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  1.  A very special game


    What a surprise, another nintendo platformer for the wii brimming with fun, charm, character, beauty and polish. Whilst the game is easy this in no way hinders your enjoyment. The flair and style of the game alone is enough to keep any one drooling at the screen for a good while, I hionestly can't describe how cute and pretty this game is, is simply perfect. If you are after a harder platformer but still enjoyed this game, try wario shake dimension which is from the same makers as Kirby. Its quite similar mechnanics and brilliant graphics (lovely hand-drawn style animation rather than the crafty style of kirby) together with harder challenges and puzzles is a perfect accompanyment to this game. But I digress, kirby needs to be played and will charm the pants off anyone, kids and adults much in the same way that Pixar films have managed to do all these years. Get it!

  2.  Adorable


    If you are a parent who is struggling to find a quality age appropriate game for their little girl of about 7 to 12, this is one of the best games the amazing DS library has to offer along with soul bubbles and nintendogs amongst others. Its cute, colourful and will offer them a challenge whilst still not being frustratingly hard. Granted, it doesn't have the same polish as the main mario titles such as new super mario brothers but there is plently of fun and classic platforming to be had here. The mini games are also quite diverting and fun for a time, though again, no where near as good as the new super mario bros mini games. The only other negatives are that It is easy for the older player and of course it won't appeal to boys. I thoroughly enjoyed it and takes pride of place in my collection, enjoy!

  3.  Another quality zelda.....


    But in my opinion with one biggish flaw. Well not too big, I've still given it 4/5. This second outing on the DS has the same graphics and control system as phantom hourglass, which is pitch perfect. The new weapons, temples and bosses are infinitely bigger, better and more fiendish than phantom hourglass, but th emethod of transportation is what bugs me. When I first heard about it and started to play on it I though 'aaah wow this is ace toot tooooot!' but after a short while it started to get tedious and it took ages to get around. Even when you can use the warp capability it still slowed down the action of the game massivley. In previous zelda games you could either race to your goal or take your time. In this one you have no choice. Even the boat of phantom hourglass was a lot more quicker and fun than this. This is my only bugbear though. The bulk of the game is massively fun and I would highly reccomend it.

  4.  But of Course!


    The tried, tested and massively successful formula has not changed one bit since the release of the first game way back when. Whilst most franchises may suffer from this, prof Layton certainly does not. This is still a quality game with just enough teeny tweaks and new mini game challenges to keep it fresh. Now here's where some people might disagree with me.... the storyline left me a little cold! They keep getting more and more ridiculous in every game. I'm not the kind of person to care about a story line and play a lot of games that virtually have non (e.g mario) but when its one of the biggest selling points, thats when I care. I did like how you got to know more about prof Layton but I'm sorry it was ridiculous! I can't explain why as I don't want to spoil it for some people. As contradictive as my last statement seems, I still really enjoyed this game and would highly recomend it. It's just that I don't think the story line of this game is the high point in the series as many people think.

  5.  Need I say more...


    When so many people have sang its praises? But I will just in case you havn't got the message yet so there. Astoundingly amazing, this game manages to be even better than it predecessor. A new ability or twist is introduced in almost every level from start to finish its just jam packed with new features. It looks pretty much the same, with the same storyline and goal as the first so my only negative comment would be that it doesnt have quite the same impact as the first. But when the first game was so close to perfection they couldnt do much more to perfect it, but of course Nintendo managed it. If you are wondering which game to get, get both, really they are that essential and you can find the first one for a bargain, often about a tenner. But if you really must choose one or the other, get this one! They have also improved on the co-op mode so whilst player 2 is not actually a proper character they can kill enemies and collect coins as well as starbits. Even the fact that player 2's cursor has a cute little orange star running after it makes player 2 feel more immersed and involved, great for the little 'uns who wont be able to play it properly. The game also features hint tvs and a cosmic guide to help younger players or inexperienced gamers along, a real Nintendo motto at the minute making games more accessible to everyone which I love. Enough blathering, get on with it and order a copy!

  6.  Stunning...


    An absolute triumph from start to finish. I can't begin to describe effectively how this book made me feel. Such a whirlwind of emotions. Grounded in harsh, morbid reality, steeped with mystery, romance and intrigue its a perfect read. I couldn't put this down and stayed up into the wee hours finishing this book totally gripped, actually shouting at it. The book is beautifully written and realised with great characters. One of the good things about it (though may not be for some) is how frustrated I felt with the characters at the end, what they did and how they acted. But it was never out of character and this stirred a strong emotional reaction, was thought-provoking and realistic. Good qualities in a book if you ask me! I will definatley be re-reading this and also seeking out C.J. Sansom's other work.

  7.  Amazing fun at parties


    If you've bought a wii because of the social aspect of playing new, different and fresh games with friends and family then this is an essential title for you! To play you only need one wiimote which you pass around the group doing completley stupid non-sensical yet amazingly fun mini-games such as picking up a phone or putting teeth in an old grannies mouth. The mini games last about 3 seconds each and there are loads of em. I only get this game out for parties and I've it had for 2 years, as recently as last summer there were mini games popping up that I'd never seen before which of course adds to the fun a lot more. In my opinion it is the best party game of the lot!

  8.  Gives me a warm fuzzy feeling


    I was very worried about this game initially. Although I loved the DS version at first (and rather hastily wrote a review which I don't agree with now!) I found that it had no real innovation and the levels were not intresting and fresh enough. This mario however is by far the best and in my humble opinion, up in the top 3 of best mario platformer games. As I've mentioned it manages to be new and fresh yet the feeling of warm nostalgia begins to flood from the first level, beautiful colours, sounds and addictive yet often frustrating gameplay combine to make this an unforgetable experience. Attention to detail is excellent, I love it when the baddies jump in time to the music. They are so cute you almost don't want to stomp on their heads, but die they must. Be warned though, this game gets progressivley harder and harder and the old save mechanic from days of yore still apply, when you die, you will be transported back to the place you were last allowed to save (although quick save option is now available) I wouldn't really recommend it for under 10s as I'm strugglingo on world 5 and I'd like to think of myself as a seasoned game player! Watching my cousin who is 9 playing on it (or trying to) I realised it wasnt for a very young crowd. So, to conclude, this title is essential for anyone (over 10) who owns a Wii its a fun, innocent, addictive game and the multiplayer option really adds a new, sociable dimension to it. Platformer games are enjoying a renaissance on the wii system and it really can't get any better than this.

  9.  Spell binding


    This is a book I know I'm going to return to again and again, it has become one of my favourites. Considering Golden is a white American man his achievemet of writing beautifully and realistically in the shoes of a Japanese woman is staggering. This is a romance with a difference as Sayuri is, of course, a geisha nothing is straight forward. At first my girly sensibilities didnt like this ending, not so much tinted with sadness as blotched with the fact she will always be just a mistress, after much thought I realised that this is the beauty of the novel, this is Sayuri's fairy tale ending, it was all she ever wanted and she got it. Any one who fails to adore Sayuri is dead inside she is sweet, wise, descriptive, suspicious, intelligent and nieve. The book is also incredibely easy to read, you will find yourself transported t o1930's Japan in no time no matter where you are. So, in short, please read this book, you may not know it yet but you need it in your life.

  10.  Can't go wrong with it


    Great price, great album! Although i really liked it from the start this album is certainly a grower and i love it more now than i did when i first bought it. With a mix of slow and up-tempo songs and with both pop and rock influences the music is undeniably good but would be lacking a certain something if it wasn't for shingai's beautiful and distinctive voice. Its a great car album and i urge any one to support this home grown band and to see them live as i recently have, they were amazing.