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  1.  stonkin


    absoulutely brilliant dood good good goood good good best footie game this side of the millenium on ps2 well unles your seing this reveiw inthe future then hello how ya look forward to the future the gaming domination of the ps3 and xbox360 and even a nitendo wii i will say no more but happy future lkooking now back to the game as i might of mentioned it is good very good as a matter of fact so good i gave it 5/5 buy it go on buy it do it get your credit card do it come on buy it buyit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2.  shocker i think anyway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    dis interview is short sharp and sweet
    graphics decent
    spells good
    gameplay not bad but boring as potato
    difficulty dont now casue i fell asleep in about 2 mins
    dislike it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! yr choice yr opinion!

  3.  Alright like


    fifa street 3 is a good game but hard to get ust 2 at 1st but as it goes on it gets better, it is a game where it's easy to get gamescore points ( achievements ) if i was u i'd rent it 1st and from blokbus.... andother 1s 2 get ust 2 the controls. i think ea have let their selves down a bit cause it's as good as #2 even though u can run up walls but thats not realistic
    my op is that u sould rent 1st and then either buy or take it back yr choice!!!!!!

  4.  floorless


    well, how shuld i start best game on the ps2 market obviously for sports even better bet the game is in a completely diffrent league to any outher rugby game to date.To start of the graphics are not amazing but pretty good on the standard console,the gameplay is easy or hard to get used to its your choise really because you can play the standard game of drawing the man and passing or you can go for the more difficult level of play where you can choose to do set play moves such as the switch pass or the cross field kick and one of my favorite things is that each team dosent have to have the same set play moves in the team edit menu you can edit and selest a range of diffent moves for each team.Also you can even choose in the defence side on of the game you can choose wether to cheat for instance collapsing a scrum or taking the man without the ball,theree is a few outher things i would like to mention one of them being the complements on the detail you can go into on edit player mode you can change their name position and even skills.My finalthing to say is the kicking on the game depending on wich level of dificulty you select it is always good fun like taking a pen or conversion the aimometer willspeed up or the target zone will get smaller its real good fun.some of the things i have said in my reveiw might be hard for people who havent played rugby or played the game.but alls i really have to say is is that if you like any sports game then this is a brilliant one to buy 10 ouy of 10.excellete,fandabbydosie, buy it go on buy it go nag your mam type it in the search bar no stop dont leave the computer look at it you no you want to!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5.  you can only buy the the game from bad car game street!!!


    need for speed pro street isbt up to standards at all handling on the cars is terible at 40mph you can hardly do a 90 degrees turn you have to sloe right down to at least 30mph the diffrent tracks are terible with the handling and the tight corners it isnt looking good for the game neither is it looking good for the drifting on the game probaly the drifting is the most enjoyable part of the game but yet it still isnt good enough it takes ages to get into a goood drift and as soon as you do the car automaticallies snaps out of it puts it self in nutural and does about ten dozen 360 degree skids ito the baracade.
    the only good and realistic thing about the game is that all the cars have good speads like the basic cars like the fiestas have good speads of around 120-130 mph and the bigger more powerful cars like the classic merc or lambo have speeds of 180-230mph.Also now in a darag race they have introduced a new silly thing about heating your tyes up before you race not only is it hard to get to grips with! see what i did there its hard to get to grips with if you warm your tyres up you get more grip.well any way its is ahrd to get youst to because there is nothing about it in the instruction manual and once you have started the race it makes no diffrence.overall pro streety is a huge let down to the need for speed era of gaming entertainment in comparison with carbon and underground,but do you know the starangest thing it has something a little special aint got a clue what but it has and when i play it it sort s of makes me want to get a little more of the game so im not saying whether to buy it or not to buy from my reveiw i hope you can decide nuy yourself that me and my reveiw over and out!

  6.  asassins creed is #1!!!


    probaly asasssins creed is the best 360 game on the market at the moment.ill list the good and the bad things about it first the good amazingly supertastic graphics(still not as good as halos though),amzing climbing features,brillliant gameplay,awsome weapons including long sword,throwing blades,and hidden knife A.K.A the asassinating blade also the game always keeps you thinking so you never get bored this game is the best console game in history wooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  7.  halo:falo


    well,i think halo is is abrilliant game but it dosent have that exiting edge to it,compared to the other halos and 360 games.For instrance in asassins creed you always have to think on your feet and you just cant get bored with it.Im not saying that5 halo is a bad game but it just isnt brillliant as the halos should be.All the fuss and faff about halo and argos releasing it a weak early was a bit too much it hasnt lived up to the normal halo level.The graphics are amazing and the guns and the space age feeling is amazing but is just stilll not at the normal brilliance halo level that the game has set for itself but if i had money in my pocket and halo was on the shelf and in stock i would buy it. (my real level:3.8)

  8.  pretty good


    all g.t.a ive found exellent but this one slightly dissopoints me i still recomend it though.

  9.  RUBISH


    To be truthful i had this game for christmas and really i played on it the same day and i was disopointed,for a start the graphics arent very good but better than the DS
    if you bump you car at 10mph your bumper falls of well its just not realistic.

    any racing game inthusiast or a normall person would be dissopointed with this to be onest its Rubish DONT BUY IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -1000000000/10

  10.  the flight of your life


    ace combat is a absoulutely brilliant game to play with the three diffrent screens and one of them really puts you in the cockpit.I would rate this game as a 8.5 out of 10 becaues even though it has stunnen graphics and is unbeliveibley adictive it can get a bit tricky and boring at some stages.

    Brill game i recomend it!!!!!!!!!!1