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  1.  crysis 3


    wow. the graphics are the best around by far. sp is great, mp is also good. i have a gtx 670 oc and it runs the game on max setting. hopefully with the new xbox and play station coming out game makers will start making more games that are graphically like this one.

  2.  bf3


    iv been playing bf3 beta for a few days and i will say its very good. my spec is 2500k 4.3, 8gig ddr3, asus 560ti top oced and i can play with the settings on ultra at 1080p.the game looks and plays great now, so when the finished game comes out the end of the month its going to be even better.
    any one with a 560 ti update it in your bios. it helps with the crashing on these cards. download the update from your card manufactor

  3.  u2 still the best


    iv been on this and many u2 tours and they still know how to rock with best.
    bono and the boys still have it.

  4.  dirt2 top game


    if you like driving games you will love this.
    iv got a ati4870 with a q9550 3.6 and iv got all settings and res on max and it looks and sounds great.
    buy it now.

  5.  drm not so bad


    Iv been on the ea site and it says you have 8 installs on 8 different pc's.
    And you call install it as many times as you like on the same pc.
    But if you do go over your limit you just call ea and get an activation code.

  6.  tops


    if you like bf2142 you will like this.
    running around killing, driving around killing, flying around killing. my wife says if i dont stop playing this game she will leave me
    il miss her