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  1.  Tomb Raider '13


    I was skeptical about this game as reboots can often be terrible. I was wrong. This game is amazing. I'd go as far to say that it's one of the best games I have ever played. The graphics are breath taking and the gameplay flows really well, so much so that I didn't get bored and could hardly put it down. This is exactly what tomb raider needed - to evolve. A vigorous retake full of grit and an interesting plot. The fighting style is completely different too, with different weapons and upgrades to choose from, and gory melee attacks and finishing moves. Exploration within a sandbox style map seems endless, with puzzles and secret tombs galore. This is one of the top games of the year, nay ever. Buy it.

  2.  Arkham Pretty


    This game is good. In a nutshell, if you enjoyed the first title (Arkham Asylum) this sequel is an expansive, gritty, grey, dark big brother to the first game. Bigger, badder and better, with more side missions, villains, riddler missions, easter eggs, clues and so much more. It really is stunning, the gameplay is smooth, the map is so large that I lost myself a few times and was actually frustrated that I couldn't find my way out. While Batman roams the skies, gangs patrol the street level, much like lunatics and jokers henchmen controlled the asylum. I found myself immersed in hours of entertainment, however this is a "once play through" game for me. When I had completed the game, I never touched it again. Great game but no online features at all. Shame really, as this game is GOOD.

  3.  Fantastic product.


    I can understand the seriously scathing reviews on here about Venom products. I bought a similar charge kit to the one I am reviewing, also made by Venom. It didn't come with the charge pod, simply two battery packs and a USB cable. I think it's still on sale on this site, I bought it last year from here. I would avoid that particular product at all costs. The battery packs seemed fine, but the USB was flimsy, cheap, and the connection snapped off as I was going to charge a battery.

    I would, however, thoroughly recommend this product. For value for money's sake, it is fantastic. I have had this product a year or so, and the saving I must have made on conventional AA batteries must be through the roof. It comes with the charge pod, wired not by plug, but by USB (there is a USB port in the back of your xbox) and two battery packs. As long as you have one battery pack charging at all times, swapping them over and never having to wait around for them to charge up should never be a problem.

    System is simple. There are two lights on the charge station. Red and green. Red beams constantly when charge is empty or low, red flashes when halfway, and green beams when battery is full and ready.

    I could not recommend this product enough, you will save a fortune.

  4.  Excellent.


    I saw the advert for this game on TV and thought I would research it. It's the first game I have bought on release day in a long time. Even when I got to the shop they only had two copies of the game left.

    I cannot put this game down. The only way I can draw any comparisons to other games is it is similar to Grand Theft Auto but also similar to Saints Row 3 in that there is SO much to do on the map. I have been playing for four days and am only 25% of the way through completion.

    Whether you want to run errands for a gangster picking up cars, stealing armed trucks, place bets on cock fighting, grab a bite to eat, learn martial arts, take down drug dealers or get in with triads, this game has it all.

    Essentially an undercover cop who gets in with a gang but gets emotionally attached. You can play through missions as a cop or as a member of the gang.

    This game is truly excellent and one of the best games I have played in a long, long time. The graphics, the smooth gameplay and the fact that every mission involves something different to keep you going.

    Buy this game.

  5.  Great DVD


    As someone who was never a hardcore WCW fan, I bought this out of sheer curiosity. The only times I woul watch WCW was when I wa channel surfing between advert breaks in WWF RAW.

    The documentary on the first disc is pretty enthralling, I was a little skeptical of the DVD at firs but much like The Rise and Fall of ECW I couldn't take my eyes off the screen and it had me interested the whole time. This boxset is worth it for the documentary alone in my opinion.

    The other discs consist of matches that I myself thoroughly enjoyed. Some of the matches consist of mid-carders but it's still solid, entertaining wrestling at the end of the day. There are also some classics such as the War Games match which was basically the nWo taking on Flair, Anderson, Sting and Luger. If you don't know what WarGames is, it's pretty much the Elimination Chamber but using two rings and two Hell in a Cell cages instead of a chamber.

