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  1.  A lovely game concept held back by gamey niggles


    The Saboteur is entertaining and unique, which is why i like it, but unfortunate flaws or little game design issues hold it back slightly. Graphically it isn't all consistent, occasionally it can look rather brilliant with gritty wet flooring reflecting off street lights and lightning, however it can also look very graphically behind the times, short draw distances are obvious (if you see a large building a few meters away, it can look blocky) and simple things such as rain dropping onto the floor inside buildings when its raining can leave you feeling it needs more polish to make it better, but most of the time the graphic style is unique and works great for the games purpose. Storywise the game lacks a little but its decent enough to keep you enjoying it. Its got some nice cutscenes (some are better than others), some brilliant missions (impressive mission design throughout the game) and some decent characters, but personally i disliked the way bad language was used in most of the dialogue for your character... as if it was cool, because its not. Gameplay for the game is good, cars all handle nicely, your character moves freely allowing simple climbing mechanics similar to Assassins Creed, and shooting is absolutely perfect for the game being very similar to the Gear of War style of free third person shooting. Game design is a bit old styled however, with some obvious glitches and little design flaws which leave it feeling a bit clunky occasionally. For instance sounds are pretty average or even below average for a game, car engine sounds are ridiculous, not that they sound bad, its just they are using the same sound every gear change and its obvious, and when you get to a certain speed the car engine stops making a noise and instead the car makes a rather odd hum as it shoots along. Although this is minor, its easily noticeable with a lot of the game being driving orientated. Shooting and explosions all sound nice though, thankfully because there are plenty of these sounds throughout the game. I do feel the game lacks certain things like helicopters or planes which are available to fly because the map is huge and varied, and can often be too big for just car travel, or even the lack of ability to fly a zeppelin which would have been fun (and its annoying how close you come to flying one twice in the campaign). There is plenty to do, with the game being open free roam with a twist. An average length story with decent missions keep you happy for a while, but extra tasks like blowing Nazi stuff up for money, stealing and collecting cars, trucks and tanks, and getting achievements gives some extras to keep you busy, aswell as some extra side missions, objectives and just having plain fun. Being able to stealth kill a Nazi and then wear his uniform is great fun, walking around undetected and getting through checkpoints with no questions asked (even if you can do this as the brown clothed Irishman). The saboteur is a great game, it has fun missions with an alright story behind a great concept, graphically it is a mixed bag but it mostly serves its purpose, and gameplay wise its pretty spot on too. Unfortunately because of tiny drawbacks, it fails to meet the thrills of some other games, and sometimes it feels rushed or unfinished, but still its definitely worth a try, and if you don't believe its worth a try, let me just say you can jump off the top of the Eiffel tower and survive.

  2.  Good fun but not much progress from the second...


    This game feels extremely similar to the second, but thankfully its still a fun and fresh experience. The graphics on this game are pretty much the same as in fable 2, they look beautiful, not extremely detailed but colourful and vibrant, unfortunately they do have blur problems when moving but a patch has cut them down. The cutscenes are a nice addition, but they make the game look very dated and buggy at times, and unfortunately the game is full of bugs, like hands going through people or having a axe handle on your back go into your head, this can break the immersion that the game usually does so well to hold and it often makes the game seem unpolished or rushed. The gameplay is the same as fable 2, if not a little more simple here and there, melee is the hardest combat system to use this time around as there is a bigger amount of enemies a time and they can swamp you while you stand there helplessly being pummeled to death, but its the coolest to use if used right, ranged is the in the middle area and is useful throughout the game and magic is the strongest, as if you just keep spamming strong magic spells, you can easily take out many surrounding enemies with ease... often without being hit... Again you can't actually die which takes the consequences of death away from the game and makes it simpler. The new expressions system is not good, just too simple, less choice and less freedom, you no longer have what was the already great expressions wheel, its just a new watered down version where you interact with people, and your given about 3 expression choices, which usually consist of hugging, dancing or pattacake... and as you can imagine, when going up to a serious straight guy and dancing with him, or playing pattacake with him, it just looks childish and a little odd and it just doesn't fit. Fotunately, In general the game is brimming with personallity, full of great voice actors and funny one liners. Great actors take huge roles in the game making some characters truly stand out or less of a pain, the humour is still there with some great quests, really great... some of my favourite from the fable games and usually well thought out. The story is alright, its short and feels a little rushed, and at times the missions boil down to 'go and get some seals' which is the new currency to upgrade your character, on the road to rule, which altough is a nice idea, it makes progression feel linear and its just there to make sure you don't get too strong too early. The second part of the story is great though, as being king, some of the decisions you make are great fun and make huge impacts on the world you rule... which is a standout feature, its just a shame it wasn't longer as its a little short being king and after a certain event, no more decsions seem to be there even though you are still wearing a crown and ruling albion, and also some missions while king feel a little silly, you could just get your guards to go and fetch a statue but they prefer the king does it. If you do what i did and do outside missions between the story missions it makes it a much more full experience and some of the side quests are just fantastic and should not be missed. The new map system is cool, it makes buying houses much more fun and easy but repairing them is a pain as there is 'no select' all option, and the 3D cartoon maps don't look much like the area at all, the new sanctuary and lack of menu's creates more problems than it solves really, the trail and dog are still buggy, being huge parts of the game its silly that they go wrong easily, and some bugs and glitches are far worse, some can end games, most are forgiveable but they annoy. However Fable 3 is still a decent game and worth trying out.

