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  1.  Work of genius.


    This film is a tremendous combination of themes, genres and cinematic techniques to make an exceptionably enjoyable journey.

    The plot is very clever, the characters are rich and diverse, giving the film a lot of personality and differentiating it from a lot of more mainstream films out there.

    I'm not sure what made me enjoy this film SO much, I think it was the combination of the fantasy plot (which was made to seem totally plausible and convincing through consistent brilliant acting) with some truly stunning bouts of action. It's honestly quite difficult to put into words.

    Another plus are the twists and revelations that are uncovered as we follow the story. I really enjoy films which reward you for watching, as new fragments of information are released it drags you deeper into the action and you can't wait for the next one. The cliffhanger ending is a brilliant incentive to watch Vol. 2 as well!

    Let's just say I've watched it at least 10 times and I'm certain there's many more to come.

  2.  Probably my favourite Disney movie


    I think Hercules is a fabulous film - it's action packed and emotion-filled, whilst overdosing on neither. There are several strong characters (Hades in particular) providing an abundance of laughs, and this film will keep you smiling from start to finish.

    Of course, I have to mention the incredible soundtrack, Disney are renowned for their amazing music and I honestly think Hercules is underrated in this aspect, there are loads of powerful songs which fit in perfectly without dragging on too long and make this one of my favourite films.

    All I can say is, add this to your DVD collection because you'll watch it over and over again.

  3.  Pretty Good!


    I have to say I'm far too busy to consistently do this workout (5 times a week is the recommended), but the few times I have done it I've found it very enjoyable whilst being challenging but not too difficult!

    Natalie seems like a really down to earth girl and is encouraging throughout, saying how she found it difficult at first (I still do!) which makes you feel more relaxed and the chat between her and the trainer is lighthearted and funny; there's a perfect balance between having fun but really focussing on the workout.

    If only I could find the time to do it more often...