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  1.  Excellent fun arcade racer


    Suprised to see this only has an average of 3 stars! It was the first game I played after purchasing an HD TV and HDMI cable back when I first got my ps3, and the picture quality was breathtaking. Sure in comparison now most of my games look as good if not better, but you cant rate an older game based on its graphics now - particularly when they are based upon an arcade feel which this achieves fantastically and are still pretty good even now.

  2.  Great fun!


    Not so much like the burnouts I used to play to death on the gamecube, but more like Midnight club. Having missed out on this the first time I decided to buy, and can say Im not dissapointed. Dispite the review below saying the only added extra to this box is the motorbikes - and what an addition they are (I find it just as fun to free-roam on these as I do actually performing in challenges!) - this package also gives you multiplayer which although at first came as a dissapointment (as you do not get the option to race one another), proved to be good fun and are more like the 'crash' challenges in previous burnouts.
    All in all this is a huge game and definately worth the price-tag, the free roaming aspect is almost as fun as the tasks and the graphics are crisp if slightly dated now PS3 wise.

  3.  Excellent WWII Game.


    I first played this title on the wii back when it came out, and was impressed although the game was very buggy (i think due to the nature of the controls). However i enjoyed the game and as the price has reduced decided i would try the ps3 version. And im pleased i did. First thing i noticed were the graphics, which considering the age of the game now are excellent. The gameplay is fantastic, just as good as cod4 i would say having played both, loved the variation of driving tanks, shooting anti tank guns and the amount of normal guns availible. The use of the sixaxis in the most part is ingenious, however at times i found the standard controls to work better (particularly when rowing a boat).
    Overall then an excellent game, only thing that stops it getting 5 stars is that a few of the bugs still havent been ironed out, and considering i completed it in less than a week just playing for a few hours each evening (and im not the best gamer), it is a little short.