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  1.  Good but Zombies are terrible.


    I have been watching Zombie movies all my life and there is nothing worse than seeing zombies run, punch, growl and scream like animals. Zombies are the walking dead, lifeless, emotionless, eating machines so having them run like olympic athelites and punch at doors just isn't scary, it defies the whole point of a zombie and just makes them human. I hate how people think running zombies are scary you should go and watch Dawn of the dead 1978 and see how roamers can terrify you.
    Other than the diabolical zombies the writing is fantastic and the messages about mindless reality TV is a nice parralell to Romero's work.

  2.  Very bad quality.


    MrBojangels i warn you now that i had to send my copy of the poster back today because it was extremely bad.

    id say 10 for the pixelation. all of it looked rubbish. you could stand more than a few feet away and it would still look terrible.

    sad to say because it's a great poster.

    I was lucky enough to get the 3D exclusive poster when i saw the film night before opening but i want a full size one.

  3.  Something Magical.


    This film is one of the most creative and smartly written I have ever seen. I am a film student and short film director and seeing this film is a true inspiration. Fantastic direction from Matt Reeves, equally good acting, the monster is truly unique, there's some good realistic moments and it's short and sweet.

    The only reason why people don't like this film is because it's not simple and appealing to the simple minded society we live in today. Today's cinema is full of crap and they seem to like it... so when something genuinly different, clever and artistic comes along they hate it.

    This is one film that has to be seen. Trust the people who have been so positive about it.



    If you are a true fan of music then you are aware of Muse's brilliance in their ability to write fantastic albums. But they are the on a totally different scale when they play live. The evening of the 16th was one intense gig. I was there with my new girlfriend and told her I loved her for the first time, during the piano solo of Butterflies & Hurricanes. Every moment after that day has been amazing and alot of it is due to that memory. Muse have been my inspiration for 6 years so putting their best gig, telling Jo I loved her and the athmosphere of the stadium together made it one of the best days of my life.

    They will go down in history as the finest live band in the history of music.

  5.  Fantastic.


    This movie is by far one of the best films ever made. Brilliantly directed, well acted, amazing hidden story and the monster will freak you out.

    Plus this poster is a fantastic design leaving clues about the monster within it.

    Iposters delivered this within 24hrs of my order and I have never been so impressed with service.