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  1.  Magical


    3 hours of heart felt sorrow, a rollercoaster ride of a film that will take you through a variety of emotions from sadness to anger to hope to anxiety. A Steven Speilberg classic.

  2.  A story of survival and endurance


    a tear jerking movie with incredibly realistic and horrific scenes that will stay with you forever. A true story of survival not to be missed, please watch it if it matches with your film criteria.

  3.  Best film ever made


    There is not much to be said that hasn't already been said about this film. However, some film buffs may find this film hard to translate, stick the subtitles on, watch it a good 3 or 4 times and then get back to me.

  4.  Fantastic


    A classic not to be forgotten after all these years and surely not replaced, definetly worth buying and seeing over and over again until you have run out of tears.

  5.  masterpeice


    YOU are thrown into the shoes of thousands of people onboard the Titanic in one of the most disastrous events of all time. terrific and absolutely beautiful screenplay with music that will touch your hear years after hearing it.

  6.  Mind Blowing, a near 10/10


    absolutely fantastic gameplay, graphics, storyline and variation of enemy, a 9/10 and a solid extremely enjoyable game.

  7.  Inspirational, hands down the greatest book of our time


    Not only does it tell the unlikely story of Ben Carson, the nerosurgeon from the ghetto of Detroit, it intertwines with his extraodinary experiences with God and how his faith helped him through the most difficult times of his life. This book played a major part in my life as a 13 year old and i recommend it to anyone who knows a good read, a great man and an inspirational story when they read one.

  8.  exquisit


    One of the most beautiful stories depicted onto film of our time, Anthony Hopkins is exellent in the superb story of Joseph Merrick the Elephant man rejected and never accepted in the Victorian society. A true reminder of how cruel mankind can be.

  9.  Road Dahl Classic


    Amust have for your DVD collection and even better UMD for the PSP so you can enjoy the magic of this film wherever you go!

  10. Scarface


    Playstation Portable

    4 New from  £11.99  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.34

     Good Game


    no there is no action whatsoever however, if you are one for strategic gameplay, planning and guiding your gang soldiers into attack, taking over territories and selling your stock of heroin,cocaine and marijuana in a smart way and earning more money then any other gang on the game, and unlocking up to 11 wallpapers for your PSP main menu screen then buy this game because a game doesnt have to be action packed to be great. And i dont think comparing this game to the likes of GTA is a fair comment either.