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  1.  12Gb model= 8gb player =4gb card..


    An answer to Platinum FTO-
    I decided to research this for you and found that on the Sandisk website there is either a 4Gb or an 8Gb model, no 12Gb one. A little more researching and i found that a 12Gb model is a 8Gb one with a 4Gb card= 12Gb. However, i don't know if this comes with the 4Gb card. Also- these players have a 4000 song limit to them on the firmware currently, which is approximately 12Gb anyway, so even if you wanted to remove the 4Gb card and replace it with a bigger card, the limit on the songs wont let you, until this limit has been lifted which im sure will come in the next few months.

    If your not too sure, have another look around- or buy a Sony Walkman or an iPod. I hope this helps!

  2.  Really good first flight sim!


    When i first heard about a flight simulator on psp i jumped at the chance and brought it straight there and then in store. I am a really enthusiastic flight simulator player on PC, and i was really hopign it would be s good as X plane 8 on psp. Well, i wasn't wrong, but maybe i thought too much of it.
    This is the first free roam flight simulator, and it has many options of aircraft, (civilian and military). It has a variety of missons and challenges, testing all of your flight abilities.

    The graphics have been made to look very good quiality, but with a cartoon feel to it, still being a in depth flight sim, but made so any ages of person can play it.

    The controls are simpled out, with the anolog stick to control your aircraft, but with a decent speed bar down one side with triangle to speed up, and circle to slow down. This type of speed measure is good because it can be changed and controlled easily but a little difficult to slow down for landing. The flaps setting is one of the best simpled doen features, because if you are taking off set the flaps to 'Take off' by pressing 'SELECT', and the same for landing. While flying you then set the flaps back to 'Neutral'.

    For small turns the rudders can be used by L and R triggers.

    This game (IMO) can be picked up and played, to do a short challenge, or a misson or just a lazy free flight. You can explore 64KM X 64KM maps, so there is enough space to have a round trip and land again. It is great for practicing manuovers or just having a play.
    The load times are a bit long and boring, especially with alot of changing of missons and aeroplaners while you play.

    I do think this is a great fun, quality graphicical game. It can be picked up and played, yet the loading times do cause a bit of a bore. The misson types are good when they are played, and the controls are able to use, after a bit of learning how to control the planes. There could be a few more missons for each section, but they take quite a while each so it will last.

    There is a learning curve of the training missons, but once conquered, the game is worthwhile, and really fun.
    There is stuff you always want to improve on, but for a first flight sim for a psp, its a really good attempt and fun for free flights when you start to unlock more planes.
    Overall i give a 8/10

  3.  Listen, Think, Listen again and enjoy!


    This album has had a fair amount of stick in the last couple of months. I dont understand why, it is a truly great album, but some people just cant say its not as good as 'What Ever People Say I Am Thats What Im Not', they like to moan about why and how. I agree, its not as good as the classic songs such as Mardy Bum, Bet that you look good on the dancefloor and A certain romance, but thats why its good, because it is different and has a new sound to it than the other album.
    On to the music with this one, Brainstorm and Teddy Picker are both great starts to the album, and you get into them straight away, but some others songs sound like more of a drag than entertainment, FOR THE FIRST LISTEN. go back, listen again and i promise (with a seal of approval) that you understand and even enjoy how the songs were made, with '505' for a prime example.
    With 'Favourite worst nightmare', and 'what ever people say i am thats what im not' they together are awesome and so good, you will be listening to it often! Bring on the next album, please Monkeys!

  4.  Crazy!


    Such a wild, free, imaginative game! it is so different to anything i have ever played, and you will be stuck to it for a couple of hours when you first get it!
    There is so much in the game too- the levels give you lots of things to do and to collect, and the secret doors and passageways mean you keep finding new stuff when you play and 'old' level.
    The quality of the fun, colourful levels show the conent of the graphics which have lots of clear scenery.
    The music, or singing as said before is lovely, but does get very irritating after a short while! This game is talked about so much and is great fun, young or old, but from first look it seems very childish, but from the difficultly and enjoyable colours, your mind will be changed that it is not only for children!

