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  1.  The Best One Yet!- FANTASTIC!


    The story of Harry Potter has to be the greatest story ever told. I absolutely love the series and have followed each book and film obsessively! I was Quivering with anticipation when I opened the book, I was terrified that it would be a terrible ending to the fantastic series but J.K proved harself again! It was the best one so far! I read it in one sitting as i couldn't put it down! Its a real page turner that will have you at the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next! Its never predictable, there are some real shocks in store. The book had me laughing, crying and shaking with anger and terror, all the ingredients for a fantastic novel! I was both sad and happy when I read the final page! It was like saying good bye to an old friend! Read it, you won't be dissappointed!

  2.  WOW!!


    This book is one of the best books iv ever read!! its unreal!! i think thats its a bit confusing at first but if you stick with it its well worth it!! Its better than the boy in the striped pjyamas!! it made me cry so much!! it shows nazi germany through the eyes of death who is telling the story of a young german girl whos family have a jew hidden in their basement! the hate hitler!! its absolutely brilliant!! i would reccomend it to everyone!!

  3.  BRILLIANT!!!!!


    This is the best Harry Potter film yet!!! It has thing s that the other four didnt!!! It showed fully how evil Lord Voldamort is!!! It also had some well needed romance in it!!!!!!! Its absolutely brilliant!!! Its one of my favourite films ever!!! It has everything you want in a film to be able to watch it over and over again!!! It is full of action, it has a few evil characters that you would love to kill, it has romance and it has magic which i love!!! It also has a full on wand battel which hasnt happened in any of the othe Harry Potter films!!! Its the most exciting and suspence filled part in the film!!! Its brilliant!!! I would highly reccomend it to everyone to buy this film but not the special edition!! The special features were very dissappointing!!! You'd be much better off getting 'The goblet of fire' special edition as it was much better!!!

  4.  Breathtaking!! One of my all time favourites!!!!


    This film blew me away! Its a film with all elements required for an all time classic that everyone will LOVE!!!!!!! Its romantic, adventorous, funny the special effects were absolutely brilliant and it had a few moments of suspence!! This is what makes a classic and most films just cannot pull it off!!! I must say that Robert Dinero was my favourite character, he compleeatly shocked me but i wont tell you why because it would ruin it for those who havnt seen it!! But trust me when i say it was a good shock!!!!!!! He was absolutely helarious( i know that its spelt wrong but my spelling is awful!!)!!! Buy this DVD!! Its brilliant and you'll get plenty laughs out of it!!!!!!!!

  5.  BRILLIANT!!!!


    This film was briliant it almost did justice to the books!! Which might i add has only happened once before in the Harry Potter series!!) They left out a few things and made a few changes but other then that it was fantastic!! The special effects were breathtaking the "demonds" looked increadably life like!! This film is the best film of the year drawing in 1st with Harry Potter ant the Order of the Phoenix!! Its a must see!!!