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  1.  Best, most underated, tv series ever ?


    Just watched series 1 and 2 for the first time ( somehow missed them on tv the first time round ) and loved every single minute of it - so powerful, emotional and loveable characters ( and I love Jessica brodey !!! ) - fantastic picture, sound and extras - really worth every single penny - buy this now - you will love this !!!

  2.  so brillant! !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Love game of thrones so much every scene is fantastic but i do have one small moan - why is the box cover a different colour and layout to season 1 and 2? 1 and 2 match and look great on the self but 3 is different and doesn't match small issue but overall just great picture sound and story x

  3.  Better than series 1 - and that takes some doing !!!!!!!!!!


    Never thought in a million years that series 2 would be even better than series 1, which i love so much, but it is. Picture and sound are 10 out of 10 ( maybe better !) cant even to begin to discribe how good this is - from start to finish , every episode , every scene is just mind blowing - The hate i have for Joffrey is volcanic and i hope he gets his head chopped off soon - Buy it. Buy it now !!!!!!!!!!!

  4.  just brilliant


    12 discs for 60 quid 5 quid each 10 fantastic films can't tell you how happy i am with this box set picture sound and quality all superb yes they are the normal versions but i don't care they are all great there will always be people who will find something wrong with any box set and if they are looking for errors they will find them but overall its fantastic take a chance x

  5.  It doesnt get better than this !!!!!


    Just bought this last week and watched it for the first time - I have pretty much every superhero blu ray there is and i can say, without any reservation, this is the best hero movie by a long shot . it's got a great story, great affects, a love interest ( which my wife thinks is great ), and a perfect balance of action throughout the whole film - If this isnt your cup of tea , i think you have to ask yourself what is ???? so great, give it a go and you wont be disappointed

  6.  Best Ridley film for years


    ok, lets get one thing straight from the off - this is not alien, aliens, blade runner or any other film that Mr Scott has done before - Set in the same universe as alien but thats as far as you go - what you have here is a fantastic movie, superb looking, awsome sounding and a great story line that grabs you from start to finish - dont expect aliens running around being shot at every 2 seconds as this has been done to death and you would all be moaning its just a Aliens remake if it were - Unsure what you wants from a film if you dont like this as this is fantastic - ok i agree some of the ships staff get a less than small mention and are killed off but who cares ( why do you all want great in depth background stories on everyone anyway ? ) take a chance , have a go and if you dont like it , well its your loss x

  7.  The best film ever ? - Thats a BIG YES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    My Whole life i have been bought up on superheros - both tv and films - From Chris Reeves superman, wonderwoman, and far to many others to mention - but this film is something else - ok its missing commentary and a few other bits but the whole film from start to finish is totally action packet, looks and sounds fantasic and anyone that gets bored by this really should take a good look at themselves - what more do you want out of a film ? All the charaters fit together so fantasically well and are better then the sum of their parts - this is not iron man 2.5 . You wont have seen such a great film for a long time and i dont think you will for a while - soooooooooooooooooooooooo great !!!!!!!!!

  8.  "whats bond doing?" " I do believe he's attempting re-entry


    This is by far the best box set i have ever owned - 90 for 22 movies ( 4 odd each) all fantastic films and all very nicely packaged - For all of you that are moaning its a flimsy packet then just dont be so heavy handed !!!! the films looks greats, they sound great and a bargain at the same time - what more do you want !!!!!!

  9.  "All you need is good men . Good men."


    Just bought this and watched it for the first time ever - i have been simply blown away by the whole film - Every single second is superb, every shot amazing and the full (nearly) 4 hrs just flew by as you are drawn into the sailors lives - I have watched most war films ever made but this is the best , and most watchable, war film i have ever seen - trust me , you wont spend a better 7.50 - This is truly a must own for any movie fan - BUY THIS NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10.  *** Wow , wow and WOW !!!! *****


    This really is the best looking, best sounding and most interesting and tv series i have ever seen. The storyline pulls you in and spits you out and plays with your emotions in every episode - even my wife, who cant stand lord of the rings, thinks this is brill - buy it now - if you can afford it !!!!