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  1.  Stunning Game! A must have!


    Forza 3 is a game worth having for every owner of an xbox 360. It has tonnes of cars to race in and tracks, The visuals are outstanding,the menu lay out , the graphics are better than real! and details including the interior car views for every car makes you feel as if your in it! The sound is top notch connect your 360 up to a 5.1 sound system and you will see. This is one of the most realistic,fun and outstanding games to play on the 360,The online features have much improved, You have your own profile page the new storefront , which enables all forza 3 drivers to share their pics,videos design vinyls etc... You can sell your vinyls artwork and designs on the storefront, have not tried to online multi player yet but im sure its great! Its a must have for any car enthusiast!

  2.  Great Cable, Great Lenght , Great value.


    The cable is brilliant, its covered in a special skin which preserves it from damage. Its very high quality, and a great alternative from buying those expensive monster cables. I bought this to connect my Logitech Z5500 System to my Tv set. Only problem is when you plug the optical cable into your Tv . You wont get full Dolby digital 5.1 surround or DTS surround sound. I get Dolby Pro logic 2 . which turns 2.1 into 5.1 , If i want to get full detailed surround sound from my Xbox or PS3 or DVD player. you have to plug an individual one into each of the devices. and that takes another 2 optical cables and an optical switcher. which are hard to find at a good price. And why doesn't Microsoft allow Xbox users to plug an optical cable into their console along with a HDMI Cable simultaneously.?

  3.  Great Re-enactment of a disatourous day.


    The film itself is predictable . It tells a different story from the other planes that were hijacked by terrorists . This flight departed from Newark (new Jersey) and was destined to be flown into Washington D.C. The film gives a good perspective on what happened to american aviation that day, in control centers etc. This is a very sad story where a 757 filled with very little passengers gets hijacked by a group of 4 Terrorists, Flight 93 was the only 1 of 4 aircraft hijacked on 911 2001, Not to have reached its target. It shows the courage the passengers put up against the hijackers to prevent them from reaching Washington. A short and Interesting film to watch if your curious about what happened on that day.

  4.  Scary as Hell!!!!!!!!


    If you love scary games and movies and theory's etcs . you will certainly get a buzz out of this game.! Personally i found it so bloddy frightening using HD visuals and Full surround sound! I could not finish the game because its just too much for me. Graphics and features are great too!

  5.  Better than The PS3's System!


    Buying this you can get discounts off it at very good values! You could get quite a bit with 1000 points. Where as if you have a ps3 you have to get everything in the ps3 store for Real money off your credit card which is quite dear! . This is another one good advantage the x box has over its rival.

  6.  Only buy if your really into Strategy!


    The game is alright. Decent enough graphics. Only played world war 3 couldnt be bothered to do online. commanding is good feature with the headset. But only thing is achievements are quite difficult to get.

  7.  Worth the price


    Saw this for 5 pounds in game so i got it. Turned out quite well very realistic . Controls are quite easy to get the hang of. very good multilayer game!

  8.  Very easy but very annoying!


    Only played it for achievements was given a lend of it. Game has 13 missions just enter the invinciblitly cheat and play the 13 missions. Jack blacks voice and acting is the most annoying thing i have ever encountered, Example he says awesomeness alot in this game and alot of other stuff that just goes right trough my head! so glad im finished with it.!!!

  9.  Quite fun.......


    This game is was given a lend of. and had no intention of playing it ever. so i sticked it in and had a try. It turned out pretty well defiantly a family game. The game re enacts the film alot in every mission only thing is its all lego. Takes a while to finish but huge rewards in achievements. Great for any indy fans !!!



    This game is pure brilliance. its the most customizable game out there you can customise everything! The story is really well written . It continues from its previous chapter saints row 1. You wake up out of a coma and break out of prison to return to the 3rd street saints! Might not be the most realistic game. but certainly is fun with a hell of alot to do !!!