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  1.  Live at the Apollo


    Unlike the previous reviews, I don't mind there not being a lot of crowd noise. There is crowd audio at appropriate moments, but Alex Turner has never been one for great audience interaction, so there is really no point in mucking up the band audio. I went to the cinema to see this and was surprised, I'm not a massive AM fan, but by the end of the film, everyone was on their feet clapping. I really enjoyed this film, bought it for 20 quid a while back and didn't grudge paying it, buy it for 3 quid while you can.

  2.  Blood Pressures


    I didn't know what to expect from this album, as every Kills album has has a sonically different sound. This is no different. Sounding unlike any of the previous three records, while still retaining the classic Kills sound of scratchy, rough guitars and their drum machine. Half blues, half dirty, gritty rock. If you buy one record this year, buy this. One of the most underrated bands in the world produce raw emotive blues, sounding unlike anything you've heard before.

  3.  Warriors of Rock


    As a big Guitar Hero fan, I was pretty upset to hear that WOR would be the last in the series. I think, potentially, they could have done more.

    Anyway, I'm not a massive metal fan but having looked at some of the song choices for this game I was a little intrigued and bought it.

    I did enjoy the game, and what GH have done with this. They pad out a decent storyline, with excellent graphics and interesting characters. I just thought it was far too long. In the first "boss battle" if you will, you have to complete an Overture by the band Rush, which took around half an hour, maybe even more of solid playing to complete. This part of the game made absolutely no sense to me, so I was a little disappointed that they had done something so self-indulgent.

    The game itself is also more technically challenging, even on the easy and beginner settings, you can feel the difference.

    Although I enjoyed most of the game, it did become a little repetitive and I felt myself getting bored after a while. Some nice achievements and avatar awards to be had though.

    Overall I'd give it a 3/5. There was so much more they could have explored with this game than just traditional guitar hero fare, which this essentially is, with the addition of juicy graphics.

  4.  MAFIA II


    Having not played the first in this series, I dived into this with open perspective and no presumtions.

    The game itself didn't disappoint. The storyline is gripping, the characters are likeable and it has a brilliant soundtrack.

    There was a lot of negativity for it not being a "free roam" game, I didn't mind this, because it keeps the game individual and not too "grand theft auto"

    Some missions have a few possible endings to choose from, so getting to decide your own fate was a nice touch I felt.

    Also, smaller details like the auto shop and the tailors I found fun too.

    All round, a brilliant game, and at 17.99 is a steal, I bought for 40.00 and didn't grudge it.

  5.  Crackdown


    I found this game extremely boring, no real storyline, basic graphics and poor combat system. Luckily I found the game for a couple of pounds so didn't really feel out of pocket. I wouldn't reccommend this game to anyone.

  6.  Undead Nightmare


    To find the game at this price is a bargain. The story itself is enthralling, and although some of the gameplay can feel a little repetitive, this is not just an average packaged add-on. Without saying too much, the soundtrack, landscape and wildlife have been "revamped"

    The online play is pretty much endless fun, join your friends in a posse to fight your foes, take over gang hideouts, claim your turf in the "Land Grab" minigame, even take on endless hordes of zombies in "Undead Overrun"

    Work your way up the ladder, gaining XP, unlocking playable characters, transport and titles. Play poker, hunt animals or take on the law.

    Well worth the asking price.

  7.  Unhappy hour


    Having watched the whole series, I enjoyed the format of the show. I have a feeling that, had anyone other than Dom Joly fronted this programme, I would have thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Mr Joly comes across as one of the most bitter, pompous, arrogant men in Britain. Constantly making references to himself as a "celebrity" and mocking other cultures like he was an ambasador for the BNP.

    Dom Joly and his relatively silent sidekick travel to places such as Mexico, Belgium, India and Australia. The only parts I enjoyed were Joly looking quite threatened by a bunch of hardened Australians, as for most of the series he made fun of people who couldn't speak English.

    His non-stop chanting about Britain and the English made for pretty monotonous viewing, it would've been nice to have some more information on foreign drinking cultures, instead we get snide remarks and petty upper-class tomfoolery.

    It's no wonder the man ended up on reality TV, as this show was dismal.

  8.  Howard Sparks


    I think I should state that firstly, to detract from the previous reviews, this was an independantly funded film, so if it lacked anything, it was a massive budget.

    I went to see the film knowing very little about Mr Marks, other than that he was a drug dealer. I found the film to be very touching and pretty heavy in places. Also extremely funny.

    I would reccommend this film to anyone interested in Howard or Ifans for that matter, as he does an outstanding job.

  9.  Mock The Weak


    Being a fan of Boyle's past material I thought I would give this a go.

    It seems he relies purely on shock value which is pretty middling after the first 10 to 15 minutes of the DVD. The act is largely made up of ping-ponging between making fun of the audience to making fun of celebrities. He doesn't pull it off, sounding more like a bitter drunk than a sharp witted comedian.At most points I felt like he was grasping at straws and it made me cringe more than laugh. If you have read Frankie's book or watched any of his Tramadol Nights series then this DVD is a serious waste of money as they are pretty much old hat.

    All I can say is that I'm glad that he is bowing out of stand up comedy if this is the way his act was heading. The extras on the DVD are quite entertaining but apart from that I was really disappointed.

  10.  Excellent!


    I'm a huge American Dad! fan, and snapped this up as soon as I saw the price. If you like the dark side of Family Guy, you'll love American Dad!