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  1.  VFM speakers


    At a fiver these little speakers are an absolute bargain.Decent sound quality and volume.I was so impressed I bought another as a gift.

  2.  stunning shooter


    this game is an excellent shooter with stunning graphics,perfect controls.I opted to play straight on the hardest setting and my thumbs are now regretting it(90% complete at time of writing).Single player only but worth buying at the price.

  3.  not everyone's cuppa


    I read the glowing reviews and thought I'd try this game.Sadly I found I must be the only person on the planet who doesn't like this game.I found it to be a bit of a tedious slog fest.About halfway through I started to lose the will to live(in all honesty I wasn't that keen on creating my own character at the beginning....it made me wonder about my choice of game).If you have the serious RPG mind it's probably a damn good game but if you want some fun from a game then this isn't for you.Still think this game is awful.

  4.  okayish


    Single player is decent enough(good graphics,fine controls etc)but it really is short(3 hours 20 mins to complete the game on hard,3 hours 40 to achievement hunt).Online is pants.Only 2000'ish players online at anytime and it really is sniper city(not my idea of fun).If I wanted to go camping I would buy a tent.
    This game should have been outstanding both single player and online but doesn't quite hit the mark.A decent FPS but not spectacular,fine if you want to kill a few hours solo playing.Price wise anything over a tenner and I think it's overpriced even with a free online code.

  5.  butt kickingly good game


    A great FPS game in single player mode.awesome graphics,some nice touches in the killing department.Sadly I found the online multiplayer to be a bit poor and repetitive(might be fun for a while with 3 mates in a party).Would have got 5 stars if the online was game was better.If the price hits 20 quid or under it's worth buying to fill some time in until Gears3,Battlefield3 or the new Modern warfare hit the shelves.

  6.  A lot better than expected.


    I'm not a massive halo fan,I've played the other games in the series and thought they were ok.This however I really enjoyed(and still am).Single player is excellent and the multiplayer is superb.Worth buying.

  7.  not bad for the right price


    Wouldn't pay full price for this game.It's not bad just not outstanding.I wish I could have given it 3 1/2 stars but couldn't.If you are a real Halo nut I can see why this game doesn't live up to expectations,but overall it's a competent,reasonable game.

  8.  a good tenners worth


    A reasonable game if you can find it at the right price.Single player is a fun fps,it's got guns,nazis,magic and a silly storyline(I don't care about story lines in games I just want to shoot things)and some truly laughable voice "acting"..about 12 hours on hard mode.Multi player is garbage if you are "randoming".

  9.  marmite game


    This is a game you will either love or hate.Personally I love it(unlike most rockstar games).A more than worthy successor to Red dead revolver.
    Nearest style of game I can come up with is GTA(which I truly hated)but with horses.
    Yep,stunning graphics on an hd tv,good long single player,excellent online and mostly good DLC.But there are a few boring bits too.....collecting herbs/flowers is a real PITA(pain in the a***)the first few missions are training ones and a bit dull same as the last few as John Marston.Poker,Liars Dice and horsehoes aren't much fun and 5 finger fillet are tedious in the extreme but go towards your achievements.And Herbert Moon,I really,really,really hate that character.....but it's fun killing him.A few glitches that are getting ironed out.
    Minor grumbles aside the game really is good and well worth the money.Quick tip if new to this game and playing on line for the first time,play private free roam and pick up some decent weapons in the gang hideouts before going public...it'll save some grief

  10.  perversely enjoyable


    My first thoughts on playing this game were I had dropped a clanger buying it but I stuck with it till the end.It's slow at times,I really hate the VATS system and it has a high frustration factor.But it kept pulling me back till I finished it.Quick fix game it is not,acquired taste it most certainly is.
    If like me you are an FPS nut but like a change and want a deep game that is a challenge it's worth a look.If you are a pure MW2 nut then avoid like it like a nun with clap.It needs a lot of time and effort to get the best out of it.
    Only 3 stars 'cos I hated the VATS,and the radio didn't play enough 50's tracks!!