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  1.  Good and Bad....


    First of wall i will start with the good:
    These headhpones deliver a truly amazing sound quality and you can hear every last deatail its almost like seeing a live show all the time with these headphones
    The sound isnt at all muffled so if theres a load bang in a song or a high pitched sound etc. It doest hurt or anything where it normally would on in ear headphones
    It is also cool how u can change the cover for them so you can change them to fully green with the skullcandy logo or to the ones in the picture


    I think the shape could be improved better to fit your ear
    For example they feel very loose and far a way from your ear
    They are also extremely thick which i didnt expect and can hurt your actual ears after a while because they are quite heavy

    Overall i think these a re truly great headphones but if you have quite small ears i would definately suggest you look for something different otherwise these are very good

  2.  Very Classy


    This Mp3 player is the best one i have ever owned it is classy, has many different functions e.g most played song, most popular song etc. the album art for it goes very well almost like an ipod but in my opinion much better, however like almost everything it has its downsides the installation software is annoying to setup and complicated to use and the video convertion software take a while so be warned, i would also advise that you buy headphones if you dont already have any already, because the ones supplied are very uncomfortable and you can tell are very poorly made, apart from that i would defintaely advise that you buy this mp3 even though it takes a while to get used to

  3.  whats with all the bad reviews?


    I have no idea how anyone colud think this game is bad
    Its realistic
    Graphics are awesome
    Awesome story line
    Easy to use weapons and combos
    And if you want a full xbox 360 experience the buy this game it will not dissapoint

  4.  Very Surprising


    I ordered this game because it was cheap and i didnt have much money from buying an xbox 360 console
    So i wasnt expecting much but the game is one of the funnest games and it doesnt fanny around in the earlier missions it gets straight into it,
    The weapons on this game are very cool with effective granades, bazookas, hand guns and machine guns with many others i am yet to discover
    Another very useful feature is if you are injured you can send your unit to attack instead
    Save your money and buy this game
    Its awesome!

  5.  No Words Can Describe How Good It Is


    This is one of the best games consoles i have ever been on
    Its much better than the old xbox and i find it to be the same as or if not better than a ps3,
    Setting it up take a few seconds and the console comes with about 20 demos so if you are waiting to buy a game you can just play on the demos while you wait, it also comes with many different themes
    The price is amazing for 60gb when for a ps3 of 80gb it almost costs an extra £100!
    You dont need an expensive (high rated game) to see and experience just how good this console is and feels
    Trust me save your money and buy this console

  6.  Surprising


    This TV is an awesome tv for the price, i didnt think it would be very good because of the price and the size, but when it arrived i was shocked at how big it is i could have sworn it was a 22", And the picture quality is just top notch
    The sound quality isnt bad at all but if you were to have it in a large room e.g living room then the sound quality may not be as good, however because mine is in my bedroom i found the sound quality to be very good aswell
    the overall tv is very easy to set up and you can select which mode to have it on e.g AV1, AV2, componant etc. The television itself is a very futuristic trendy good looking design ( i thought)
    I strongly recommend anyone to buy this TV instead of wasting loads of money on a more expensive probably not as good TV, and if you have an xbox 360 or a psp slim buy this tv now!

  7.  top notch


    this game is awesome there arent many more words to describe it
    the missions are fun and exciting and the graphics are extremely impressive for psp, if you have ever been on vice city or san andreas on xbox or playstation then the graphics are just the same as that if not better,
    i strongly urge you to get this game the story line is ace and there are so many diferent things to do on it (especially if you have cheats)

  8.  Addictive at first....


    this was my first psp game and i was very impressed
    as i got more psp games I began to realise just how slow this one was, the story line is ace and the graphics are ok
    however having to collect materials is challenging and different but is soon gets annoying and repetitive
    i completed this game through much frustration and havnd been on it eversince
    so i would advise you to buy this if you have patience and are a sims fan otherwise i would not buy this

  9.  Best Family Guy edition yet


    This is one of the funniest films i have ever seen and im not jsut saying that, just like all family guy episodes it has those little clips and cringy humour each more outrageous than the last, i urge you to buy this if you are a family guy fan and even if you are not then you must watchi it anyways

  10.  A let down


    i love family guy and all of its seasons and films except this one,
    it did have its moments but there was only a few of these, if you are a family guy fan then you will notice that it is those little clips family guy puts in its episodes that make it so unique, and this film only had a few. The movie is also very short which can be good because it get very boring very quickly.
    i would buy it if you are a star wars fan or a very strong family guy fan other wise i wouldnt waste your money