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  1.  Awesome game


    my review is only based on the demo only, i have enjoyed playing this game and cannot wait to play the main game its brilliant and calmed down version of modern warefare 3, with the originality of the scene set in world war 2, graphics are amazing and it gets even more addictive when you complete your first snipe!

  2.  A great 4 disc CD to incl. chill out, rulin, trance & smooth


    I only bought this a few days ago & absolutely love it, there are 4 cd called rulin, smooth, trance nation & chill out with hits old & new. I havent bought a cd for a little while so wanted some good tracks with varied ers's & this is great as depends what mood you are in, chill out on weekends & trance on Fri & sat nights to get the party started. Each disk has 20 tracks on them and are all great & a bargain at 7.99. Delivery was super quick.

  3.  Superb


    after loving the cod series this game is amazing. I think the main story mode is superb as this has flashbacks from the previous games & somehow links the story together very cleverly. Knowing there would be a modern ware fare 3 after completing modern warefare 2 this game brings the cracking charaters back & ready to attack. Main reason why i bought the game was finally due to the real cities such as France - Eiffel tower, London - the underground tube areas, Russia & Sierra Leonne. Simply amazing. On line is cracking too with ample players always online.

  4.  Best game on the PS3


    I love the uncharted series & still remember completing unchartered 2 & thinking if they make a 3rd i have to buy this & this game is by far the most realisitc game graphically to date. This game is like being in the movies when the story unravels. There are many levels which are all stunning. The online mode is great fun too. If you love the Uncharted series please do not hesitate to buy this game as this does not let you down. Im glad to see a game that pushes the PS3 boundaries even further I love it!!!



    Having played the demo on this game was everything I had hoped for & as Mortal Kombat takes me back to the sega megadrive days (mainly Mortal Kombat & Mortal Kombat 2). I have bought the game & its amazing with excellent graphics, quality gameplay, background arenas, ample characters & more. The Kratos character is such a bonus on the ps3 & the story mode i didnt realise was part of the game is excellent but a challenge. Im glad the training option is on the game too if are new to this & the tag team mode. Reptile, Subzero & Scorpion have 3 fatalities each when you get round to unlocking their retro outfits. The gameplay is great & its not ridiculously complicated with all of the special moves for each character, which is something the players can get to grips with quickly. Overall 10/10 and it is one heavily addictive game with added background fatalities (not just the pit background) as an extra bonus. This is one game you have to buy to add to your collection trust me.

  6.  awesome game


    I have only recently bought this game but its brilliant & what i think the best thing is the track selections on the game, I would recommend looking at the tracks on the other games to see what your music choice lies, but on this game the songs are wicked. I was thinking about the new warriors of rock game, but i didnt like the music selection as good as this game, graphics are good but could be better, overall its a wicked game buy when you have a guitar .

  7.  Awesome Game


    This game is an absolute must, i like the way the map in the corner of the screen is like GTA IV so easier to guide the character, you have to get this game its amazing!!!

  8.  Smash Hit


    Oh my word this is the game we have all been waiting for. I qued up at midnight to get a copy ofthis game & I cannot stop playing it, im so pleased they have kept most of the gameplay the same as in the first gears of war game. This has to be up there as one of the best xbox 360 game of all time, buy it now you will not be dissapointed at all.

  9.  Call of Duty 4


    From the start the graphics are unbelievable, its a proper SAS, get stuck in shoot em up, thankfully with a mini training exercise to begin with, the missions are excellent & the gameplay (once you get used to it) is brilliant, After playing gears of war still for ages I wasnt sure whether to buy assassins creed or COD4, but I have to admit this is amazing & at the current price of £35 incl. limited edition extras what a bargain, go & buy it you will not be disappointed.

  10.  Clubber Lang T-shirt


    Ive got to be honest I was after a T-shirt like this for ages & now its arrived, just in time for the summer too. Having recently purchased this item the quality is amazing & fits like a glove (just like to size guide says), what more can I say it speaks for itself!!!