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  1.  very brutal and played on my mind for weeks .


    Martyrs is a horror film with a difference . without delving into the plot alls that can be said is this film will ask questions about how much of a hardcore horror fan you really are . The film delves into human suffering like no other film ive witnessed . Particularly the last 3o mins are shockingly violent and hard to watch as the main character is tortured beyond belief and not for the reason youd expect . Check it out but you have been warned !

  2.  Solid comedy horror


    Bride of chucky shows Tiffany ( jennifer tilly ) bringing back to life the killer doll Chucky ( voiced excellently by Brad Dourif ) so tht she can be reunited with him and finally fulfill his marriage proposal . However upon learning tht chucky wants anything but to marry her she starts to treat him like a doll and locks him away . He inevitably escapes and kills Tiffany whilst resurrecting her soul into another doll . This is when the fun begins . there is fantastic banter between Chucky and Tiff , great kills and laughs galore . check it out , you will not be disappointed

  3.  Violence , Sex and a fantastic story !


    After constant bombardment by my friend to watch this i finally took the plunge and decided to see what all the fuss was about . My God am i glad i did . The story is obviously about the rise of Spartacus from distraught slave to powerful gladiator whilst also meeting some great characters aong the way . Accompanying the great story are scenes of gladiator battles in the arena that are chroegraphed brilliantly and not for the squeamish . Every episode there are scenes of horrific violence and sex including full frontal nudity . The camera never shies away from these scenes so you get to see them in all their glory . Whilst Spartacus does a great job as the protagonist he is easily overshadowed by his rival and Dominus John Hannah who plays Batiatus . The guy was made for this role and excels in every scene he is in . He is a total scene stealer and a guy everyone loves to hate . Gods of the arena shows his backstory and his rise to become such a villain before spartacus enters his house . There are other characters tht stand out to as Lucy Lawless is great as Lucretia and Manu Bennett as Sparatcus rival Crixus . All in all this is a great series tht is well known for its graphic depiction of sex and violence in Rome but its fantastic character driven story overshadows all of tht .

  4.  the woodsman


    I thought this was a good film . very different . Chris Bevans is the woodsman

  5.  welcome to this wonderful world of music !!


    i had never really payed any attention to kings of leon until i heard sex on fire and fans. it was these two songs tht got me wanting to listen to more and my god im glad i did . I downloaded there other albums and each one is a step up from the last all pure quality. Then i listened to this album and it was fantastic its a whole new sound from the band which is literally awesome. The songs tht stand out for me are crawl sex on fire but particularly closer, use somebody and be somebody . If you have never listened to this band then i suggest you do so they arr totally unique and noone is eve in the same league as them in this present time !! You wont be disappointed !

  6.  love it a class horror film !!!!


    This is the first film tht truly freaked me out . The story is set in a mansion in which around 6 women are celebrating xmas . They then start to recieve truly terrifying phone calls which really give you the shivers . It is then that the some of the women go missing and the body count starts to rise . The ending is superb especially when the cops trace where the calls are coming from ... Wor of warning be a bit more aware when you enter your loft you never no wht you might find !!

  7.  sheer quality !


    This film really is brilliant and worthy of 5 stars . Its very unique with its story and unlike nothing you have ever seen before and makes you think to yourself every decision in your life that you make could change everything ......... Witness it for yourself

  8.  oh my god awesome and then .......


    ok this film is good dont get me wrong. the bad guy is amazing and plays a really good part as a menacing psychotic killer. He is the best villain in films in years.The first 90 minutes are amazing and have great build up and some very suspenceful moments but after that you feel as though the film has just skipped a few chapters. i was very disappointed with the ending but its well worth checing out !!

  9.  oh my god


    oh my god i cant believe how good that dog is at basketball !!! awesome !!!!!!

  10.  amazing !!!!!!!!!!


    this film has absolutely brilliant performances by both the main actors Pitt and Norton. it is a very dark and sometimes brutal film which keeps you in suspense until the shocking finale which is a very big and awesome surprise to the viewer. Not to be missed !!