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  1. Thor



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     Good superhero flick thats not trying to be dark knight!!


    Really enjoyed this, Kenneth B really capture the home plant of Thor, and really done well keeping it classy.
    Chris Hemsworth was very good and you have to admire the shape he got into for role.
    Natalie Portman Good as usual, little under-used but pretty as a peach!
    Antony Hopkins Well you can bank on him as usual.
    Watch this i think its the best of Iron man, captain america, all the spider men & that awful superman film.

  2.  Killer perm man.................


    Loved this film, not very original. Almost scene for scene with Trains Planes And Automobiles. But that is not a bad thing whats it been like 20-25 years since the release of that. Since downy Jr's come back I've pretty much loved all movies he's done.He Is Sherlock for me though. And Zack G, well seams like a bit of a one trick pony, however very good at that oddball character.
    Dont take this film to seriously and you'll love it, well i did at least.

  3.  Bad, but not as bad as i've heard people say.


    I first watched these two back in 2004, wasn't at all impressed. However i was expecting Pulp or Res-Dogs. And these didn't have dialog or soundtrack or shock factor Tarantino dose so well.
    Having said that a friend of mine said watch them again not comparing them to pulp etc, i did and they seam much better, but not great. If Tarantino had nothing to do with this I and i'm sure millions of others wouldn't have bothered.
    But each to there own.
    Best in it are M Madsen & David Caradine, also Vivica A Fox was good too.

  4.  Good, But Not that good.


    Now i did really enjoy this film, however did seam to be a little long winded for no apparent reason. Prob the best out of this and Tombstone, how ever i did prefer the cast in tombstone, other than Kevin.

    What was refreshingly good about this story of the iconic lawman, was how you see him come from innocence and the lose it to the harshness of the old west. Very good

    If you liked this try:
    Open Range
    The Postman

  5.  This Films The One..


    This is a fantastically funny film with real issues. Having brothers i can completely relate, all about un-written rules & sibling rivalry.

    Ed Burns really really done well with this, not sure you'd call it a Rom Com but if it is, it certainly is prob the best one i've seen. Now you have to remember this is made on a pretty low budget, not that it show's.

    The casting was great in particular the brother who's name i dont know. Aniston who has done a bundle of Rom Com's has not and will not ever beat this cult classic. Diaz also very good, and nasty in this.

    But the real Hero of this movie has to be Burns, think i wrote in one of my other review's that he should stick to writing he's own movies as this is also his personnel best.

    If you like this check out the Brothers Mcmullen, also a Burns picture, with much of the same cast.


  6.  You don't know why you hate the rat.....You just do.


    First things first this isn't even in the same league as Pulp or Reservoir. However in my opinion much better than Kill Bill or Death Proof. So open minded is the way to view this.

    It was good to see a WW2 film with the same serious under tone however the odd chance to snigger. This film came out same year as Tom Cruise's Valkyrie, and in many ways thats the superior film, but i cant help it this is the much more enjoyable film. At the same time it is very dark and disturbing as you could imagine in France 1941.

    Brad Pitt is good in this as usual, but the man that steals the show was Christopher Waltz, he was spot on as the Jew-Hunter, and completely deserved his awards.

    Hope this means Tarantino is back on form..

  7.  Don't be fooled by the cover...


    OK this is by no means a bad film, but it wont blow your hair back either. The description given by play, and DVD cover you you to believe its yet another super-natural thriller. However the odd, and really pretty pointless scenes this film is really a who dunnit? And not a bad one either.

    Saving grace for this film and only real reason to watch it is Edward Burns, who is excellent once again, I really don't know why he doesn't stick to writing and staring in his own movies.

    Anyway a good film, good scenery but best part is Ed Burns, Enjoy.

  8.  One of Keanu's best roles..But no Sixth Sense


    Another film riding the co-tails of sixth sense and fail to measure up, howerver still worth a watch. Lots of characters in this all star cast.

    For me the stand out performance Was Keanu Reeves who plays a Wife beating Red neck, and he dose it so well. Greg Kinner, Katie Holmes & Cate Blanchett all do well also.

    Its worth noting also that this film was wrote by Billy Bob Thornton, and well done for that. Again at this price can't be bad...

  9.  Why didn't i buy this sooner???


    I read other reviews on this before purchase, and i completely agree with them. This film had it all tense, gripping, well acted, and well thought out..

    I just can't believe I've never heard of it, really really enjoyed this, very reminiscent of Alien in a good way.

    Loved the ending and fingers crossed for a sequel.

    Quaid & Foster both Stella performances here!!!

  10.  Gothika, Good not Great..


    This film was very good but not quite as good as say any M Night Shyamalan movies, but that would of been a tall order.

    Not a horror but a super-natural thriller.

    Berry, Cruz & Downey Jr all do a good job in a good film, you'll love it the first time after that not so much, but at this price you wont be disappointed.

    Although Three stars very close to Four...