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Product Reviews

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  1.  Quite simply... beautiful


    Ray Stevenson is awesome, he looks just like the punisher in the graphic novels!!! I hope Garth Ennis is proud coz this has truly captured the darkness and brutality (although the storyline is different) of the books. buy it if ur a punisher nut like me... but if ur a nut like me u probably already have it... so enjoy... over and over again!!!

  2.  stop moaning


    Ok so its not the greatest film out there, but would all the little childish gamefreaks please stop moaning about how it isnt like the game... It isnt suposed to be... Its a freakin film!!!

  3.  just superb


    love the entire series. action packed, full of suspence, fantastic characters and at some points even tear jerking. would be a fantastic television series. every graphic novel reader NEEDS to own this entire series.

  4.  fabulous!!!


    Laughed my ass off! Probably wouldn't be as funny if u have never seen 300.

  5.  Do ya like Huey Lewis!!!


    Pat bateman is the greatest character ever created. Some of the greatest lines i have ever heard. Fantastic film... Enough said.

  6.  cool


    Didnt know what to expect when i bought this. What i got was a moving but at the same time fun story. Strangely realistic as well. Well worth a read.

  7.  What do u expect???


    It's Neil Young... Enough said. The man is a legend. This live show was just the solo beginning of one of the most unique, versatile, influential and respected musicians of all time.

  8.  Magnificent!


    At first i thought this film was goin to be really slow and boring... i couldnt have been more wrong! Fantastic acting from Craig and Schreiber! the film demonstrates brilliantly the unbreakable bond between brothers no matter what may come between them. The film is capped off with some of the most intense action scenes i have seen in ages! A very moving film. Loved it!

  9.  Speechless!!!


    Unbelievable!!! How the hell did the makers of this film turn the simplest storyline ever into one of the greatest movies of our time! Liam Neeson should be prime minister...

  10.  Eh


    Why people big this album up so much is beyond me!!! There is nothing inspirational here whatsoever!!! I was really excited to hear glasvegas when i heard how good they were live... But i have to say this is one of my biggest musical disappointments!!!!!!!!