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  1.  God of Awesome


    This is a game that can only be described as a greek mythology fan's wet dream, delivered in an orgasm of mega-violence. As such its the most brutal, epic adventure yet on the PS3 and the best game (for me) since the glorious Uncharted 2.
    Contrary to raptor287's view, GOW3 isn't 'way better then U2' (my favourite PS3 game of all-time), but it does run it close, and is graphically its equal.
    Another thing I should mention is that you dont necessarily have to be a fan of the hack'n'slash genre to enjoy this game- I wasn't fussed with Dantes Inferno, Bayonetta or Devil May Cry. But such is the quality and epic scale of GOW that I defy anyone not to enjoy it. Relentless, savage combat, cool puzzles and an immersive, huge-scale world to explore add up to a superlative title.
    Buy it.

  2.  A fascinating 'what if' documentary.


    I haven't seen the bluray version yet so cannot comment on the image quality (hence 1 star left blank). But the show is an excellent and informative insight into how our civilisation would last without us here to maintain it. How long would it last? and what evidence would be left for our descendants to find out about us?
    The previous reviewer seems to have missed the point. Its a 'what if' story, not a 'this is going to happen' scenario. The reason for humanitys dissappearance is irrelevant- the question asked is how long would it take for the world of nature to undo everything we've built? We find out that artificially bred animals would die out, that skyscrapers would collpase in a few centuries, and that Mount Rushmore would be our longest surviving artifact.
    Its well worth a look, on blu ray or dvd.

  3.  An incredible acheivement


    that is compelling fresh and original from gently paced opening to thrilling conclusion. I use the word conclusion in inverted commas because however the game ends for you it is but one of many permutations of a story that can unfold in multiple directions depending on the choices you make. It is this aspect of the game that makes it so utterly compelling. you simply wont want to stop playing.

    Unlike the action fests such as Uncharted or God of War this is a game that requires a modicum of patience. in this respect it wont be everyones cup of tea. Some scenes are slow or even tedious but this is always necessary and builds the pace perfectly for some of the bigger set pieces. such as the Blue Lagoon sequence (incredible). The story and characters are rich and detailed and have a genuine emotional effect on the player. more so than most (if not all) Hollywood movies. The story is well written and unpredicatable and some of what happens leaves you stunned.

    The game is graphically phenomenal. for the most part. There are occasions when glitches appear and the quality of the graphics seem to noticeably dip a little- however given the vast processing power demanded by such a detailed game this can be forgiven.

    I completed this in a mere 3 days purely because I couldnt stop playing. And completing it is just the beginning. I will play this over and over to explore what happens when I make different choices. Its total genius- buy it now.

  4.  AKA Incredible Monsters In Black Attacks!


    There's a big difference between homage and a rip-off- and unfortunately Dreamworks (unlike Pixar) have gone for the latter. That's right- MVA is a disappointing mishmash of Monsters Inc with The Incredibles, and Men In Black with Mars Attacks. Unlike their excellent previous effort- Ku Fu Panda (their only movie comparable to Pixar's repertoire)- Dreamworks have returned to their tried and tested route of going for the lowest common denominator through cheap gags and predictable scenarios. Worst of all, it isn't even that funny!

    Of course, the animation is as spectacular as you should expect, and the blu-ray presentation is pristine. The main character Ginormica (Reese Witherspoon) is likeable enough to keep you watching, and some of the set pieces are impressive- especially the San Francisco robot attack.

    But all things considered, and if you like animation, you could watch the far superior Coraline on DVD, or indeed go to the cinema and enjoy Pixar's 'Up'. Dreamworks really need to do better if they want to keep the adults as entertained as the kids.

  5.  Utterly stupendous


    Cutting-edge developers Naughty Dog have acheived the impossible: they took the excellent original game and improved and expanded it in every single way. The result is a seriously entertaining and thrilling adventure that wipes the floor with everything else on any console. The combat is tweaked (they've added a stealth element), the puzzles more satisfying, the script and voice acting sublime, the characters delightful, the cutscenes thrilling, the setpeices (helicopter/ train) epic, and the graphics-OMG- just absurdly impressive. From the vibrant and detailed temples to the jaw-droppingly gorgeous Nepalese village- this is hands down the best looking game on the PS3. I'm looking forward to completing it so I can go back and play it again- and I haven't even mentioned the multiplayer yet.

