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  1.  A Lurid View Of Adolescence


    I bought this novel thinking it would, for some reason, be similar to the film - it is not, but is still a great read, even though it is a fairly melancholy and cold story of lost friendships, betrayal and broken relationships.
    Moody gives a realistic and insightful view into adolescence and self-discovery through clever characterisation, even though the plot is fairly thin.
    The environment and setting of derelict, drug-ridden, sex-obsessed, punk-rocking New Jersey really brings the story to life and makes Garden State a fanstastic and realistic read, apart from the fact that most characters are drug abusers.
    I saw this novel summed up as "an American nightmare set to a blaring punk-and-thrash soundtrack" - Jim Dwyer, which is very accurate.

  2.  What A Surprise!


    I bought this before anyone had reviewed it in the hope that it would be alright. I watched it with my friend one night, not expecting much. Afterwards my friend shook my hand, thanked me for putting it on and asked if he could borrow it to show everyone he knew.
    "A Guide To Recognizing Your Saints" is a piece of bloody brilliance. If you like gangster movies then you are bound to love this, even though it isn't really a gangster movie. Shia LaBeouf, Channing Tatum, Robert Downey Jr, Chazz Paliminteri & Rosario Dawson give outstanding performances and Dito Montiel has got it spot on. Buy now! But don't expect anything light-hearted.

  3.  Wonderful


    This is brilliant to listen to and watch. Just a few too many guitar solos for me though. You have to be into looooong guitar solos to watch this. Highlights - Cocaine, Sweet Home Chicago, Steamroller. [Although its all excellent music.]

  4.  A Proper Work Of Art


    This film is outstanding.
    I have fallen in love with it, as any person in their right mind would.
    Zach Braff and Natalie Portman are amazing. The plot under any other circumstance would seem fairly boring, but thanks to a fantastic script, great acting and a Grammy-winning soundtrack it just works to create one of the best films ever (in my opinion).
    An absolute must have!

  5.  One To Miss


    I read a review which said that this film was somewhere between Donnie Darko and Memento. Sadly, it isn't. It is boring and unintelligent. In the bottom rank of films from it's genre, such as The Buttefly Effect. Ryan Reynolds gives a fairly good performance but just a terrible plot and script. You have been warned.

  6.  A Timeless Classic


    I found Mayer by accident, and thank god I did! Rarely do you find an album with no weak point. A good mix of rock (with a cover of Hendrix's Bold As Love), blues (I'm Gonna Find Another You), Pop (Waiting On The World To Change) and soft acoustic (Heart Of Life). Mayer has clearly developed greatly as a song writer and musician from his Room For Squares album, which is mainly pop. Songs like Stop This Train and Gravity are extremely moving and can be listened to over and over again. Plus theres the added bonus of his incredible guitar soloing skills. Definitely one to buy. One of the best albums about.

  7.  Ken Loach At His Peak


    This is possibly Loach's best work ever. An absolutely gripping plot line, fantastic performances from Peter Mullan [Joe], Louise Goodall [Sarah] & Peter McKay [Liam] make the viewer feel a part of poverty-stricken Glasgow. As usual with Loach's films, My Name Is Joe focuses on social injustice, in this case drug/alcohol addiction. Up there with Trainspotting. A must see.

  8.  Over-rated


    I had heard so much about this album and everyone was raving about it but when I actually listened to it I could not get into it at all. It sounds fairly messy. However, you can see what Battles are trying to do and it is very original but they just don't have the song writing talent to pull it off for me. An awful lot of wierd noises and not enough focus on actual melodies. Atlas is a fairly good song though, hence the 2stars.

  9.  SuperAwesome!


    The funniest and possibly best film of 2007. It will have you on the floor crying with laughter. A must see.