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  1.  Amazing


    I had it preordered from Play so I got it cheaper and I got the pre order pack with a 8GB memory card, awesome deal btw.

    The PS Vita 3G is amazing, by far the best portable gaming console ever.
    The screen is amazing, deep black levels, high resolution, perfect response from the touchscreen and vibrant colours.

    Only cons I have is, I'd hoped the battery in a device this big would last more than 5 hours. The "bubbles" kind of menu is kind of childish, I'd rather have a improved XMB.

    All I can say it its the best portable gaming device better with a good selection of games with more on the way.

  2.  So sad


    I was around 9 or 10 when Harry Potter and The Philosophers stone came out and its not every day you remember watching a film from 10 years ago and remember it clearly where you were, what you wearing and the environment of your old house etc

    Deathly Hollows Part 2 is by far the best film in the series and the 10 year run is over, its been great to grow up with Daniel, Emma and Rupert. I always assumed Chamber Of Secrets would be my favourite as there's something eerie about that film.
    Will there ever be another great film series like Harry Potter? Nope.
    Just like there never will be a great TV Series as Friends. The best Film series ever is English, feels great doesn't it and on topic the 2nd best series after Harry Potter is also English, James Bond ;)

    Also which guy hasn't grown up with a huge crush on Emma Watson xD

  3.  Best PS3 Exclusive


    The opening of UC3 is amazing, you just know its going to be amazing as Drake and Sully walk through a bar in London and get screwed over.
    Graphics are amazing, if not better than UC2 and by far the best on PS3 and 360.
    So far I've done 30% of the story mode and I've loved it. The friendship connection between Sully and Drake is just pure awesome. It makes the game all that much better and puts a lot of other linear games to shame.
    The puzzle solving, wall climbing, jumping and shooting are back as usual. The camera angles are improved from UC2 as well as the whole game mechanics. All the little changes have made this game even more enjoyable than UC2.
    Multiplayer is really fun too. Has dedicated servers but I wish the guns were a little bit more powerful. I think it takes a bit too long to kill but maybe I'm used to the fast paced Modern Warfare series

    Saying this this is the best game of 2011. If not the best PS3 game ever. Every PS3 owner needs this. The graphics, voice acting and gameplay is superb. This game is near perfection.............I wish it didn't have to end.
    5 star game.

  4.  Absolutely amazing...


    Who knew Greek mythology could be soo interesting.

    I never played GOW1 or GOW2 on PS2 so when I got GOW3, I naturally had to get the HD remakes of 1 and 2.

    One of PS3's best game ever!

    Graphics- 9.5
    Storyline - 10
    Gameplay - 10

    A truly addicting button bashing game.

  5.  Best FPS shooter on PS3


    I can't believe that this game has no advertising whatsoever as its definetly one of the best PS3 games of 2011.

    Graphics are awesome and they're full 720p, not upscaled.

    3D is pretty good as well but it doesn't stand out as much as I'd hoped, I'd have hoped that bullets from enemies would look as though they're coming at you but no, you only get the 3D effect on large objects.

    I also played it with Move and it is extremely difficult as you have to keep the Move controller super still and seeing as its soo sensitive, even a 1mm move of the Move controller will map the move in the game so crosshairs won't be on enemy anymore.

    So I gave up with Move as it was too difficult and 3D was tiring my eyes and I went back to the pad and normal HD setting.

    Storyline continues on KZ2 I presume and as I never got round to finishing KZ2 because of its dodgy controls, I didn't know where KZ3 was continuing from.
    That leads me to another point, control mechanism has greatly improved, its somewhere in between KZ2 and COD so its perfect and realistic.

    Storyline was pretty interesting to be honest but characters voice acting wasn't as good as I'd hoped, I've heard better.

    Out of 10 ratings:-
    Graphics - 8.5 (only full 1080p games will get 10)
    Gameplay/Story- 9.5
    Voice acting - 7.5
    Multiplayer- 9.5

    Another thing I noticed it that this game has no install onto the HDD apart from the 6MB for save data and it has NO LOADING times. Yes, no loading times, I not once so a loading icon in the game.

    If KZ3 can achieve 720p graphics, 3D, no install to HDD and no loading times then there's no excuse for other games(I'm looking at you Uncharted) to have a loading time.

    A must for a PS3 owner and FPS fans.

  6.  It's good but repetitive


    Graphics are really good, this was originally going to be a PS3 exclusive so its natural that the PS3 version has more graphical detail and doesn't come on 3 discs.

