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  1.  Good while they last.


    Sound quality is amazing for the price as is the bass, great for drumnbass/dubstep songs. Pretty comfortable as well as long as you choose the right ear buds that they come with. This product would have gotten 5 stars but the left headphone has stopped working completely which is very annoying, breaking after just 3 months. The right one is still working great but don't expect brilliant build quality. I would recommend, if you don't mind taking a gamble on how long the left earphone lasts.

  2.  Would Be 5 Stars If Online Had Less Laggggg


    Right ill start with the storyline, which is good. Completed it in a couple of days on hardcore and very good gameplay. Ive always been a gears fan and this hasnt dissapointed. The boss level, however, is nowhere near as good as raam. Cole says funny things and there are refreshing, action filled missions. Mabye its me, but isnt sniping a locusts head clean so fun? I'd give it 4/5 for storyline. Its great but the boss let me down.

    However online is where it gets good. Admittidly, it can be slow to get games running if u want 5 v 5 execution, annex, etc matches. And the lagg you can get is amazingly fustratingly bad. I dont understand why the lagg is so bad on this but it never happens on COD4?? In the worst cases bullets wont actually come out but u can still take damage. How is that fair?

    However , when its not laggy its amazing. I play wingman which takes much quicker to load and with a mate is just funny. Wingman is you and your mate vs 3 other teams of two. So basically 2 v 2 v 2 v 2. With a mate its hillarious and rewarding when you kill some guy who was about to kill your mate, and then revive him so you can continue ur two-man war :-)

    Overall 4/5. Absolutly worth the money and sometimes very very good. But, be like me and keep a hold of Gears 1 as thats as good as this if not better.

  3.  Depends if u prefere rock or DNB


    basically ill make this short

    if you, like me, bought this album because of Hold Your Colour, your gunna be in for a bit of a shock

    they've changed...heading towards a more rock based style instead of DNB

    i prefere DNB and ild say the only real DNB tracks r granite midnight runner and mabye propane nightmares

    however the reast of rock n electronic

    not great... :(

  4.  ok.....but cmon its very very cheap


    right so i buy this cos i need it 2 store music on my phone. instillation is quite confusing so my best advice is just not to do anything once the percentage bar goes up, despite the pop-ups and random sounds u will hear. after instillation its quite easy. however, for some strange reason i cant send a folder (lets say 100 songs in it) to my phone. Instead i got to send all 100 songs separlatly and press the ok button on my phone every 3-4 mins, which is incredibly tedious and boring. just work out how long i gotta wait for all songs 2 be installed !

    but for the price that it is, its very very good

  5.  Order it now!


    If you have £24.99 lying around which you are willing to spend...spend it on this. The whole concept of the game is unique and action packed. Jumping from car to car is very fun and the use of the justice meter for health is a great idea. You get the feeling that that last jump from your previous, now destroyed, car was vital and if you hadn't you would've died. This type of edge of your seat stuff is what makes this game so cool and inviting. Controls are fairly simple and the fact that i have played 3 days non-stop and have only completed 12% just shows that it's worth the money. The plot is a bit stupid but who cares? Its a great game and it's a shame not many people know about it.

  6.  good game


    This game is quite good and the immense puzles involved are very simliar to the ones used in the prince of persia series. however the puzzles are much harder and it took my some time to complete, even with a little guidence from a walkthrough. good boss levels howver wepons could be better. graphics are great and despite wat other ppl have sed i didnt really hav any problem wiv the controls (the targeting system was a bit dogdy but it wasnt terrible) a fine game....not the best tho

  7.  wicked....but could be better


    this game is great. i havent played many of the other wipeout series so when i bought this 1 it was my 1st time wiv this type of format. many of the races are great and there are a good variety of circuits. also, there are loads of races so you won't get easily bored. i would give this game 5 stars apart from 2 things. firstly i feel there are far too many time trials and speed laps, which i feel are repetitive and frankly boring. the other issue is the Phantom levels. these levels are wayy to fast and stupid
    (mabye thats jus me wiv my poor expierience) but nonetheless its far too fustrating and off putting. other than that its a great game at a superb price! i would reccomend

  8.  yawn...


    this is wayyy different to any of the other nfs games. they hav taken the fun out of street racing and made it kinda...posh. menus r terrible and handling sucks too. you never really feel the power of the car and its odd that a very slow car can overtake a 500 bhp in some races...
    dissapointing and boring...most wanted was the best