  5.  Dont give up, keep tyring!


    Pursuit force is a one off game that is different to many games that i have played before. Its not only shooting, not only driving. Its a mix of the two with a twist that involves missions for the player to work with the police to fight crime against the bad guys!
    It is simple, crazy fun, which lets you shoot your way through the missons. It is so clever how the mix of driving and voilence has been stuck togther so well.
    Some missons are very easy, so you complete them first time, but others may have to be done 3 or 4 times to understand the actual way to kill everyone and get the job done. The key is to keep trying and stick to it, and you will be able to do it. Other missons may mean to give them 10+ trys but it doesnt matter, but you will see your stress levels rise!
    Th annoying commentary of the police HQ in the backkground is really off putting, so this si a trype of game that you many put down and leave for a while and come back to.
    The are some control problems too, the handling isn't tight enough so turns you'd expect to scream through turn into battles to avoid the wall. The bikes generally don't handle very well and it's impossible to knock riders off, which isn't exactly a perfect idea! Overall I would say
    Graphics - 4.5/5
    Sound - 3.5/5
    Gameplay - 4/5
    Lifespan - 4.5/5
    Overall - 4/5

  6.  Many Cars, Much Fun!


    Test Drive Unlimited has over 1000 miles of a hawaiian island for you to bomb up and down on. There are lots of twists, turns and many long long straits so you can test the max speeds of the cars you have available!
    The graphics of Test drive are great with lots of detail to the scenery and to the cars, and there are many cars for you to choose from. You start with a choice of hiring a car for 30 minutes, which you can do all the time on the game, and you start earning some money so you can buy your own car. As you get better morand more cars are unlocked, and so are more races so you get more money for each race. The racing classes are improved too which lets you have more of a challenge in-game.
    If you get so many cars, you buy a new house which can store more cars (usually 2,4,6,8 cars etc)
    It will take you so long to get 100% on this game because there is so much to do by completing the many hundreds of races and buying all the cars, some of which cost £1 Million (Koinegsegg, Mcleren F1)
    If you are looking for a game which will last you a long time, get this! If you are looking for a fun driving game, get this!

  7.  Small, But big sound!


    The JBL on tour are so great for travelling where sound is too tinny like from mobile phones. Get a headphone 3.5mm jack, plug in and be amazed! Great for holidays, in the car or even hiking! Yes, ive tried it for my Duke Of Edinburgh, place it inside your bag on top of all your gear and get jamming! Sounds crazy, but my whole group loved it, especially that it works on all MP3 players too, and doesnt just rely on IPODs. The sound is great and is SO loud, yet sometimes a little flat. For best sound, place it a corner of a room, to get a bit of bass!
    Search around and you may find cheaper, but do think about it- no its not as good as bigger portable speakers, but it looks great and works so well!

  8.  Bring It on Handheld Socom!


    Socom is an amazing game for handheld lovers, it works so well and is great fun to play. There are 14 missons which take you round 4 countries is a sort of story. There is an action mode too- which lets you use missons already unlocked but allows you to play on the levels and try out different challenges like a deathmatch and hostage games. You also get a Microphone with the set, which unfortunately cant be used on the missons to control your teammate, but is used online on Infrastructure. This is where the strength is, onlien you play other people in the country, join clans and share tactics with the help of the microphone. Anyone who wants to have the meat of the online mode, get this game, but the story mode is too short and very repetitive.

  9.  WOW- Stop and LOOK!!


    Ok this is syphon filter on psp... Where do I start?
    Graphics- OH my god! You wouldnt believe this is on psp, it is so crisp and clear graphics with lots and lots of interactive parts all around. You have to see to believe!
    Story and gameplay- The story is long and has lots of well designed missons which can take between 10 and 30 minutes to complete. There are 7 chapters with between 2 and 5 missons on each one so a fair amount of story mode playing time!
    The controls are so easy to get using- anoloug nub to control the character, and hold right to access the weapons and hold right to access the goggles like torch, infrared and night vison (so useful in the missons to spot poeple when it is too dark to see!) R is shoot like the original choice and Square, circle, X and Traingle move your view- This may take a while to get used to, but it helps increase precision.

    This game is not like socom- you cant run in and spray ammo everywhere, it is more about hiding behind pillars and dustbins (where there are many!) and picking off the enemy- The massive range of guns are so useful too- like pistols, machine guns and snipers.
    Thereis also a massive multiplayer mode inside this game, especially on AD-HOC- which not many people use very often, but me and my friends have the game and sometimes we play together at home having great fights! It is an utterly superb game, which cannot be missed!
    if you love psp, shooting and precison- get this game!

  10.  Pick Up and SnowBoard!


    This game, ssx on tour is a real smasher on psp. It has many tracks like ssx 3 on PS2, but has a different theme and the tracks have been renewed to look better and more fun to ride on.
    The game is very similar to ssx 3, but lacks the ability to buy new gear from shops along the way, but instead you unlock new clothing and gear when you complete missions, challenges and some tracks. The game is based around trying to get to the number 1 position in the game, and you start at 100- so you can challenge other 'riders' set in the game already to beat their score down a certain track.
    THe music on this game is really fun, rock and quite hardcore which suits the game realy well. The graphics are amazing for a small console like this, but the game overall delivers much
    A Must buy for any PSP lover!