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  1.  My god this is bad


    This game is a shining example of games being rushed...in fact no its not. This game was doomed to failure from the start, the story is loose, the controls are shoddy, the AI is a joke, and the camera angles constantly point away from the action during the times when the game is trying to build tension. All in all this is a dreadful game and is an absolute disgrace to the resident evil series which has brought us some absolutely cracking games. This, i am sorry to say, had no chance of being one of them.

  2.  How could i have been so wrong.


    This original review was one star - HOW WRONG COULD I HAVE BEEN!!!! once the slow start is over with this game is amazing. I played for 120 hours completed everythoing i need to do and there is still more, its a phenomenal game and a level which all RPG'S should aim for.

  3.  Everything they said it would be!!


    Before we start i dont like getting into WoW is better argument, but yes WoW was a gr8 MMORPG but come on we needed a new challenger because lets face it the others (AoC, LOTR, Champions which i have all tried) just never got close to WoW. The old republic is genuine challenger and if the makers keep putting in the effort they have so far it will soon surpass WoW as it has an awful lot more to it. It is everything they promised and more and i could not be happier that they decided to take their times with this wonderful game. I urge any Star Wars fan to definitely buy and anyone looking for a change to WoW i think you will be pleasantly surprised.

  4.  So bad its good


    Have you ever told a really terrible joke and when your friends sit and think for a moment about the true awfulness of it they actually start to laugh? Well this game is the epitome of that scenario. I am not going to sit here and argue with someone who tells me this game is bad, i know that it is, but there is something really likeable about this game. Yeah the script is bizarre the controls are terrible but i enjoyed it. I am in no way saying buy this because it is bad, i am saying buy this because you may be pleasantly surprised and come out at the end of the game with a smile on your face because i certainly did, here's hoping they make a sequel and make it just as bizarre.

  5.  ok


    like the title suggests this game is ok and thats it, im surprised about the hype before its release and the continued praise after its release. I adore the zombie genre and own both left4dead's all resi evil's so i was super excited about this release and to be honest i was left well disappointed, try it though see what u think.

  6. Rage


    Xbox 360

    9 New from  £11.17  Free delivery

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    To be honest i do like playing this game but like other reviews suggest it is a bit linear, no investment in the characters or the story, it looks fantastic and has some interesting weapons but if i'm honest i am really underwhelmed

  7.  Excellent


    I presume this game has been marked down to three and a half stars due to Bad Company fans...grow up!! you didnt design these games so stop defending them like they are your own children. Having got that out of my system, black ops is another call of duty masterpiece, online is smooth, and the single player has some excellent moments, a great storyline and although not as good as past call of duty's it still stands up as the watermark of FPS...if they keep making them i will keep buying them.

  8.  Nice Try.....


    .....but simply not as good as call of duty. Let me state, I HATE COMPARING GAMES!! but everyone seems hell bent on doing it anyway so i may as well join in. Online this game is pretty good that's the reason for the two stars but the single player comes nowhere near call of duty, i am glad i bought it as i will play the online more and more but the single player is not worthy of being uttered in the same sentence as call of duty.

  9.  A very fun game


    I would tell anyone who likes zombie games with a bit of humour to get this without fail. They have sorted some of the major annoyances from the first one and created a game that is worth every minute...i have played it through three times already & playing co-op over xbox live is tremendous fun. All in all its a terrific game

  10.  Good Game


    This is a really good game for a reasonable price. Its not rip roaring action but the story line is solid and the puzzles really get you thinking, making it a worthwhile game to play through. For 18 squid this is a bargain