  3.  An Immersive but short singleplayer with decent multiplayer


    .Medal of Honor is a great game. Graphically the single player is beautiful and some areas will look almost lifelike, while others just look extremely pretty with massive backdrops and brilliant lighting effects helping the game shine and make the whole experience more immersive. Gameplay wise its similar to other war games but more clunky and slow paced, which isn't a bad thing, it just means you may feel similarities with other titles. The story is almost nonexistent which strangely doesn't affect the enjoyment of the campaign; because the missions are mostly very fun and some variation and brilliant pacing also makes it hard to put down. The game is very lifelike and they obviously aimed to make it a very real war experience and thankfully it makes the game different and in my opinion, better. Sound quality is awesome, with radio chatter colliding with the real chatter coming out of teammates mouths and gun sounds being unique and natural, although grenades sound odd in the singleplayer. Although there is a few bugs here and there, invisible walls are used far too much (sometimes they have blocked you off at stupid areas which should be open for you to walk on) the experience still feels immersive and enjoyable... and the in game HUD which disappears is brilliant because you don't have anything reminding you its a game while you take in some memorable moments, its just a shame that hitting an invisible wall or glitching on the ground can remind you its a game, because in general the game is immersive and a joy to play. Tier 1 mode also has enjoyment as its a more arcade style take on the game, and its more difficult, which the singleplayer isn't really that challenging even on hard. The multiplayer is completely different and thankfully, although it lacks the customization options that other games have, it makes up for it in unique gameplay and some decent modes. The online has got a fair amount of modes and some are fairly similar to others, but each mode has a different style of gameplay making it difficult to immediately pick it up and play well. The online has a very brutal gameplay style and unfortunately it is difficult staying alive if you are not used to the game. The maps generally work extremely well for the modes they are involved in, but some maps on certain game modes are not very well made. In team deathmatch, the game often spawns enemies at opposite ends of a small area making spawn killing and deaths happen regularly. Aswell as this, if the enemy team finds out where you have spawned, they can just set up camping sniper spots around it and take pot shots at people who have just spawned, its extremely frustrating and thankfully it doesn't happen in any other modes. There are slight issues with server connections and this usually happens mid day when its busy, but its still annoying to get kicked from games with claimed server problems, when 5 seconds later you can join the same game again with no problems. The online gameplay is very addictive however, and although it lacks the features and options other games get, its unique and brutal playing style mean if you start to get good at it, you will find it difficult to put down. Sound and graphics are both not lacking and both are very similar to DICE games before it, because of the engine used, which means it does not lack in this area. Unfortunate new players will have to grasp the game style as they play, but once you get going, it really gets addictive, and although there is less choice and unlocks than most games, it still has incentives to play. Medal of Honor may not be perfect, it does feel slightly unfinished and it needs more to do, but overall its still an experience worth owning.

