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  1.  Buy it for the Mrs...Brownie points aplenty


    I bought this for the wife, as a birthday gift as she is a huge The Hills fan, and I was pleased to see she loved it. Talked about it for weeks and even went on to buy half the stuff in it. A must for style loving females.

  2.  Intense


    Original Horror flick for the new generation. Give it a try, for a few pounds, you can't go wrong!

  3.  Excellent for the family.


    This is a great book for families that enjoy the great outdoors. A must buy for any fan of the show. So much info on days out with hints and tips to make the mostof your time together.

  4.  Must see for Adrenalin fans...


    Jack takes on the best the globes can offer in the second series of Adrenalin Junkie. If you're in to the mad cap sports as much as me, you'll need to see this. A great buy for your collection.

  5.  One of the Greatest Horror movies EVER made.


    This is the best horror movie of the 90's and until the Paranormal Activity was the best movie of the last 15 years. If you're an actual horror fan and understand the true genre of horror, then you'll love this movie. The people who say "its not scary" or mark it as 2/3* are clearly NOT real horror fans but more fans of poor acted torture porn flicks that have begun to ruin the genre in recent years. I would give this more then 5* if possible.



    Don't be fooled, this book is not only for those that suffer depression or low confidence, its something everyone should read, along with the other 2 books Geoff has written, 'Fear' and 'The Elephant & the Twig'. Even if you believe yourself to be a confident person, you should read this book, and watch how your confidence grows to dizzy heights. After completing the 3 books some years ago, i got out of a toxic relationship, moved to a different town, changed jobs, found health & fitness, lost weight and begun completing my life goals. I was'nt suffering from depression or anything else, i was just like the 95% of folk in the world, who go along with life's poorly dealt hand without realising that eveything can be changed for the better...if you want it enough. THE ONLY PERSON/THING STOPPING YOU FROM ACHIEVING YOUR DREAMS, IS YOU.

  7.  A great fright night movie


    This is one of the best 'ghost stories' of recent years. Highly enjoyable movie if you're in to fright fests. You'll jump all the way through until the excellent blood-splattered ending. You won't see the twist coming!

  8.  Fantastic Kids Christmas Movie.


    This is a brilliant take on the orginal tale, the Muppets make it a great movie for children of all ages at Christmas

  9.  Perfect Christmas companion


    If you enjoy all things Christmas and want to make the festive period a bit more personal, then buy this book and get started. Really nice ideas and simple to make gifts.

  10.  One of THE best Horror movies ever made...FACT!!!


    Listen, to all those that have marked this less then 4*, you are not true Horror fans. The Blair Witch was a massive leap forward in film making, never mind the Horror genre. To use hand held camera's carried by the actors, with little script and actual real scares (the bit when the tent is attacked was not in the script, the actors were not told it was going to happen, thats why they are so afraid) makes this the first of its kind. The ending is harrowing, so long as you have listened to the interviews recorded at the beginning of the movie. Pay attention throughout the film, and you'll think twice before booking your next camping trip!!!