    The storyline is good but I wish it was more like GTA, ie you had a house and you could free roam L.A between missions and then had the police station as where you'd go for you next mission or assignent in this game.

    I've played only around 7 hours I'd say and so far I really like it,
    It's another good game by R* but obviously its not going to be as good as GTA or Red Dead Redemption despite taking elements from the games.
    Storyline is what drives these kind of games but having played GTA 3 to GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption, the story line is not on par with them.
    Its basically you do a mission and then you do the next one. I just hope RDR and LA Noire are just fillers for GTA 5, which I'm hoping will be announced at E3 this year.

    I still give its 5* as its a great game and solving crimes is fun.

  7.  Worst COD yet


    I have this game for my PS3 and 360, firstly, the game is atrociously bad on the PS3.

    Secondly, the graphics are as though something from the PS2 games collection. There's no point in repeating what everyone says but:-

    The new ideas for multiplayer are really good the online gameplay itself lets down the game as well as the graphics.

    The hit detection on this game sucks even on a 4 bar connection, the sniping breathing sounds are stupid as well, that's not how a person breathers when scoping, they should have just copied that from MW2.

    The guns are fair and balanced but no stopping power means, it takes a lot longer than you could kill in MW2, which made MW2 fun and fast

    Black Ops is the worst COD game so far and the 3.5 stars prove it compared to MW2's 4.5, Sure MW2 was ruined by bugs and annoying perks but thats what made it fun.
    Maps aren't as good as MW2.
    Guns aren't as detailed.
    The sound in this game is absolutely pathetic.
    Graphics are of PS2 quality.

    So why two stars?
    Zombies, its a really fun mode, there's twice as many people who play Zombies compared to normal multiplayer.

    Still little things annoy me about it, graphics are same as WaW, you can't jump or climb over things.
    You can't punch or kick when you get trapped so basically you're out of luck there.

  8.  Great Film


    First of all as other people have mentioned the screen ratios are random, I don't know what IMAX is but the screen at times will be full screen 1080p and at times, black bars at the top and top of my screen will appear.

    Batman is now officially my favourite comic book superhero, it used to be Spiderman but the recent Batman films have been truly brilliant.

    If you have a FULL 1080p Plasma/LED TV and a Blu ray player, you really need this film in your blu ray collection.

    The film is absolutely gorgeous, you really need a TV with a high contrast ratio and deep black levels to truly appreciate thee quality, I watched this on my Panasonic 46" GT30 plasma TV and it is absolutely brilliant in quality.

    One of my favourite films ever.

  9.  It's OK


    I've not seen a decent Bond film since Pierce Brosnan left, in my opinion he was the best Bond after Sean Connery.
    The films with Craig aren't as interesting or as good as Bond films used to be.
    This isn't a Bond film, it's an action film, Bond died when Brosnan left =(

    Goldeneye, Tommorow Never Dies, Die Another Day are sooo much better than any Craig Bond film.

  10.  Awesome phone BUT..


    To BenPS3, the iPhone 4 screen is brighter and clearer, fact, go turn the screens to full brightness on the same picture and you'll see it looks much better on the iPhone 4 as the iPhone 4 uses IPS technology and has the best screen resolution for a phone on the market so the highest pixel density.

    The Desire HD is an awesome phone thanks to Android 2.2 but I find it a little bit too big.

    It feels good and shows a solid build but I would have hoped the screen would be AMOLED like on the old Desire.
    It false to call this HD but it should be called XL as it's the exact same as Desire, the 8MP camera is not better than the 5MP on the Desire which does HD 720p recording too. The old desire uses AMOLED too so you get pure blacks and pure whites and has a smaller screen but same resolution so you get a higher pixel density.

    If i was you, I'd check out the Samsung Galaxy S, it has the fastest graphics processor of any Android phone on the market, AMOLED, it can take screenshots without rooting and is more Android as the HTC Desire HD as HTC Sense UI.

    If I was you, I'd save your money and get a Desire or Galaxy S but the Desire HD does feel the best in your hand.

    Battery life is ok, will last around 3 days on standby with 2 hours of web usage.

    In my opinion, the Samsung Galaxy S is by far the superior Android.
    It would have been 5* it had a higher capacity battery, AMOLED display, the Galaxy S graphics chip and a higher resolution display otherwise I see no point in getting this over the Desire other than for the 4.3" screen