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Top 100 Clothing Reviewer
13 (100% helpful)

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  1.  Great image!


    Top notch shirt, made from quality materials. The printing is high quality, the image shows nice and clear, and will survive some washing. No printing on the back, but the way the front image is placed across the chest area is really, really cool.

  2.  Easily recommended.


    Top notch shirt, made from quality materials. The printing is high quality, the image shows nice and clear, and will survive some washing. No printing on the back. One of the shirts I've gotten the most "thumbs up" about when wearing. Here's another one.

  3.  Controversy sells books


    As someone who got into wrestling in the early 90s, I found this to be an incredibly insightful book. It cronicles very candidly the rise and fall of WCW in the 90s, in great detail and always in an entertaining way. All the inside scoops and deals are fleshed out. (Well, all of those worth telling about to begin with, anyway!)

    The book also tells of Bischoff's time as General Manager of Raw in WWE from around 2001-2005. At that time he was 'just' a performer, and less privy to everything that went on, and this shows. He resists the urge to fill in the gaps, and tells what he does know. This works very well.

    Most likely the definite book on the WCW wrestling promotion you'll ever see, and essential for fans of WCW/WWE in the 90s and first part of the 00s.

  4.  Quick, but very funny and entertaining!


    This is not an autobiography with a definite narrative from beginning to end, but more or less a loose collection of funny and incredible stories - anything from life on the road to general rock star excess. The stories are very well told and never fail to entertain. Whether you want to read about the humping dinosaurs, the curry incident, or trying to smuggle a KGB uniform out of the Soviet Union in the early 80s, it's all here. A quick, but very entertaining read!

  5. Slash



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     Unexpectedly good!


    I have to admit, this book was a huge surprise. I expected a decent read, and several great stories from the golden years of Guns N' Roses. I got that and so much more, as the book turned out to be everything a rock bio should be. Slash tells everything the way it was, in remarkable detail. It is brutally honest, but manages to be so without trying to slag anyone off. No "uncomfortable" events are skipped. Everything that went down is here. It is told in a frank and entertaining way. The ups, the downs, etc. If you ever wondered about the inner workings of Guns N' Roses, the relationship between Axl and Slash, how most of their famous songs came about, how the albums were made, and all the events that eventually led to the demise of the band - it's all here, and a great read. A very unexpected, but very pleasant, recommendation!

  6.  Off the Rails


    This book does not cover the entire career of Rudy Sarzo (who has played with Quiet Riot, Whitesnake, Dio, Blue Oyster Cult, Yngwie Malmsteen and many more), but focuses on his time in Ozzy Osbourne's band, and particularily on his friendship with guitar legend Randy Rhoads. The two played together in Quiet Riot in the early 70s, and then again in Ozzy's band, until Randy died in a plane crash in March 1982.

    While this book is a fitting tribute to Randy, it certainly holds nothing back when it comes to describing the wild and crazy life on the road as Ozzy's career took off. All the tour antics are in here, in surprisingly good detail, as Rudy kept a diary. The level of detail does get a bit absurd at times, when entire conversations are recreated in dialogue form - at length! These usually end up feeling rather constructed, but are probably meant to give an indication on tone/how things were discussed, so you learn to accept them.

    Overall, the book is a wonderful read, and gets more and more poignant as you get nearer that fateful day when the plane crashed. A book full of laughter and tears, just like any good book should be.

  7.  Unexpectedly fantastic album just got even better


    This album, the one and only one released by DP Mark 4, had people debating for years. Should it be considered a Purple album with no more Blackmore? In truth, this album is definitely more like Burn than Stormbringer, possibly being the musical stepping stone between the two Mark 3 albums, and possibly an album Blackmore would be more comfortable with than he was with Stormbringer. Be that as it may: Come Taste The Band is for the most part a "full steam on"-album. It rocks, it struts, it funks - usually at the same time. And quite frankly, it's bloody marvellous.

    The Kevin Shirley remix is possibly the best remastering effort I have ever heard. The album emerge anew, with a clarity and sonic landscape that will surprise and astound.

    The bonus tracks are fine without being great. The fact that the remaster version has no fade-outs, but run the full course of the original recording, is infinitely more interesting and reason alone to get it (again).

  8.  If you are a fan, get it. If not, forget it!


    I am not a fan of Desperate Housewives, but picked up this game anyway for someone who is a HUGE fan. She was happy to receive it, and when I later asked how it was, she found it hugely fun and very addictive. The player is placed in a 1st person environment, basically playing a character who moves into the same neighbourhood as in the TV show. This means that you get to meet all the characters from the show, get involved in some of the same intrigues, socialize with them, scheme and plan, etc. Obviously you need to be a fan to enjoy this, but if you are, look no further for a good time.

  9.  The peak of the bluesy Whitesnake


    This album is often considered the peak of the early, bluesy version of Whitesnake, which (depending on your point of view) might mean the peak of their entire career. It certainly is a great album from start to finish, with Coverdale showing his classic strut all the way. There are out-and-out hard rocking numbers, anthemic stuff, melodic ballads - everything the band ever did, they did well here. The inclusion of Lord/Paice in the line-up is close to making this a Purple Mark 4.5, which is a huge compliment coming from me.

    The bonus tracks are rarities not available elsewhere and definitely worth upgrading to this version for if you have the old version of this CD.

  10.  A great start, but the best is yet to come


    The first Whitesnake-album is without a doubt a great start. The hairspray days were still far away, and the band mix up their melodic bluesy roots with 70s hard rock-style anthems to great effect. For Coverdale, this album is much more so a stepping stone between his Deep Purple days and the Whitesnake that were to come than his two solo albums released prior to this one.

    The bonus tracks are hardly rarities, coming from the Snakebite EP which has been released on CD in various forms before, but collecting them here does tidy up the early days of 'Snake neatly.