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  1.  Dull as a museum of greyness


    This is sadly the nail in the recent might and magic coffin, it lacks any substance, power or epicness right from the start. The gameplay is a sin against next gen consoles and the graphics wudnt pass for ps2 grade.

    I feel like crying cos i love might and magic, but this is clearly the death of it ......

  2.  Sliding but not bad


    Overall, its a good film, basically same idea as the previous 2, but it loses a star because the humour was down a little, lacking the overall classicness of the previious 2.

    Still, its worth a watch =P

  3.  Classic


    Frankly this review is pointless because years of this movie circulating as a favourite stands for much more than my words could.

    Simply a must see adventure; lighthearted but thrilling and very entertaining .

  4.  Funny and suprisingly real


    Frankly i cant get enough of this show, and i truth i think the reason is its incredible perspective. The use of the narrative thinking voices puts a new dimension on sitcom humour by highlighting the funny way in which guys think, and the difference between it and thier actions.

    Also, i think everyone kind of relates to either mark or jeremy in some way. Plenty of times marks thought have been how i thought ( though i usually handle the situation better =P)

    Another thing i love is that they can take situation which, placed in other shows would literally make you cringe, and make it genuinely, laguh out loud funny.

    Really good show, but not for those who take themselves seriously =P

  5.  A remake could never beat it


    SImply this film is an all time classic, and im not just saying that.

    Gregory pecks performance is fantastic, and the transfer from the original novel was, in terms of depth and message, seamless.

    If there was an all time list of movies you must see, this would undoubtedly be there, if only for pecks performance as Atticus.



    I was sooooo dissapointed by this movie, and yes, it is the death of the franchise.

    FIrst of all, im not a big fan of horror movies, and really never watched alien or prreadtor series before ( im a big chicken =P), but i was pretty impressed by AVP 1, actually finding it to be a decently watchable action, and it did a pretty cool job of buildin a storyline up.

    This however, was garbage.

    To begin with, in five minutes it completely ruined the storyline with multiple contradictions ( like, why, if the predator is trying to remain inconspicous, does he kill and skin a police officer??? =S )

    The cliches became endless, the plotholes widened, and soon it was more laughable than scary, at some points it was just disgusting more than anything else ( bit in the maternaty ward)

    FInnally, it has, without doubt, THE WORST ending i have seen since no country for old men

  7.  Excellent


    I really enjoyed this movie.

    It has quite a good storyline and very gd action scenes. A lot of fans of the series complained tht it shud be more violent, and in truth it could be, but what I really liked as a person whos not into horror is that it was more of an action movie. It very much refrained from the pointless, mindless aliens kill everything scenario, and actually put a decent amount of background and plot into the story ( without overdoing it :P)

    Good for a lads night in or for a bit of decent sci-fi action, but not scary by any means. =)

  8.  good but a bit let down


    This game is fanastiic in all the same ways as the original vegas but i took one star off because i found the multiplayer is very dissapointing now. The maps are too big and kinda lak a sort of two sided feel makin team deathmatch less of a tactical battle and more of a pointless run around tryin to find ur opponent and shoot them in the spine ( u always walk behind them cos of the huge map size)
    Also its the only game ive ever [played which can lag in offline single player ( and its no my xbox)

    Worth the money, particularly becos of the steelbook but dont expect the same multiplayer enjoyment.

  9.  pretty good


    i really liked this film. A lot of people complain about it because it wasnt quite what everyone expected, but its still fantastic. Will smiths acting in the film is incredible, particularly since the only other characters r his dog and mannequins which he has set up to imitate people.

    There is , however, the problem that this film isnt really watchable twice. Because it uses so many shock horror scenes and twists, brilliant though they r, once uve seen them the movie loses its charm.

    My advice would be definetly watch, but perhaps as a rental first

  10.  love this game


    this games has everythin a strategy should , challenging gameplay, balanced resource and unit sustems and amazin multiplayer. cant wait for the fourth expansion