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  1.  Efficiant Drama thriller"but no classic!!!!!


    Started watching this on a cold freezing cold afternoon"in a warm cozy house"& i gott say it past the time very nicely.Its slick,has good vagas shots,a none annoying young cast and Spacey doing a good spacey.Gotta agree with the dude before thou"why did they just use the same Casino??""Tha Turkeys!!!!!

  2.  Brilliant Thriller,Brilliant Baddie,"Top Film!!!!!!


    The minute this film starts on an overhead city shot on what looks like a bright crisp morning and the awsome soundtrack kicks in and a brilliantly eerie heist scene begins"we know were in quality film territory.the films big,awsomely shot,and is a proper serious thriller"its probably been said before"but this films more like michael manns heat than the other lightweight batmans.i genuinly wasent that blown away by batman begins"too stodgy,and lacked a decent villian"the scarecrow"pahhhh!heath ledgers jokers awsome"i wear the play.com t shirt with pride,"its a proper iconic performance and a total blast.this dvd needs to be owned"simple as"& i cant wait to have it to watch whenever i feel like it.

  3.  Tired at Times"But has its Moments!!!!!!


    Superhero movie like all these spoof films has the occasional funny moments and then a dozen or so Yawnsome jokes,"One joke was identical to a joke used in The Naked Gun"& that was like 1986?"Its always good thou to see the master Leslie neilson Deadpan and dangerous with a nail gun.The gag with the Horny Animals certainly brought a smile to my face,another thing that confused me was that some of the outtake material and deleted scenes were funnier than material used in the film?"who edits these films.It was good to see Christopher mcdonald as the Doctor oct type baddie,"he was an all time great character to hate in Happy gilmore and he makes an amusing douche bag in this.Basically recommended to fans of the other films"Now all weve got to do is wait for a spoof on Musicals.

  4.  Classic Chase straight outta tha 80,s!!!!!!


    First things first,i Love Chevy chase"good films or bad"ill check them out"even Funny farm.Still im not sure these two as a double feature warrent a 5 star rating,a definate 3 and a half for the 1st Fletch film.The first Fletch is an aimable amble perfect for Chase,s sardonic humour"You and your wife are currently Alive? and the co-starrers are great too,Good soundtrack as well.Fletch lives on the other hand struggles to realy find somewhere substantial to go"& at times feels abit aimless,Although it does have some funny-ish Chase characters"the preacher being a highlight.These films will always have a place in my heart thou"i grew up on em"the same way todays kids must be lovin Will ferrells stuff.

  5.  Pop Music Perfection.


    I Got into Saint ettienne in the early 90,s when i was a Vinyl junkie and i picked up there debut album Fox base alpha on the grounds i liked the cover and it looked weird,"it was abit weird"but had some realy cool groovy tracks on it.Then over the next decade i always kept an ear out for whatever they did,some stuff i was less keen on than others"but Saint ettienne have always been at the classier end of pop,if you like 60,s style but modern day sounding creamy vocaled Pop,then this should be in your collection.

  6.  Not Bad at all"Gorgeus Locations!


    As Adventure kids films go"that Adults can also enjoy as well"Kangeroo jack gives it a good shot.Its short,Looks great,and has a smattering of impressive Fun Action scenes"probably due to the the fact that the guy behined"Con air and Armagedden"is on production duties.The character of Kangeroo jacks actually a bit player popping up occasionally"the films more of a Buddy movie about two dudes in a strange land getting into scrapes.Id recommend Kangeroo jack for the kids and a guilty pleasure for The Adults.

  7.  "Haaaaaaay"Aint got nobody"Yakety,yak,yak!!!!!!


    Quality Mel brooks comedy shot on lovely Black and white,Young Frankensteins got one of Gene wilders most inspired Mental performances"But"support that with a classic Marty feldman wild eyed performance as Eyegore"& youve got a comedy classic."Werewolf"Werewolf?"There wolf"There Castle?"Priceless!!!!!

  8.  God i love this Documentry"i Dig it!!!!!


    The first time i saw this documentry was late night on BBC 1""& almost instantly"i fell in love with it""i just found robert crumbs take on the world that surrounds him and his love and Hatred for America fascinating & some of his artwork is insane/Genius at the same time,& its worth watching for people who are into Art or just people who like to watch Humans who for some reason have always been on the frindges of life,Such as Roberts brother Charles"A Total outsider who never fit in"but was an almost Genius could,ve been Artist if he hadent slipped into madness,The scene where Crumb visits Charles and his mother at there Texas chainsaw style house is a classic.Charles has hardly been out the house in 20yrs,"U Give me one good reason for leaving the house?"Crumb who has a loving wife,Daughter and Fame"Struggles to give him an answer!!!!!"""Brilliant documenrty"only let down by the fact it doesent have the terry zwigoff commentary like it says?

  9.  It,s Called Revenge of the Neeeeerds?


    Quality film this one for people who like there heroes abit beat down by life"but always get back up again.Paul giamattis great as Harvey pekar and so is Hope davis as his wife,Theres great support from the Dude who does a Wicked Robert crumb impression and Harveys work mate who loves jellybeans and Revenge of the neeerds"its about a nerd.The films Smart,witty,Warm and a highly Original American film.

  10.  "LOUD",Very Loud,"but"Effective Spanish Horror!!!!!


    Firstly lets just say that"REC"is one of the more effective hand held camera type of movies that have come a long in recent years,"Cloverfeild did a good job"but the dude dident linger long enuff on events with his camera"Scared or no scared.Diary of the dead was just Lame,Blair witch had its moments but dident do it for me.Rec i thought was the most rounded of these films by making it a film crew who where there to actually shoot stuff + the camera man films for a living"& there for does a good job even when he,s scared witless.Rec creates a lot of its atmosphere with its sound and its loudness,its creates a nice feeling of chaos"of things spiralling out of control and you get your moneys worth with the jumps and jolts.Its been said before that REC is a film to watch with the girlfreind and the lights off"Thats exactly the type of film this is Folks.