  4.  A brilliant title, with some little drawbacks


    The singleplayer is great graphically, and quite amazingly its improved vastly in face detail and smaller clothing details from the second which help make it more immersive and beautiful. The area of Rome is fun to use, but the size and amount of life means you can occasionally encounter slowdown when pushing the game too hard, and occasionally people pop up not too far from you making you realise the game has been pushed quite far this time around. Gameplay is still brilliant, but now its much improved combat makes the game so much better to play, because it offers you the option to hold back and wait for the blink mechanic to help you know who wants to attack next, or you can stream together the most fun and rewarding attacks to leave a pile of death, and you feel damn awesome after doing it... brilliant. The run and jump is still the same as AC2 however and although its good, it still depends on where the camera is pointing where you move the analog stick to jump, and often i jumped the wrong way if i tried to rush climbs and this can cause death and fustration. Climbing some certain buildings has been made harder now to make you think, but this is more annoying than not. The extra missions are amazing, hidden sanctuaries and borgia towers are so fun and fresh it keeps the whole experience much more intresting. The story is not as strong as past games, and unfortunately when you get to the end sequences of the game it feels rushed and samey, in my opinion the last two sequences felt repetative but its not that bad unless you want to rush it because the game wont let you. The missions up to a certain point are very good, with some really memorable moments such as storming a castle with an army and riding a horse through a crumbling city... its truly epic mission design for the most part means its still worth playing through. The leanardo missions are also brilliant, you go somewhere else and do a cool stealth like mission which ends with destruction and often driving some cool war machines. The Addition of your own assassin's also makes the game much more fun and makes you feel much more cool in general, sending them away to make money and exp is good, but using them to kill someone is even cooler as they help a lot. The new tasks to get full synch i find good and bad, because extra tasks are cool but they are often not allowed to be broken and you can fail some missions easily by just alerting somebody. It takes away that freedom that AC2 had and makes you feel like your taking orders instead of doing what you please. The singleplayer in a nutshell is good and a very decent length if you do everything.
    Now for online, which is a great addition, its fun and quite addictive, but patience is needed to get good results and some games you could find get a little bit samey, in fact if you play one mode too much, you will find it never really changes. The maps are great however, it has no lag at all and its tense when your chased by more than one person who you cannot see and could be right behind you keeping it cool being silent. However the game has issues, sometimes i would play games without any real targets being given meaning all i could do was walk around and lose the match, and this is paired with match finding which can take hours if you catch an unlucky time where the servers fancy playing up (at the times... when it can find people it never starts a game even though theres enough to play). The free DLC for it is a lovely gift and keeps it fresh but it just gets samey at times and the problems can be a pain. AC:B is a great game, it may only step the series forward minimally, but its still worth a shot

  5.  A dream to a car enthusiast...


    The graphics are extremely good on this game yet they seem to have more colour and contast than needed to make it look realistic, which to some may be annoying but to other allows the game to be more intersting to look at... Either way its damn beautiful thats for sure. The gameplay is smooth with no screen tearing and no framerate issues at all, and the Cars and Tracks all look very nicely rendered to the same levels of detail you would expect in a forza game, not to mention there is over 500 cars and 100+ track variations on this game (even though the career only used about 10 tracks locations out of the 20 or so which does seem odd). The cars are amazingly modeled with photo mode and showroom shots looking breathtaking, allthough while your playing in game, the cars seem to have a blacked out interior and a little less detail, but this is hardly noticeable. All the cars feel different, and grip, suspension, wieght and many other things are taken into consideration while racing (you can see these in realtime as you play in the telemetry which is cool). This means the game is much more deep than other racers, you can use a fast light car one race and get to the point where you can really push it to the edge in corners and straights, then move to a heavy car and find you have to get used to the limits of that car, it makes the game feel much more involving and deep. Career mode is good but a bit samey near the end and once you get to a certain point, you will be start doing races with 12 laps with the laps being around 3-6 miles long, and these can take immense amounts of time to complete and do make you loose interest. The car collection is awesome and saving up for that favourite car makes it so much more rewarding. You can fully customise every car to the extreme, with over 3000 layers being allowed on every area of the car for decals, you can create your own from shapes or just find some nice basic ones. Tuning is great fun too, if you test your car and simply tune it while doing it, you can come out with amazing results which may be more to your driving style than the original was. The game has free mode where you can simply jump into any car and do a quick race, hot laps, drifts, drag races and more. This is probably the best and most fun area on the game for me, because its so easy to just pick up and play and you have a massive selection of cars. The difficulty is another thing to mention, the difficulty settings are brilliant, you can turn assists on or off as much as you would like and this means anyone can enjoy the game. You can turn them all off and get no reward added to your winnings but the game will break for you and help you stay on the road. Turn them all off and you will be fighting to stay on the road when you push a car and it means you reap benefits and bonuses after the race, its a great way to allow anyone to play the game even if they do not play racing games or any games at all. The online is quite good too, with a ebay-like system auction house allowing people to sell and buy the cars they spend time customising. The races were all pretty good fun and lag free for me, but occasionally it would get annoing that one car wanted to make a crash test at the first turn. Thankfully the online does have things to stop idiots ruining the fun, such as if you drive the wrong way, you go ghost mode and soon get kicked. Uploading certain decals you make or tuning settings and getting photos onto your computer are also nice additions. The damage modelling is not that bad, its basic for some cars and great for others, like the interior camera positions which are sometimes a little odd for some cars, but fine in others. However, the game is great and easily worth a buy.

