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  1.  battlefield 4 disaster


    had the game from release total disaster cant even play it even thought I got a top spec pc sort the pc version out ubisoft a total joke

  2.  bad bad boring boring bad


    what a bad bad boring gamejust like the second one i thought the first one was excellent a real shooter with good graphics this one has great graphics with the same dull boring gameplay as the second one you have to pick up things and drive cars boring boring boring if this had the same game play as the real shooters like call of duty and medal of honour then i would always buy far cry the game developers need to be sacked on this one.

  3.  awsome totally awsome


    What a brilliant game graphics fantastic, gameplay totally real, i found a ww2 american 101st dog tag a few years ago while metal detecting in a field in england and i was able to locate and return it to its owner who was 83 his family were so grateful for its return after all this time war games i love them ubisoft carry on making them and i will buy them tip check your computer specs before you buy this game as it needs a good computer to run smoothly.

  4.  rubbish dont buy


    What a totally crap game arrived today installed played for about 10 min that was enough graphics rubbish old school type, controls awkward, driving was awful, and those totally anoying voices come on ea games you can do so much better i suggest you sack your game designer on this one.

  5.  medal of honour airbourne


    wow what else can i say ea games you keep making these type of games and i will buy them what ever the price makes me wanna sign up for real lol give it a 10 out of 10 for everything realism , gameplay , and graphics but you better have a dam good machine got dual core 4.6, gig of ram (poor but upgrading soon but still runs ok) asus en8500gt 512 ram (gutted had to buy this card for £85.00 just to run this game go for better if you can afford it) cant say much else world war 2 shoot em up fans definatley buy it you wont be dissapointed gonna keep it under my pillow to stop my son nicking it lol.