    Also includes the infamous Golberg V DDP match that cut out on Pay Per View and no one at home saw the ending.

    A great buy, I would thoroughly recommend any wrestling fan to buy this.

  6.  Game Over


    This DVD is generally okay, a few good matches and the earlier HHH matches really show off his in-ring ability, those were the highlight for me.

    However, I was pretty let down. Instead of showcasing some of his greater matches - the ladder match vs The Rock at summerslam 1999, Royal rumble street fight vs Cactus Jack in 2000, they opt for matches like Monday Night Raw 1996 vs Marc Mero which I found utterly bizzare. Also shoving a full Royal rumble match in there which they could have easily fitted in 2 or 3 other great matches was puzzling. It is also a little misleading, the description says "never seen before interviews" these are basically 1 minute segments between each match in the DVD in which Triple H talks about the upcoming bout. I was expecting a good hour long interview considering this match is 2 discs and 12 matches long.

    Overall if you are a big Triple H fan I would buy this for his earlier material and some of the later brutal matches but I thought Silver Vision and WWE could have done a much better job on this, considering H is one of the biggest ever superstars in WWE history.

  7.  Bigger, badder, better.


    This game is an excellent improvement on last year's game. Better graphics, gameplay and story lines. There is SO much to do in this game. The only downside is a few bugs and glitches which I have encountered while playing, hopefully they will sort this with an update. I'm also disappointed with the online server as it never seems to work for me and I've only had the game one day.

  8.  The Rise and Fall...


    I was never a huge fan of ECW, being British it was never shown widespread on TV, so growing up I saw very little of the actual shows. I bought this DVD primarily as a wrestling fan.

    I can honestly say it is one of the best wrestling DVDs in existence. If you're expecting a DVD full of matches, don't buy this. It has about 8 bonus matches but is essentially a documentary about wrestling's third biggest company, ECW.

    Credit where credit it due, this DVD is produced by WWE, and has interviews from lots of superstars, from WCW, to WWE, to ECW. Guys like Chris Jericho, Mick Foley, Vince Mcmahon, Eric Bischoff, The Dudley Boys, Tazz, Tommy Dreamer, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, RVD, etc. At no point does the WWE slander ECW, which I thought it would do. On the contrary, it shows ECW in a great light, a seriously in-depth documentary on an innovative, controversial company who pretty much influenced the attitude era of WWE.

    If you're a wrestling fan, buy this.

  9.  Different gear, same tunes.


    In my opinion Beady Eye were on the scene far too quickly, whether a decision of Liam's to keep within the public eye or just a genuine passion for making music, I don't really know.

    I did anticipate the album, as I was raised on Oasis and after the bands demise, curiosity is natural. I wasn't best pleased with "Bring The Light" which sounds like a Jerry Lee Lewis rip off. Not exactly lyrical genius either, but Liam had never been the sole songwriter for a band. However, it didn't sound like Oasis and that I did enjoy.

    The following singles Bring The Light and The Roller were stronger lyrically and quite brash and bold, I would rate them as two of the strongest tracks on Different Gear, Still Speeding. Apparently most of the album was unused Oasis tracks but I won't get into that as I tried to take the album at face value.

    There are some tracks on the album which are directly lifted riffs from bands like The Beatles and The Who - see "Beatles and Stones" and "Standing on the edge of the noise" which they should be ashamed of, I'm actually surprised they haven't been sued yet.

    Stand out tracks for me are Four Letter Word, The Roller, Morning Son, The Beat Goes On. The album is good but weak in places, just a shame that this won't appeal to anyone who isn't an Oasis fan. Still a band with potential as the music and songwriting does shine in places so I hold out hope for their next effort as this was by no means a bad record.

  10.  Skull Candy


    I was left seriously disappointed with these headphones. The sound levels leave a lot to be desired, the headphones themselves are small and flimsy. They're not good at containing sound either. Certainly not worth the asking price.