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  1.  awesome


    this rocks, i thought smash football was good but this is gr8, also the crowd graphics are good to there actual people, well cartoon people. the only thing i dont like is that if u get to the stricker cup u cant change the difficulty so its really hard but overall its gr8 and a must have for mario and football fans alike

  2.  great!!


    one of the better sonic
    games it really sonic back to his roots but its 3d and with better graphics and the game play is really good and some of the missions make you have to think on your feet when your going really fast i recomened buying this game

  3.  good


    its a good game ive been a fan of it for a long time, the funny thing is they me nt it to be cheesy with some of the things they say and do etc..., the only honoying thing is that its over to fast and only too minigames are good the cops and robbers one and also the one were ure in airolplanes.

  4.  blobs - very random game


    this game is wacky it makes no sense but its great its so good for a 2d game and who would of suspected THE CREEPY PICKLE GUY AT THE END. its just so fun and u could play any where even adults would like it and i love it my favourite level has got to be the snowy ones its so cool and the musics awesome to, abit random though, u must buy this game i cant wait for number 2

  5.  so looooooong


    god this game takes ages to complete it took me about a month i was on it a least 2-4 hours a day its tht gripping. i dont know how the makers put it all in and the fishing pretty good put it nakers ur arm, the only thing that got me is that the last last boss is so easy and after its like u go back in time and i ask y sure turning into a wolf, but uve beat the last boss u should be able to go into the palace etc. this is a must have game though

  6.  ok


    its a fun game an all, but it only takes a few hours to complete the multiplayer great though, so i would only rent it but its great for kids