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  1.  Brilliance, Amazing, Genius!


    Absolutely brilliant. This is what £40 should get you every time its real value for money. Great graphics and attention to detail to make all the worlds different in a realistic way. Superb story line, it got better as the game progressed, you became more ingrossed in the plot and the finale on Ilos and the Citadel ended the game well. Overall this is either the best game on the 360 or second only to Oblivion...i can't decide.

  2.  Buy the First one aswell


    This game is absolutely incredible! They did say it would be the last big title on the PS2 before PS3 takes over the mantle...possibly the biggest title. The story line is so intriging you must buy the first game to fully appreciate it. Kratos is a badass, the weapons are great and upgrading them is brilliant. Top graphics for the PS2. A plus is the mythical characters, good fun taking out bosses like medusa and cyclops after watching them in films for so many years. You'l never put this down. A third installment is the only thing that will get my PS2 out the cupboard but we know its only appearing on PS3.

  3.  God send


    I really got sick of running out of batteries and in truth came close to buying a wired controller!! No,no,no,no.. but i bought this sensation. Its great being able to just plug it in and charge it when ur running low and it lasts alot longer than batteries :D it also doesnt take that long to charge. I just hope that the recharable battery has a good life as the instructions say it may need replacing!!

  4.  I love His Gangly Arms :)


    Nothing better than smashing the darkness's arms through ur enemies then throwing them across the street!! Good game and good story line, nice graphics 2. Definately open for improvement however if there is a sequel. Maybe more guns and another feature added to the fighting inventory i.e. grenades and explosives. What i could have done for a grenade on occasions!! Also a different enemy other than gangsters..possibly something not of this world!!!...not aliens lol i mean a "darkness style" nemesis.

  5.  Nice Little Brain Warmer


    A very good little game, understandably not the longest but really makes u think and feel like a Crime scene investigator.

    You sort of suss the rest of the game out once you'v completed the first case and could do with a few more cases if a new CSI is made. Tidy price so worth buying.

  6.  A Welcome Step Up


    Iv purchased every COD like most and i have to say the decision by Infinity Ward to move to modern day warfare was an intelligent one. That along with the real thought into new types of missions i.e. the AC gunship mission and the playable cut scenes.

    It has moved on alot when you think about COD1 and even its predeccessor COD3. Another similar engine and we all would have lost interest. I have to admit being a fan of WWII games i was cautious but didnt doubt it wud be a great game after seeing trailers. As the head developer said in an interview, the game is short which was expected, as they aimed to make every level a great one, rather than drag it out.

    Love the graphics, the missions, the story line. So much so im going to complete it again on Veteran.. Put ur hands up if uv thrown ur controller in rage when u finish the FNG training half a second slower than the record! ARGGHH!!!

    A ready made classic, make the transaction soldier....

  7.  One of a kind


    Firstly i can understand critiscism that the game becomes repetitive but i think its quality overshadows its flaws by far...and at the end of the day..it is about assassinating people!

    I loved the superb graphics and the fighting system i thought added a slick, quick realness that made u feel like a true fighter. The assassination moves are straight forward which is pleasing as u find some games take killings to the extremities. The story line is "edge of your seat" stuff and never loses your interest not to say the brilliant but blatantly obvious twist at the finale.

    Theres plenty to do away from the main story line although collecting flags can become boring even for the most harcore achievement hunter. Staying on that subject, the achievements are a joy to achieve! and not too hard. As stated at the start of the game the historical content is spot on and adds additional interest to the game knowing that some of the characters actually existed..and that there once was an actual assassins group of some sort around this time period.

    Overall i believe this game is marmite, people may still have a very different opinion to me and i dont feel that the absence of a multiplayer option really hinders any enjoyment. Well worth the money and a must. Roll on Assassins 2!!!

  8.  Quality


    Absolutely love this game, bought it months ago but have gone back to it since new content became available i.e. shooting your enemies with a harpoon gun and then dragging them round the city attatched to the back of your car. Need i say more? Yes...love being able to jump over the city scape, free running and free roaming to the max, the achievements are a joy to complete and its a bargain for what you'l be paying.

  9.  Felt Good


    Felt good to play Tombie again after all these years! The game where, for me, it all started. Improved graphics and gameplay, just buy it for the sake of playing Tomb Raider again. Tidy price, cant go wrong.

  10.  Ubelievable


    Seeing as i just spent nearly half my life writing out a long in depth review on how this is the greatest game ever made, only for the site to ask me to log in again! il keep it short.

    This is the greatest game ever made....Iv said that many times about others..but i have no doubts about this, it truely is a second life. Iv played for over 140 hours and still going!! More than a money's worth, id pay 3 times that much for this game. It can only be beaten by a new elder scrolls game. But how can you beat perfection?

    BUY IT!