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  1.  Excellent mp3 player


    This is my first ever mp3 player and i have to say it is great. I have tried other mp3 players, such as my friends ones. But i have found this one to be easier to use, its more stylish and has great sound quality.

    This ipod has 30gb of space, this is more than enough even for people with tons of music. Why bother dragging 100s of cds around with you when you can just store them on a tony gadget such as this.

    You can also store and view videos and images. The quality of the pictures and video is pretty good. :)

    Overall this is a great product and worth getting.

  2.  This is hardcore at its best!


    This is hardcore at its best! any true hardcore fan would own this already, but if you do not yet, then you should buy it now. All 3 cds are great, but my favorite has to be joey riots, which is cd 3. The other 2 cds are by scott brown and kevin energy. All great djs and worth listening to. The song selection is great and the djs have really made a great boxset, yet again!

  3.  Great double cd


    Pendulum hav done it again, made a great mix for you guys to listen to. I highly reccommend you get this album, its got great tunes on, and this is another essential album for a true drum and bass fan!

    Also the mc-ing is good!

  4.  Best drum and bass album ever


    You need to buy this album, or you have missed out on the greatest drum and bass album ever made! Pendulum have been around for a while now and this album is pretty old, but it still is worth getting, it is uplifting and totally different to anything you may have heard before, they have redefined drum and bass for the better!

  5.  Totally Amazing


    This is a must buy game for the Wii. In my opinion it is the best Wii game out, and also the best zelda game that has ever been released. My favorite part is the sword fighting and bow usage.

    This game is long and fun, lots to do, and will keep you entertained for weeks on end. The graphics are cool and the storyline and music is amazing!

    Overall, buy this game!

  6.  average game


    At first you might get put of by this game, because lets face it, it is completely different to what we have known and loved about sonic in previous versions of the game. I have to admit this game is rubbish compared to the previous ones. But don't ditch it, it still has some character to it. After a while of getting used to the control it can be quite a fun game, the levels are nice, the graphics are good and the music is ok too.

    The game is based on exp and levels to gain, you can unlock levels and add skills to your ring depending on how many points you can use. Thee is alot of artwork and movies to unlock as a bonus feature.

    The multiplayer mini games can be pretty fun in a group.

    So give this game a chance, rent it before you buy, or try and get a second hand copy if you have the money.

  7. Doom


    HD DVD

    3 New from  £3.36  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.30

     Great film


    This is a great film, made even better by the hd experience. They have pulled of making a watchable film about a game. Many do not do well, but this is a success in my opinion. The rock "sarge" acts well in the film, and he plays the part well.

    The plot is good, and it grabs the game well, i especially like the FPS part of the film, any gaming fan should love this aspect of the film.

    Overall a great film that i recommend to anyone into action or games. :)

  8.  Pretty good film


    First of i have to mention, it is definetely best to buy this film in hd dvd, for starter it makes the experience of this film greater. Plus its the reason why i gave it an extra star for the review, otherwise i would of given the film a 3 star rating. The hd experience makes the cars look great and the action seems much better. I have seen this in dvd format too and hd dvd version is better, has more features too, many more features.

    Overal the story is predictable but in a good way, this will appeal to people under 25, or into cars in a big way.

    Good film!

  9.  Apsolutely Amazing Choice


    Before i had the chance of taking a look at how much of a difference HD DVD is compared to stand alone DVD, i was thinking, oh i know it will look better, but wow was i shocked when i saw it in the flesh, it was 100x better than i was thinking.

    My brother has the fast and the furious: tokyo drift on dvd, i watched it the other day and noticed how pixelated it was on my old dvd player. Today when i watched the hd version on my new hd dvd player, the quality is shocking how much of a difference it is. Even looking close up its hard to notice the pixels at all, the quality is so crisp and clean its like the picture really is jumping out at you!

    This player is quick, silent, slim, and stylish. HD is the wat forward and this is the perfect addition to anyones home cinema experience.