  Undead good!


    This movie really has bite!

    Borrowing heavily from Romero's classic ' day of the dead ' and indeed, more modern fare like ' 28 days/weeks later ', it grips you by the throat and takes you on a two hour terror-tour of an apocalyptic nightmare! it truly feels like a companion piece to ' 28 days later ' and could very well have been occuring as Cillian Murphy slept, blissfully unaware, in his coma!
    The fact that several scenes are lifted directly from other genre movies ( Patrick, the excellent Andy Nyman, torn to shreds by the infected hordes, continues to shout abuse as he is dissembowelled is an almost exact replica of a similar fate endured by Joe Pilato in Romero's ' day of the dead ' ) does not detract from the movie at all. it is quite obviously homage from a fan, as oppose to any kind of plagerism and it is to the directors credit that it always feels fresh and fast-paced!
    great performances from all actors ( including DEVILina McCall ) but special mention to Andy Nyman who in my opinion, is the true star of this piece!
    horror, humour and an (un)healthy dose of social satire!
    well done Charlie Brooker!