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  1.  High capacity, but will take 6 hours to fill!!!


    I have been using Sandisk products for a while and generally they great. However I made the mistake of purchasing the SanDisk Cruzer Slice 64 GB USB Flash Drive.

    To put it simply, is very slow. Write speed, tested on several machines, is about 3.5-3.8MB/s. Read speed is much better at around 16MB/s.

    The usable capacity is 59.6GB formatted. 59600MB @ 3.8Mb/s = 4.2 Hours (adjusted) to write 64GB of data.

    Very high capacity, but not that usable day to day.

  2.  Quick and Quiet ESATA DAS


    I have a HP ex490 Windows home server appliance and I wanted to add extra storage. The HP has a single ESATA port which is port multiplier capable. This allowed me to connect the Edge10 into the ex490 and have five extra bays. The performance is fantastic when used with my Samsung 1.5TB SATA drives.

    It is very quiet when in operation.

    The only downside is that you have to screw the hard drives into the caddie and the front LED is Orange/RED and fairly bright.

    I purchased mine at XMas 09 and only paid 149.

    I did not use the supplied 2 port ESATA card.

  3.  Good series, but let down by encoding


    I liked the series, and had high hopes for this bluray release.

    The video is 1080i not 1080p. However the biggest problem with with the encoding. I get a flickering, which is encoded in the video, on a lot of scenes. The strange this is that of BBC HD freesat tyou dont see the flickering. When you step though each frame on the affected scenes, you can see an odd looking frame that is brighter than the rest.

    Source Samsung P1500 bluray with firmware V2.3 and a Samsung 46" 1080p LCD TV.

  4.  Weird and Wonderful


    Weird and Wonderful

    Having already a moderate number of anime titles on DVD, I approached Paprika with an open mind. I did not know anything about the film before purchasing it.

    Wow. Even now, while I write this, I still smile.

    Yes, it is slightly complicated, dark and disturbing in places, which some viewers may not appricaite or understand. That said the sound track is fantastic and the image is vibrant.

    One for the child in every adult.