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    Let me clarify from the outset, the Shawshank Redemption is one my favourite films of all time. A true masterpiece and worthy of its many accolades. Highly recommended. However, this steelbook was a real disappointment for me.

    Firstly, whilst I realise the choice of artwork is in keeping with the films style, its uninspiring and bland. Furthermore, the quality of print is mediocre at best and the photo inside is distinctly average. Theres no embossing and the title is simply printed onto the case. On the plus side, I quite like the colour and the transfer quality is great, but I'd personally struggle to list any further redeeming qualities.

    A film of this magnitude deserves a fitting steelbook. Sadly, this isn't it.



    Without doubt, I feel this is one of the finest steelbooks Play.com has released (in my opinion). In fact, it's extremely similar to the super desirable Iron Man steelbook in terms of design and feel.

    The title on the front is embossed, complimented by a slightly debossed border. The back cover has no embossing or anything fancy, but the images used on both the front and back cover are of a very high quality and very striking. Theres a black and white print on the inside that runs the length of the steebook and the disc's are completely standard (no artwork).

    The quality of the Blu ray transfer is fine, yet grainy (as in keeping with the film). There are a few extras included, but nothing special - just the usual. Given the design, I feel this is one steelbook to watch. Grab it while you can.



    This steelbook has an embossed title on the front cover, complete with an embossed silver border. However the back cover is the complete opposite.

    In order to save money, the artwork on the back is a print with no embossing. Thankfully it's not a sticker, but some embossing on the back would have been nice to match the front. The colours and quality of the artwork are exceptional and very vivid. Also, it has a shiny finish (as opposed to matte).

    All in all, a very nice steelbook to own and a great film to boot.

  4.  ... hard hitting action with a softer side!


    Both me and my girlfriend love this film. Bob Hoskins excells as the bad guy and Dannys (Jet Li) "uncle". Personally, I think its his finest performance to date, bar a few. In comparrison, Morgan Freeman plays a gently blind man who adopts Li.

    My only gripe, whilst the begining and end of the film are packed with some awesome fight sequences, using a mix of martial arts, the middle of the film drags a little as Danny ajusts to normal life.

    A basic, yet compelling storyline.

  5. Gamer



    22 New from  £4.66  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £2.99

     Simple, yet entertaining shooter.


    If your an avid gamer like myself, this film will appeal to you. Even if your not, you should still find this an enjoyable watch. This film may not appeal to everyone, but at 6 squid for a blu-ray you can't go wrong. If you hate it, you can no doubt trade it in for more. But for me, this one is a keeper. Gerald Bulter excells in the lead role!

  6.  A fine family comedy!


    Every time I watch this film, I always laugh. Never gets old. A real feel good film.

    Eddie Murphy excells as per normal. However, the real stars of the film are Anjelica Huston (of Witches fame) and Steve Zahn as the bumbling, yet loveable Marvin.

    If your after a fun family comedy that ticks all the boxes, this is the film for you. A film for all the fathers out there. Buy it.

  7.  Insane racing, both offline and online!


    Very rare do I buy a game at retail, but I took a gamble on Split second and coughed up the readies and I'm very glad I did!

    Firstly, if your after a racing sim (like Forza), go elsewhere. This is a game for all the Burnout fans out there! Simple, pick up and play racing. Fun, intense and very addictive!

    Single player:

    The game consists of competing in various races, from eliminator to ranked races. During these races you "power up" by drifting and drafting (both very easy to do). The power up bar has three levels. Once the first part is full, you can create obstacles to try and wreck your opponents. These range from a helicopter dropping explosive barrels or exploding fuel tankers. Word of warning though, time these carefully as you can easily end up "wrecking" yourself.

    Once all 3 parts are full, you create even bigger obstacles on a grand scale. Such as sliding oil tankers to falling observation towers. Once again, time these carefully. You can also alter the routes. As you progress through the game, you unlock more powerful cars - each with thier own strenghts and weaknesses

    Online multiplayer:

    Once again, you can complete in various races. Massive fun and party chat is allowed. My only gripe is that your first online race does take a while to load. However once you have completed your first race, it takes a matter of seconds before your racing again.

    The reason I have rated this game 4 stars as opposed to 5 is because its rather easy. With in the first half an hour I had unlocked 5 acheivements. Theres not much of a learning curve.

    All in all, I adore this game and very much addicted to it. You find yourself drawn into it after your first play. Fun, insane racing at its very best! Bravo Disney!

  8.  My first taste of Splinter Cell...


    I'm a complete novice to Splinter Cell. Having never "clicked" with other Tom Clancy games due to complicated control set ups and sometime confusing gameplay, I wasn't expecting much when I downloaded the intial demo.

    Within the first 5 minutes of playing the demo I was plesantly suprised how easy the contol system was and when pieced together, how fluid the gameplay became. It certainly quashed my doubts. Based on the demo alone I went out and bought the game. Which was a first for me, as I very rarely shell out forty notes for a new release (COD and GOW being two of the exceptions). However after playing the game for 10 minutes, I was confident I made the right choice and that it was money well spent.

    The control system is very easy to use and requires very little thought. The gameplay is tight and the storyline is compelling. Thats all I can really say as this point having only played it for few entertaining hours non-stop.

    If your a Splinter Cell fan this a must buy and even if your not (Like me until I played this), ignore any hang ups and buy this game. You will not be disappointed in the slightest. Fantastic game!

  9.  Top notch entertainment!!!


    Firstly, this is not a film to take seriously. If your after a gripping, suspensefull horror, look elsewhere.

    Think Shawn of the dead mixed with Lesbian Vampire Killers, with a small dash of 28 days later. A "lads" horror comedy if you like. Very sexsist, very gory and full of Danny Dyers one liners. Providing your not easily offended and know what to expect, this is a film that can be enjoyed by both men and women alike.

    Also, a special mention to Noel Clarke (of Adulthood fame) who is a great addition to the cast. A true star in his own right.

    One small gripe (and it is only one), Danny Dyers "geezer" like persona can become a tad annoying as the film progresses. However, he never fails to deliver and provides the bulk of the humour.

    Switch off your brain, sit back and enjoy the film for what it is. A laugh.

  10.  ... exceptional value for money!!!


    Another quality product from Top Gear. Very sturdy, well-made and looks great in your bathroom.

    Very fruity smelling. Once empty, you can use it purely for decoration or fill it up with something else. Engine oil perhaps?!

    A good quality product for a small price. You will not be disappointed.