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  1.  Amazing little device


    The PSP go shows just how well a console can function only using digital downloads.
    First of all if you get the PSPgo you "MUST" have a internet connection to buy & download games if you have wireless the PSPgo can connect to that. if you only have wired you must have a PC with Media Go (Cd included with PSPgo) or a Playstation 3 with a Playstation network account.
    As far as the console goes it is very solid concidering its size and the sliding screen works very well. It is made out of the same plastic used on the orginal PS3 so fingerprints will show if not cleaned.
    For functionality the PSPgo features Blu tooth this can be used to connect a PS3 Sixaxis or Dualshock 3 controller (You do need a PS3 to begin with for this) and can connect to mobile phones to acess the internet (havent had a chance to try it myself).
    For storage the system features 16GB internal memory stick although 2GB is used for the Operating system leaving 14GB for the user wich it still alot .
    If you want to store any pictures, music or videos it is a simle as pluging a PSPgo into a PC or PS3 (USB cable included) and copying files onto it. For videos not all video formats work on the PSP so i would recommend downloading a program called PSP video which will convert any video to MP4.
    Closing note the PSPgo is very good portable device which i would highly recommend again though you must have internet connection to get games for it.

  2.  Exellent


    This game is great if you like any of the Creative Assembily games such as the Total war games or Spartan Total Warrior you will find this great
    The battles are massive it can be litraly 1000s or men charging and you are in the middle of it all, It is basicly a button masher which will make you use the X button frequrntly
    the game has a few technical problems like a slightly degraded performance in the massive battles and in some cash a crash but i guess Sony or the Ca will realise a patch to fix this

  3.  Great Machine


    I own a PS3 and a Xbox 360 and overall in my opinion there the same (Exept in games) the both offer Hd gaming and looks great the only downside in my opinion is that i cant copy things off my flash disk onto its hdd which i can do on PS3
    One thing i think Microsoft needs to do is create a bigger hard drive that is under £80 even if its 60 - 80Gb I got a 150GB hdd for my PS3 for £50
    Overall i think its a great machine and plus its getting Fable 2 which looks amazing

  4.  300


    Best film of 2007 if only the realise date is sooner

  5.  Amazing!!


    With games like Uncharted Drakes fortune only using roughly 30% of PS3s power this shows that the PS3 is without a dout more powerfull than Xbox 360 but how dose is it in other areas?
    Mediawise the PS3 is Amazing you can copy and Cd tracks onto your PS3 any Pictures on ether a Flash disk or a disk too and somthing i just descoverd recently if you download a Mp3 vide onto your computer convert it to high def using DivX (Trail version) then put it onto a disk or flash disk you can copy them onto Ps3
    Gamewise there are more games on Xbox 360 however the 360 is a year ahead. Alot of great looking PS3 games are coming out in 2008 like : Killzone,Mgs4,Little Big Planet,Home and alot more.
    For the network Xbox live has been around since 2002 compared to the PlayStation network being launched in 2006. PSN (Playstation Network) is free to use, free updates you can acesses the internet and download free Demos, trailers the only time you have to pay is to buy full games the most expensive thing on the store is Warhawk £19.99 but can be bought on disk and you can even buy Psone games for £3.50 each.
    For those of you who have no idea what Blu-ray is. Blu-ray is a high defination format which can hold up to 50 Gb
    with a 200Gb disk in development
    format | single layer | dual layer | triple lair | quad layer|
    Cd 700MB - - -
    Dvd 4.7 Gb 8.54 Gb - -
    Hd-Dvd 15Gb 30Gb 51Gb -
    Blu-Ray 25Gb 50Gb 200Gb

    For those who worry that 40Gb isent enough for them and any 2.5 SATA hard drive will work with the PS3

  6.  excellent


    This is great helarious music videos if you are a Weird al fan buy this

  7.  PS3 has amazing potential


    The Ps3 is a extramly powerfull console we havent nearly seen its full power. Evryone should give the ps3 a chance (Expt those 360 gamers who just say the ps3 is rubbish they probably havent even played one)
    Realise wise the ps3 has a broad horizan with games like Heavenly sword,Mgs4, Killzone, Haze, Little big planey and much more i cant name them all of the top of my head

  8.  We Havent seen the full power of Playstation 3


    Currently the ps3 is only using 20% of its potetal unlike the xbox 360 which games like halo 3 are using the consoles full power. even killzone 2 is only going to use 60% of ps3s power

  9.  Best game ever!!!


    This is such a good game. great storyline, Excellent ways to Customize your character, Combat method could be inproved but apart from that it is a great game 5/5

  10.  Good but hard


    Great game, great graphics but can be a bit hard at times especally when using sixaxis