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  1.  A Brilliant, Light Movie.


    After seeing this movie on tv a couple years ago I had to buy it. It had me gripped from the beginning. A great movie, brilliantly acted by Katherine Heigl. Would definatley recommend.

  2.  Very Enjoyable.


    I thought this film was great. It was light, fun and full of laughter. Heigl is brilliant in this, shes the perfect actress for this film. The film had a good storyline, it shows that you can fall for the most unexpected person. Something Heigl does in this. A great watch.

  3.  Very Good....Ackles Is Great!


    I went to the cinema to watch this and was very impressed. Unfortunatley i didnt see it in 3D, but it was still really good. There were some jumpy parts that really got me lol. Some of the deaths were very gory and quite impressive. The storyline confused me a bit, but other than that it was quite good. Id recommend it.

  4.  Fantastic.


    Some reviews on the internet slated this program. If only they gave it a chance. Its amazing. Full of drama, betrayal, rejection, love, sex, lust. It delivers amazingly!! Absolutley Brilliant. Cant wait until it's released. It's been renewed for season 3. Expect more drama!!!

  5.  Really Enjoyed It.


    Anna Faris is probably one of the best actresses around at the moment. Shes changed so much since her Scary Movie days. It's great seeing her taking control of this film. The film in all is very funny, and it's Faris' facial expressions that make this film funny. She's a natural. It's a great laugh,something you can watch over and over and still laugh at. I can't wait for more Anna Faris films. She's great.

  6.  A M A Z I N G !!!!


    Where do i begin? Fantastic? Brilliant? Amazing? Awesome? This film is all of these and more. Absolutley mind blowing. It follows the book quite closely in my eyes. The actors choosen to play the parts work extremley well. They are the ideal cast of Twilight. I can't wait until this is released, I've already pre-ordered it. I suggest you all do the same. You wont be disappointed. Role on 'New Moon'.

  7.  'Taken'......Amazing!


    This film was fantastic, from the start I was hooked. Full of suspense,drama,betrayal....this film delivers. I thought the storyline was very good, it gives an insight to what some people actually go through in life. It did sadden me to see some of the situations some of the girls were in,very sad. But all in all, a brilliant film. I suggest you get it on Blu-Ray. Supreb.

  8. Departure


    Jesse McCartney - CD

    4 New from  £3.94  Free delivery

    Available  used  from  £1.68

     A Really Gwd Album.


    this new sound from jesse mccartney is grown up and in my eyes fantastic.

    its pure RnB.

    from his pop smash beautiful soul 2 the RnB hit Leavin,he delivers.

    Leavin' - 10/10
    It's Over - 10/10
    Rock You - 7/10
    How Do You Sleep - 8/10
    Into Ya - 7/10
    Make Up - 8/10
    My Baby - 10/10
    Told You So - 8/10
    Relapse - 7/10
    Runnin' - 8/10
    Freaky - 9/10
    Not Your Enemy - 8/10

    over all..an amazing album.

  9.  Bruce Shines Again.


    Bruce Willis plays these parts really well. Like Die Hard...Bruce is the one rescuing people. Ye he's ageing but he still delivers in every possible way and Hostage is no exception. Full of action and suspense...A really gwd film.

  10.  Visually Incredible.


    This was proberly one of the best films of 2007. Full of action and suspense. Visually this is amazing. The graphics are brilliant on a flat screen tv...fantastic. The acting is really good. Definatley 5 Star. Worth £6.99.