  6.  Damn fun if you know the right people


    To be honest its a good add on to the halo universe... im not going to say its not fun and it is a great addition. The story is a little odd as being a rookie you would expect to follow the higher squadmates, however you seem to lead most of the AI when its there in missions and you seem to fight the bulk of enemies you face with ease (especially on co-op), as though you had been doing it for a long time, however the opening sequence is very good with a drop through the sky, and it has some really great, fun levels with very good vehicular action (which i really loved) but unfortunately it is rather short, but this is also a good thing as its a game you can pick up, play for a few minutes with a mate and get on with your life, the city of Mombassa is huge, and it is very big and a nice change from the usual Halo mission calaboration. Although for the most part the graphics are good, they still look a little last year unless you add the visor to it and mainly the dark areas look the best, however i wish that they had taken advantage of the time to make the game better graphics and detail where possible, don't get me wrong it looks nice colourful and vibrant, just detail levels in some areas look naff, especially when you see the rest of the city and its all flat like in flight simulator, however these moments of weakness are easy to forgive. The gameplay is actually the best part of the game, you feel lonely and this makes you think about what you do when in the city and its very well balanced on normal even with the changes to health and stamina, and the gunplay feels just like any halo game, which is good, and as i mentioned earlier most of the missions are fun or damnright cool, in co-op its much more fun, as your not lonely but you feel like a team on a mission to solve the story, and have some explosive fun along the way. Now for Firefight which is great, but why is it invite only... this could have been a huge online mode with regular add ons and with bungie behind it, it would have been very good... unfortunatley its only friends list invites and no online matchmaking, a missed opportunity i think personally, all though if you have the right friends or find experienced players after achievements on the net, it can be brilliant, its amazingly fun and even if it can be time consuming and hard to get good scores, it feels that much better when you do get them. The second disk is good as it gives you Halo 3 online and all the maps so you can delete the packs you had and get the rest you didn't have, this is good when we are always loosing space on our hard drives. Its a good game and for the price it currently is you will not be upset, if you have friends who still own it and want a game of firefight, or if you need help getting through the story with 4 of your mates, go ahead and have some fun.

  7.  Slick, crisp and sharp ...


    This Television firstly looks beautiful, its looks stunning and the size, (although at first it seems big) is just right. The sound quality is simply brillaint when your watching a Blu-ray, and its still very good on channel and DVD but just not as stunning, but where it shines is in blu-ray, as the picture is spectacular, whether its a 720p football game, a standard soap or a full 1080p/24 blu-ray... it looks great, the picture is full of colour, with motionflow turned up to high (which i highly recommend) there is practically no motion blur, which means the detail is held well throughout fast motions... The settings are great, loads to play around with to make the picture better (or worse if you do it wrong), and the great sony menu which is easy to use is here, meaning pictures, music, video, analog and digital channels can be found, as well as internet access, calenders, clocks and other features. Theres a great amount of inputs, and all can have their own different settings, which is also a great feature considering for a movie you might want the surround sound on and for a soap on your box you may not. The only fault, and it may just be my TV, at a cretain frequency we got a vibrating noise, however this was rfecently fixed by sony for free and apparently its a problem with many Televisions on the market as we rang many companies saying its normal for these types of TV's. A very good Television with hardly any faults and well worth the money and as with many sony products, its bound to stand the test of time.

