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  1.  Jason Statham - always a hit


    I saw this and saw that Jason Statham was in it and got it purely because of him. All of his films have been quite good and thrilling. This was no exception. The Bank Job is based on a true story back in the 70's and is filmed brilliantly. I cannot explain it, you have to watch it yourself. It is utterly brilliant! Go watch it, I recommend it!

  2.  You know it's Christmas with this film...


    This film is my all time Christmas favourite. And yes, it does make me cry in parts lol. I agree with person below, why no subtitles? I am deaf and I need it. I did originally have a recorded VHS version, with subtitles... DVDs are the next thing so there is no excuse not to have them

  3.  Hmmm... I'll get back to you...


    This film had a sort of a "Euro Trip" theme to it, starting in Amsterdam and going to different European cities but with a twist to it. I must admit I did jump at a few things but that's because I am sensitive and emotional lol! But it just isn't in the horror ranking, however good it was. Yes, gory and torturious (sp) and suspensful but just not good enough in my eyes

  4.  Fat boy's running to the top


    This film is klass. Its so funny and so truee!! Your heart seriously goes out to Simon Pegg.

    BUY IT

  5.  Aliveeeeee


    This is a very fast paced funny film. It can be a bit yuk in some parts but it's amazing how you can laugh at this.

    Other films that you should buy with the same actors are Hot Fuzz and Run Fat Boy Run

  6.  Mr Bean all the way


    I remember Mr Bean when I was a younger child and watching this feels weird that he talks and is more sensible, especially without his teddy!!! It is a brilliant film that gives you some laughs and is the second one (Hollywood) where he is in a strange country, meeting new people.

    A must buy. But I advise the box set

  7.  The secret's out...


    This film is brilliant... you really have to watch it to understand it well. It has a big twist to it. I loved it and would recommend it to you. Especially Johnny Depp lovers :P

  8.  "IS NICEE"


    Well yeah it is ok... a great laugh at some things but very weird also. Sacha who plays Borat and Ali G (in other films) fits into the Kazach personality well but exaggerates things too much - yeah I know it is to make good ratings but come on does he and his friend need to be naked and rolling round on each other fighting - all that flab was going to make me puke!!! If I want to puke it will be at a horror film like SAW!!

    It isn't like a proper film, it is almost like a documentary but Borat changes the talking to sex, racism, swearing, violence, sexuality etc - it can leave people disgusted (for example incest) so yeah, viewers need to have an incredibly open mind.

    Wouldn't advise people buying it



    When I first saw the front cover and thought "oh no, not another Thunderbird like film" because I cannot stand the Thunderbirds or Captin Scarlet!! But nooooo it was completely different. It had me in fits of laughter at some of the scenes. Viewers need to have an open sense of humour to understand this. Must buy

  10.  what the...


    Everybody loved the first one because it was new and maybe because it had Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp (haha ohhh yessss) then the second one came out and we were all on the edge of our seats waiting for it to come out... fairly good but we had to wait for another year before world's end came out. FINALLY it did and what a mockery!!!! It feels like it is a musical at first and I mean come onnnn!!! Then Elizabeth Swann (Kiera Knightley) tries to act like Lara Croft:Tomb Raider when it totally does not suit her at all. My boyfriend argues against me saying the film was good but as a film lover and a writer as a hobby I totally suggest this film is not to be bought... just borrow it off someone you know who already has it.