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  1.  Good Value


    I've had this mouse for about 6 months now and up until now I've had no problems.
    When I click the left mouse button it registers as 2 or 3 clicks, so it'll select things or double click on items you don't want it to. However you can't expect these things to last forever!
    Despite what it says in other reviews ALL of the buttons are programmable using the handy Gigabyte Force software it comes with.
    I have mine set up so the left and right tilt take me back and forth through pages, my other buttons are set up for various things like CTRL or BACKSPACE etc. I currently have my middle mouse button doing the left mouse buttons job while I get it's replacement and if it wasn't for this annoyance it would be 5 stars.
    The DPI is adjustable, for some reason, and you can choose how much the DPI goes up by when you use the central buttons on the customization screen. They thought of everything.

  2.  Great quality for a low price


    Fantastic little item which is extremely cheap! Don't let the low price fool you, it's not shoddy or of a poor quality.
    The unit itself is quite bulky so you may find a small extension lead will sort you out but if you have a usb port on it's own with a bit of space either side it'll be fine.
    The usb connector slides into the case so you don't have to mess about taking a cap on and off.
    Overall it's a great item so buy it now. Right now. Stop reading. Buy.

  3.  Very good


    Ive played the retail version of the game and I can say its very good, Its more accessable for 'casual gamers' If you get to a difficult bit then skip it using the dvd style menu, Although you must complete a portion of the game before you get to see the ending. The games physics and dynamics are well fleshed out (I dare you not to smirk when you set your first weapon on fire and start smacking the roster of nasties with it!) The game is not linear and after the first few bits and pieces Central Park will open up for you, you can do as little or as much exploration as you wish but the more adventurous players will be more satisfied. Theres too many things to say and its hard to do so without spoiling it for you, I will say if your a fan of fast-paced, scare-the-crap-out-of-me, run for your life but also enjoy games which make you think about solving puzzles in a dynamic and 'human' way then this game is for you!

  4.  Excellent


    These DVDs are super for thier purpose, little to no degredation and archivable, also these will be recognised in any dvd player or divx player provided you have used the correct software (nero, roxio) and burned your dvds correctly, tutorials can be found almost anywhere, i highly recommend these and this price is a steal. I recommend Magic Video Converter to burn your movie files so they play on your dvd player, trust me I have used these before and will again, highly recommended!