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  1.  Hugely under-rated thriller


    This is a magnificent bit of fun with all the twists and turns that a psychological thriller should have.
    All performances are great and Fincher paces it superbly - this is well worth watching.

  2.  Corny left wing diatribe


    More American navel-gazing with cliched dialogue and two contrived, clumsily handled 'conversations'. Anti war films can (and should) be a whole lot better than this.
    Action scenes are well executed but this leaves a bad taste. An angst ridden Streep, an oh-so-worthy Redford and a slimey Tom Cruise as the driven, baddy politician. Zzzzzz - don't bother with this one.

  3.  Atmospheric Western...the best ever ?


    This is quite possibly the best Western ever made - with spine tingling moments and mammoth performances from an all star cast, especially Henry Fonda, Charles Bronson (strange but true) and the mesmerising Claudia Cardinale.
    The true star however, is Ennio Morricones soundtrack - that dominates events from the sound of the squeeking sign in the first frame to the haunting song at the end .
    Close the curtains, turn up the surround sound and immerse yourself in a classic - you won't be disappointed. Good extras on this edition as well.

  4.  Extraordinary classic


    It is easy to trot out the 'classic' tag, particularly when an old black and white film has outstanding actors and storyline but this truly is one.
    Everything from the atmospheric setting in war-torn Vienna to the soundtrack (which became a hit the world over) and the dialogue (some of which has rightly gone down in movie history). The devastated Vienna acts as a backdrop for some dramatic lighting effects.
    Joseph Cotton goes in search of his friend Harry Lime who, it emerges, is enmeshed in the destructive black market trade in a ravaged city. It can only end in tears.
    It doesn't come any better than this.

  5.  Not this time......


    Is it only me that doesnt get this ??
    I'm a great fan of much of the recent US TV series, everything from the Sopranos to Deadwood and 24 but this leaves me cold. I find that I am unsympathetic to the storyline generally (ludicrous) and the characters specifically (usual US stereotypes with the exception of the intensely irritating Japanese duo).
    I don't care in the slightest what happens to anyone of them. Leaving aside the fact that most of the 'special people' are of course in the USA (New York mainly - surprise surprise) you would think that if they were so special they could come up with better dialogue than ' I don't want to lose you but I need to know you believe in me' or 'always more questions but never any answers'. Lame - as our american cousins would say.
    Doesnt grip me at all. Good price from play.com though.

  6.  Ouch !


    An original and thought-provoking idea of what may have happened had Hitler become a successful artist, beaten into helplessness by a ludicrous dialogue - fave line was 'Hitler, come on - I'll buy you a glass of lemonade'. Is it only me that is totally unconvinced by Cusack ? How is he able to turn out these howlers and keep a straight face ? No wonder Hitler went mad ! The one star is for the sets.

  7.  Oh dear !


    This is a struggle to endure. Poor editing, bizarre soundtrack and clumsy-bewigged Burton hamming throughout a poorly edited, melodrama of historical proportions. Would be funny if it wasn't so painful. Listen for the comical horns whenever a Persian hoves into view.