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  1.  Not enough options!


    I was looking forward to a portable cricket game, i love all sports games and had high hopes. The cricket is fun to play but there is no depth to the game at all. Only contains the World Cup and the teams in it. Once you have won that the only option is to replay it as someone else. No test matches, no ashes, no county teams. If you compare the options in fifa 08 or NHL 07 or World Tennis tour. This is seriously lacking long term appeal. Its lazy from codemasters to release a game with such small content. The pressure play part of the game is like superstar challenge in NBA 07 and set you taks to perform these are fun but id rather have county leagues, 20 20 or the ashes. big let down.

  2. FIFA 07

    FIFA 07

    Playstation Portable

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     Its a 35 yard Screamer!


    I have this on PSP and 360 version and this is the better 1, without question. More leagues, more chalenges and the same depth in manager mode! 06 lacked a deep career option EA hasnt made that mistake again, lead your fave side out picking the starting XI, buy players, Choose Sponsor, Bring through youth players, even leave the club for a bigger challenge! The football isnt bad either!!! Now 08 is so close maybe wait for that but even so this IS the best portable football experience!

  3.  Star wars + Lego + PSP = Superb.


    This is a superb game, larger than its console brother it contains all 3 of the final bosses from the star wars lego 1 trilogy thus making an already deep gaming experience deeper. Great Graphics, funny cut scenes, plenty to unlock, 100's of characters and plenty of secret areas only open to set characters mean that replaying levels is a must, all giving great life span to a great game, this is a game the casual gamer can enjoy but only the serious gamer can conquer. great game buy it now!

  4.  Let's get ready to rumble....


    The best portable boxing game you can get. Graphics are great, commentary is good and gameplay is layered and fun. Plenty of game modes and a great career, it has to be said its similar to the console fight night round 2 than the console version of round 3 but its still great, only complaint is id liked some more boxers, only one british boxer ( ricky hatton, incase you wanted to know) - but the usual legends are in Marciano, Ali, Frasier and new guys like del a hoya, hopkins etc. There is Plenty of kit to unlock for you custom boxer and you can start career as any of the real boxers and rebuild his legacy which is very good and lenghtens the lifespan of the game. If you like boxing this is a must but really that goes without saying. (ps avoid Rocky Balboa it has no career mode!!!)

  5. NHL 07

    NHL 07

    Playstation Portable

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     As Deep a Hockey game as you can get!


    EA's first effort to release a Ice Hockey game on the PSP really does do the business! Its got everything you could want full Franchise mode, International teams, Create a Skater, Great fats game play and Graphics and sound to match. The Franchise mode isnt just the NHL it includes several major European Ice hockey leagues too. The long term appeal of this game is Huge!! Fanchise includes ability to send player to minor leagues to free up salary cap, trades, drafts, several vintage kits per team. I love this game. Its a great, deep, fast paced sports title that scores!

  6.  It's Got game...


    The EA yearly update is usually met by me with a luke warm reception, however with so much missing from NBA 06 I was looking forward to Live 07 and it did not disappiont. Last years lacked a Franchise mode and long term the game suffered. In 07 Franchise is in and a pretty deep rewarding experience Free agents, contracts, drafts, wage caps all there and all work well. Away from franchise the superstar challenge is back but this year more rewarding, mini games are in and as fun as ever. Like 06 the actual basketball is fast and fun and grahics and sounds are amazing and help enrich what is a excellent sports title to take with you on the go! If you like basket ball get this!!

  7.  Good Game, Good Game


    Buy it, you better buy it.....The second outing for the GTA series on the PSP and I hope not the last, There are a few games of this style on the PSP but this is the leader of the pack, its the production values that take this up a gear from its fellow free roamers, from the good in depth story to the excellent choice of radio stations to the great Voice actors. Unlike other free roamers the several single player game modes are all interwoven into the one main game mode, which makes the story seem much much longer, there is so much to do, build an empire, become a taxi driver, run brothels, get invloved in gang warfare. The aiming is as good as it gets with one control stick, the driving just feels like it should better than the ps2 orginal "vice city" and the wealth of unlockables will keep you going for a long long time. This is the first of my must have psp games! Keep an eye for my others!!!