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  1.  Check out the full details


    I have looked at this on another website and it states that the 8 gig memory is with a micro sd card not included. Look further into this if you are going to buy. I have trouble putting music on my phones micro sd card due to copyright.

  2.  Glad it wasnt the first


    This was a tired addition to the series. The plot seemed feeble and very rushed. I loved the first two movies and was looking forward greatly to this one but was left dissapointed. The plot had not much explaination to it other than the absolute nessesary. I dont know why Rachel Weisz wasnt in this one but she was very lucky not to be as this sort of movie doesnt do any favours for such an actress. The lead lady was wooden with the best performance coming from the cgi yetis. Only for the real die hard fans of the mummy and even then be carefull.

  3.  Not Lethal Weapon but not bad.


    With the acception of the new Indiana Jones movie, this is the only movie with Harrison Ford that I recall him having a sidekick and it works. Not the usual buddy buddy cop movie (Lethal Weapon) but something a little different with both characters trying to be something other than cops. I wouldnt put it on the same level as Lethal Weapon but it does have its moments. Something worth renting or spending a couple of quid on but not much more. You might watch it and then again a couple of years later. For me its one of those movies that when it comes on tv I will watch it again while doing something else. Worth buying for a few quid if you havent already seen it.

  4.  Not the best or the worst.


    I have a black lg viewty on 3. It is my first touch screen phone and it does the job. I would recommend getting some sort of case for it as the lock/unlock button is on the side and is raised. This means you can easily unlock the phone when it is in your pocket.
    As to a previous review, my phone has a 1 gig mirco sd in it and functions fine. Play says that a 4 gig card is compatible. It works in your phone but only gives 2 gig so only buy up to 2 gig. The drawback with the card is that its under the battery so you have to turn the phone off to get it out.
    Another drawback is the stylis hangs from the side of the phone rather than slotting in it. I have tried using the phone without it but some of the menus are then to difficult to use.
    The music player is good and can be listened to through the very good speaker. The radio however cannot. You need the headphones for this.
    All in all this is not a bad phone. It does what it need to and looks good.

  5.  No Mongolian Wrestlers? Who Cares


    Play's description of the ins and outs of this book might be a little off but that doesnt matter. What matters is that this book is fantastic. I watched some of the tv series and it was great to catch up on the bits that I missed and to remember the bits that I did see. There are things in this book that were not in the tv series. You get more of a feel for the desperations, quarrels and triumphs that not just Ewan and Charley faced, but the whole crew.
    I am normally a fiction person when it comes to books but I took a chance with this and I am so glad that I did. Read it or miss out.

  6.  A kind of self help manual for Joe Bloggs.


    Having read this book, i found that i could identify with a hell of a lot of it. A lot of similar experiences but not quite in the same order. This was a great read and was totally believable.
    I have read another mike gayle book called mr commitment. In both these books, most men will find something to identify with. Gayle has a talent of making you feel every emotion that his characters do. You want to laugh, cry, get angry and even love like them. Hell, sometimes he makes you want to be them. Not many books can make me forget the real world but gayle has the talent to do so. When reading this book, i found myself waiting impatiently for the next time when i could slip away for the bores and chores of normal life to escape into its pages.
    To sum it all up, buy this book now.

  7. Escala


    Escala (Britain's Got Talent) - CD

    20 New from  £5.00  Free delivery

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     Too short


    Dont get me wrong with only two stars. The music on the album is great. The reason for the low rating is that the album is far too short. Most albums last at least an hour, sometimes longer but Escala is approx a pawltry 40 mins. I always find myself dissapointed when an album is too short. If this doesnt concern you too much then buy it. The music itself deserves a five star rating. Yes, it is full of covers, but thats what you want from a group like Escala. You what a different take on things you have heard before. They are relaxing yet exciting to listen to. Looking forward to their next offering. Just hope they beef it up a bit.

  8.  Book first, then movie.


    Most people had read the da vinci code first but if you have read neither, then you should read this first. You get to know the character or robert langdon better. I loved both books but i have to say that angels and demons was a much better read.
    The problem with the movie versions is that there is so much to try to cram into two hours or so that you end up missing bits out. Its hard to know if you should read the book first and then see the movie or vice versa. I would recommend reading the book first as you cant enjoy the read if you know what is going to happen. After all, a movie lasts two hours but a good book can last for days.

  9.  Do not let your worries about Carrey ruin this film


    Bruce Almighty was okay in my view but not everyone is a fan of rubber faced Carrey so thats what made me worry before buying this film. I have to say that I was pleasently surprised by it. Good fun and Steve Carell is a real enjoyable actor to watch. He does not need slapstick comedy to be funny, unlike Carrey. Some of the final scenes rely on CGI effects which are not the but best but alround this is a great film for both adults and family.

  10.  Nowt wrong with the battery life.


    This is the first of the guitar hero series that i have played and it is great. I cant put it down. I had read various reviews on many sites about the wireless controller and about how the battery life is terrible. Not true!!! I have put rechargeable batteries in mine and they have lasted several hours so far. What make the game for me is not so much the songs but the wireless controller. If you havent already bought a guitar hero package then buy this one. You will not regret it.