  8.  Its great, but far from being perfect


    Firstly, the game sucks for the first few hours... its a slow starter, and secondly yes your main charcter looks like a world of warcraft character... just don't put it down because of this... The game really expands out as you go along, the story is alright, its very similar until you get about halfway where twists and turns start to come in, The graphics are a bit of a letdown after a brilliantly detailed opening cutscene, they seem to be cartoon like and take away the seriousness of the game, which means it seems like a childs game at times, however the colour and variety in each level is great, some levels are bland and extremely long, but some are beautiful lush greens with some short fun gaming which will take you back to the good old days of zelda. Also the water in this game is very good, its probably the best i have seen in a game for a while. The game controls are ok for the mostpart, sometimes they are too simple for a huge amount of equipment and weaponry, (only 3 slots for 5 pieces of equipment is not very helpful), also movement looks old, with enemies and all other movements on strange looking loops, and enemy AI being extremely pirimitive, to the point there almost is none, they just walk into walls and follow the same old attack patterns all the time, luckily some moves are pretty sweet and the amount you can do is great, it offers a big amount. The gameplay is good, puzzles can be well thought up and fun although most are too long and end up just becoming repetative or fustraiting, and sometimes battles can be tough but this makes them feel more of an achievement once completed. The character models are also weak, unfortunately i didn't like the main charcter, he looks ridiculous until the end of the game where you can make him look awesome with abyssal armour and a new sword. The achievements are good too with many being fun or interesting to unlock. Although the amount of time you spend in the game feels long (which is 10-20hours for the story and more after) its jsut because its slow, it slowly releases new stuff constantly but gives you constant tutorials for these new things, and this means it can occasionally go off corse. The game is great however, and the main thing is you wont want to put it down, and there is not many games quite like it on the xbox 360 at the moment, it takes elements from other great games and uses them well... which makes this a very good game and once you finish you really appreciate it for what it was.

  9.  Brillaint Blu-ray player... Brilliant price


    This is a very good blu-ray player... especially for its price, it looks cool and expensive, has a flap wich hides the disc drive and the controller also has a great range of buttons meaning for easy changes... it has the great sony home page with many easy to access options, the product is great for both upscaling DVD quality to make it look better and great for playing music, looking at pictures and even connecting it to the internet for updates. The blu-ray is outstanding quality, sound supports many forms of Surround sound which truly make for a greater experience, but the film quality is immense, with extreme detail in every area of any film you watch... and it comes with avatar which is quite possibly one of the best looking films made from CGI to this day... so its a great player for a great price and it comes with one hell of a movie to show you why you bought it, and it works brilliantly well with my Sony televsion

  10.  Aweessoommeee!


    Firstly, i would like to say this is my first time to encounter the brilliance of blu-ray, and im pleased that i purchased this as my first. Firstly the movie is great, great action, great acting, great graphics and obviously a big amount of money and time was spent on the graphics as the whole world is amazingly made, colourful and extremely detailed and its great, the story isn't as bad as has been made out, its not amazing but it works for the film and i believe some moments are very good. It truly looks beautiful on the Blu-ray in full 1080p and the picture never faults, its constantly clear even in fast motion. However what blew me away was the sound, dolby digital surround sound is truly phenomenal and it just makes the film so much more involving, like when they first encounter a huge creature of pandora, it stamped on the floor, and the ground and room trembeled with it, which for me, truly makes the experience that much better. You get a DVD free with this package which also looks good, as it makes for an extremely cheap bundle and with the upscale, the DVD also boasts great picture quality, its great for people who don't have a blu-ray player to access everywhere, so basically everyone, so its nice of them to throw that in too. Brilliant movie, brilliant sound and video quality and a definite must for any owner of a decent HD television and a blu-ray player.