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  1.  About the box set.


    This review is about the appearance of the box set.
    Mine seems to be slight different than the other reviewers; all of the films are slim cases (same as US blu-rays), all the same size (even Wolverine) and the box set is rated 12 not 15. There are no bbfc rating logos on the side of the individual cases.

  2.  Punisher War Zone delivers


    I really liked the Lundgren and Thomas Jane Punisher movies but Punisher War Zone is the first one when I actually felt like I was watching a real Punisher movie. It is like the comic books come alive. Some people say its cheesy and corny but hey its a comic book movie after all. Saying its cheesy is like watching Teletubbies and thinking this is kinda childish.
    Punisher War Zone is a straight forward action film so dont expect anything more than a really entertaining switch-your-brains-out film with lots of violence and gore. A guy movie directed by a woman.
    The Blu-ray is excellent - perfect sharp yet gritty picture quality and suberb sound. There are 5 short documentaries and audiocommentary and trailers for other movies.
    Ps: This is not a sequel to the Thomas Jane Punisher. It is a reboot.

  3. Click



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     Should have been Cliche not Click


    The first two acts was so incredibly annoying that I started to wonder why any studio would want to give a budget to this so-called comedy, and probably wouldn´t have if there wasn´t the likes of Sandler, Walken, Hasselhoff, Beckinsale and Astin. After an hour I was convinced that I was watching something that can only be described as abysmal, but I was determined to sit this through. As it got to its third act, ofcourse it turned into a drama with an important message (which has been done millions of times), believe me you´ve seen it before, but nevertheless this was the "best" part of the movie. The ending can be spotted a million miles away.
    Adam Sandler is not funny, his meanspirited humor ruins everything he´s involved in and he seems to play the same role over and over again in the exact same ways.
    Even Chris Walken can´t redeem this as he pulls his worst role of his career, I guess the money was just too good.
    About the story: Sandler spends more time doing work than with his family. Then he gets a magical remotecontrol which allows him to fastforward his life, listen to an audiocommentary, visit his past memories and blah, blah, blah. (That´s probably what was used as a screenplay)
    Fans of Sandler will no doubt get a kick out of Click, since its the exactly same doodoo he´s done before.

  4.  Very, very different kind of brilliance.


    Trey Parker´s movies seem to be among the few films that actually made me laugh so much that I could hardly breath (Cannibal the musical, South Park: BL&UC etc) and Team America World Police is no exception.
    Many who disliked this puppet parody of Michael Bay movies and Thunderbirds said they enjoyed Baseket Ball and therefore they probably didn´t expect TA to be so crude - but Trey and Matt had nothing to do with the screenplay of Baseket Ball (which the movie could´ve used).
    The humor is overly stupid, but stupid in a brilliant way - same way as in South Park - it´s full with profanities and puppet violence, and the puppet sex scene is so disturbing and disgusting that one can´t help but to shake his head and giggle.
    If you love South Park and Trey´s and Matt´s previous productions you´ll sure to love this, but if you´re a huge fan of Thunderbirds I don´t recommend you to watch this based only on just that.
    Try to get the Uncut & Unrated region 1 edition instead of this UK release (runs about a minute less).

  5.  The Shining


    To make a tv miniseries from a horrifying horror novel is way beyond me. The teleplay was written by Stephen King himself but it seems more like he just gave a copy of the novel to Garris and said "Don´t cut anything out of it except the parts where its scary or violent", this was at the time of the golden age of tv censorship. So what we got is a (annoying) family drama with horror elements that are at best ridiculous, especially the campy CGI effects.
    The only reason to watch this (and my three stars) is the terrific performance by Steven Weber as Jack Torrance - all the other actors are either annoying (especially Courtland Mead as Danny) or incompetent for their roles.
    It runs for 259mins, but if you cut out all the repetitive or otherwise unnecessary scenes you have a good 1h50min movie in your hands.
    Again Stephen King proves that he´s hopeless when it comes to visual media, and Garris should already be awarded as the worst horror director there is.

  6.  Yet another marvel adaptation gone bad.


    Mark Johnson has said that his a Ghost Rider fan, but I have my doubts about that - he seems to know nothing about the character or its history (if you read the comics you probably already know this, but as a casual viewer you probably don´t care).
    Nicolas Cage gives his usual wooden and uninspired performance (he just doesn´t enjoy acting anymore and it shows) as Johnny Blaze, the best stunt rider alive and the bounty hunter for the devil himself. Worst of all is Eva Mendes as Johnny´s ex-sweetheart, a mere setdecoration, with no acting abilities whatsoever. When the old flame bursts into fire between them, I saw no affection, just awkwardly bad acting but the film is supposed to rely on CGI (like all movies these days) which isn´t that amazing but not quite poor either, although the Ghost Rider character is ruined by it (he looks ridiculous, he sounds ridiculous and he acts ridiculously).
    So what about the humor factor? Yes, there were alot of jokes and humorous bits, none of them funny and not even remotely well delivered. But atleast there was no toilethumor.
    Peter Fonda is excellent as the devil and that´s about the only really positive thing to say.
    Campy soundtrack, poor screenplay, campy performances, bad directing - despite all that the movie is still entertaining enough to sit through it (maybe even more than twice), and atleast it manages to get up there in the gategory of so-bad-its-good.
    Enjoy the ride if you will, but don´t feel bad if you want to hop off.
    There is no extramaterial.

  7.  Buy it.


    Fox really destroyed Firefly when they showed the episodes out of order (and only 11 of the 14 was aired), the first, crucial episode was aired last, so no wonder the audience felt confused about what they were watching, and since the show got low ratings they decided to cancel it; one of hugests mistakes in Tv history.
    Firefly is a very smart and funny scifi series with one of the most likeable crews ever, so if you don´t have a sense of humor or a good taste when it comes to something really special you´ll probably give it a 1 star rating.
    14 episodes + one great movie (Serenity) were sadly the only ones made. Other really bad scifi series just keeps on going and going and going... and going. But that´s the way it goes.

  8.  painful.


    Four rooms has big names behind and infront of the camera. It´s genuinely weird how painfully unfunny it is. A waste of talent for all involved. And a waste of time for the audience. Watch with brains switched off (or take something to stimulate it).

  9.  A near perfect action film.


    I´ve watched this three times and each time I just want to watch it again. Sure, it´s short in the plot department, but it really is one of most entertaining movies made, although at some places quite hard to take mainly because of the explicit slaughter scenes of children and civilians.
    The movie moves forward like a bullet-train, there´s nothing extra in it; no love story, no long moral lectures - just pure action and mayhem. Some may say the movie is pointless, but it´s anything but. It shows civil war as it is (and war in general) and not holding back on anything.
    Rambo also has a cast of surprisingly likeable characters and an emotional musical soundtrack.
    It lasts only about 78mins, followed by a ten minute end credits, and it shows that a movie can be a masterpiece even if it isn´t a three hour borefest.
    Highly recommended for action and Rambo fans (it´s made for us).

  10.  Candyman II


    Just a reprise of the first one, with a little more gore and a lot less originality and talent in direction. Worth a look because of the revealing of how Candyman became to be, but otherwise it´s a waste of time.