    Having run out of superlatives, I'll end it there.

    Absolutely essential.

  6.  Great film, good transfer, diabolical sound!


    This movie centres around the discord (and potential reconcilliation) between the forces of religion and science. After 'Knowing' I was bracing myself for yet another Hollywood lecture about faith, however I'm delighted to say that the film is balanced and impartial, and accords the same levels of respect to institutions like CERN as to the Vatican. The story moves along at a fair old pace and the twist at the end is superb- really didn't see it coming! Excellent performances from Hanks and the supporting cast, and a surprisingly good performance from Ewan McGregor (although he struggles with his Irish accent). Excellent entertainment.

    The transfer is great (excelent contrast and colour with minimum noise) but not as punchy and pristine as Knowing.

    Sound wise, maybe my copy was faulty but the dialogue track on the DTSHD-MA soundtrack kept cutting out randomnly- very frustrating!

  7.  Sweet- but no replay value


    Lovely game this, with sumptuous visuals and a beautiful soundtrack. Exploring the world using your acrobatic skills is tremendous fun, if slightly repetitive. Its kind of like a cross between Uncharted and Zelda! The trouble is, once you complete the game there is little to make you go back- so you'll end up trading it in.

    The story is rather generic but enough to keep you going. There's plenty of good banter between the Prince and his sexy sidekick Elika, and the final twist is a real shocker!

    It amuses me when people say 'you can't die in this game'. You don't die in ANY game!! The only departure here is that you get 'saved' rather than respawning. Whats the difference?

    At this price it really is worth a look.

  8.  Your eyes will thank you even if your brain doesn't.


    Lets not beat around the bush: FFVII:AC looks amazing. And on blu-ray, its gobsmacking, eye-popping, reference quality material.

    What a shame then, that all this pixel perfection is wasted on such unfathomable, excerable pap.

    I admire the japanese for their commitment to sophisticated entertainment, but this is just incomprehensible and, unlike say Akira or Tekkonkinkreet, just way to boring to make you want to try to figure it out. All the manga cliches are here: moody, androdgonous teens, impossible combat, ridiculously oversized (yet curiously ineffective) weapons, slo-mo, and dull, trite dialogue which just consists of agonizing over past and future events, and exposition that serves to confuse rather than clarify. The ludicrous final act is terrific eye candy, but don't expect to be excited: the characters fly, jump, fire energy bolts, chop through motorbikes and suvive falling buildings. Since no-one can be hurt, who cares why they are even fighting? new characters just appear as if they are supposed to means something, and...and.. oh, who gives a flying pixel.

    Just pop this into your blu-ray player, give your HD TV a treat, then forget it. Your IQ will recover.

  9.  In space, no-one can hear you pee your pants...


    If you set Resident Evil in a dark, aliens-style future, and populated it with the grotesque, mutated, creatures-from-hell from John Carpenter's The Thing- you'd have a pretty good idea what to expect from this awesome game. Forget Prince of Persia or Tomb Raider- Dead space is for my money the best single player experience on the PS3, and rivals the likes of Uncharted or Resident Evil 4. It's pant-wettingly scary, gory and atmospheric, with a solid (if generic) storyline. It also has superb graphics and a host of kick-ass (and upgradeable) weapons. The enemies are horrific, gruesome abominations that aren't easy to kill, making for a challenging but not frustratingly hard experience, and there are plenty of satisfying puzzles to keep you occupied when your not fighting for your life. The only problem is it was over too soon- but its definately worth another go.

    A classic survival horror experience- Resident Evil 5 will have to be damned good to beat this.

  10.  Best £60 you'll ever spend


    Having read about connection problems with netgear (and not usually having much luck with computers in general) I kept hold of my receipt. But this baby is awesome! Initial set up is a breeze, and the USB adapter allows me to have my router and PC in different rooms. It has a built in modem, so I am also able to ditch my old BT Voyager modem. Best of all, it allows my PS3 to connect via its built in wi-fi at the touch of a button. Within an hour of opening the box, I was downloading game demos and enjoying online gaming. Now I have PS3, PC and Router all in seperate rooms and free of wires. Fantastic gizmo.