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  1.  Amazing use of the move controller system


    I bought this game as I really enjoyed KZ2 and had recently got my hands on the move controller and thought it'd be a good game to add to the collection.

    Since playing the game using move I find it really quite dull when playing any FPS with the sixaxis, it's just not as involving and you feel very detached from the gameplay (it baffles me that activision aren't going to implement move into the COD series).

    The story carries on straight from the end of KZ2 but seems rather poorly written or told. The gameplay however more than makes up for this.

    If you enjoy FPS games or just want a hardcore game to use your move controller with, get it!

  2.  If you don't want a snazzy smartphone, this is more than ok!


    I've got this phone on a 2 year contract and am now in the last month.

    It's a durable handset, has been dropped many times and thrown on the sofa n bounced off onto the floor etc etc. Only time it got noticable damage was when I dropped it in a gravel carpark and the clear plastic casing covering the screen got a tiny crack.

    I don't understand why other reviews say it feels cheap. You get what you pay for and for the price, its durable, easy to use, clear screen, buttons that are easy to press and not flat...

    I could go on.

    I'm looking at upgrading to a Blackberry now. But this Samsung has done me well.

  3.  The first 'Interactive film' for PS3


    As soon as I played the demo for Heavy Rain I was dying to unveil the rest of the plot and it wasn't long till I managed to get the full game for a very reasonable 30 quid.

    After completing the game twice (and making different choices each time) I can see why this game may have a marmite effect on people.

    If you are into first person shooters and action heavy titles, this one might not be for you. However, if you enjoy films like Se7en, and tv series like CSI, chances are this is right up your street.

    PLOT: Without going into too much detail and repeating the description play have provided above, all I shall say is the plot is really gripping and keeps you highly interested and lead to me completing the game in a day cause I simply couldn't put it down, I just had to know what came next. I think a blend of CSI and Se7en is a good way to describe it to those of you who haven't played it.

    GRAPHICS: By far the best I have seen on PS3 to date. This really helps you feel like you're 'playing a film'. The motion capture techniques used for the game really make characters movements (both body and facial) seem immensely realistic.

    REPLAY VALUE: With having various choices to make through the game, and various endings, there is definitely a high replay value. After completing it twice, I figure if I want all trophies, I may have to play through it another 2 times at least. So for your trophy hunters, it's definitely something that'll keep you occupied.

    GAME PLAY: Although Heavy Rain is really one of a kind, I was a bit disappointed at the game play feeling a little repetitive. Lets just say it sometimes feels like every chapter has a fight scene in it.

    OVERALL IMPRESSION: As I said above, I think Heavy Rain leans more towards an interactive film than a game. As a result, I feel the plot is more important than the game play.
    Quantic Dream set out to do something different and unique and in that respect they succeeded. If you're a fan of movies, you'll enjoy it. If you mainly like shoot em up games, it probably won't be worth your money...

    Hope you enjoyed this review and thanks for reading.

  4.  Highly recommended for PS3


    I'd like to clear up the problem stated by rolspoles below.
    After reading his review I was rather concerned about the iPlayer problem so after asking advice on the ps forums and hearing many other people had upgraded to that drive with no problems, I went for it.

    Backing up the data and installing the new drive was a breeze, although you might need to deactivate and reactivate the system once you've done the rest.

    I use iPlayer quite regularly on the PS3 and before the upgrade (80GB fat model) iPlayer seemed to freeze for about 2 seconds about half way through the program.
    Since upgrading this is no longer an issue, iPlayer works perfectly with no problems at all.

    When playing heavy rain yesterday there was a rather prominent whirring noise which could be the HDD or the bluray drive, but it's not happened since, so think it was a one off noise and nothing to worry about.

    Anyway, a great drive and definitely one I'd recommend.

  5.  Review Update


    I've had this drive for about 7months now and all of a sudden it stopped working. Tried it on a few different systems and nothing...
    So I took it to a data recovery bloke who said the circuit board has failed but the drive itself is fine. So currently, it's sat in a carrier bag under my desk till I modify my computer and put the drive inside as an internal.
    As a result, I'm not in the market for another external drive, but I'm going to get an internal one and an enclosure, so if there are any problems, warranty isn't voided by removing the casing.

    Other than this problem (no idea what caused it) the drive is fine... So guess the circuit board wasn't as good quality as I would have liked.

    Not a total loss as data isn't lost. I'd give Western Digital the benefit of the doubt this time, as they make good drives. As I say, if you have a problem, look into the warranty so you know what you shouldn't do to result in voiding it.
    Lastly, as I said earlier, getting an internal drive and external enclosure covers your bum if you need to remove the casing to do any troubleshooting.

    My original review is below in case it is of interest to anyone.

    I've had this for a few months now. Have been using it to back up PlayTv recordings from my PS3. Works great. Also have taken it to a friends house and it worked fine there too. So it's portable.
    Larger than I expected but not really a problem. Runs very quietly. Affordable price.

    No complaints, however if I get a serious problem (data loss etc) I'll update this review.

  6.  Shocking!!


    Great controller. Works just the same as the sixaxis but with the additional dual shock feature.
    My only criticism is that I wish you could change the sensitivity of the vibrtaions. On some games if say theres a cutscene with say an explosion... The controller can go mental and vibrate constantly for 30seconds. It's rather annoying as I just end up putting it down till its stopped. So its a shame they dont have say strength of vibration setting.

    Other than that, great controller. Definately recommend it over any unofficial PS3 pads.

  7.  Could have used a better photo


    There are so many photos of Vikki that'd make a much better poster.

    If it was any other girl, I'd give it 0 stars

  8.  Light hearted fun


    Overall a very good film in which Frasers tallent really shines. Good light hearted fun for everyone.

  9.  Great game!


    I got this a month or so back from play.com for about £7.

    I have chosen to remove my previous review on this game as my opinion has changed somewhat.
    Originally I didn't feel much of an urge to continue playing and hadn't really got into the gameplay (although I was around chapter4).
    Now having completed the game, I can say, hand on heart, that this game... is... awesome!!

    Once you unlock more abilities as you progress through the story, it gets really addictive. The glaive is a unique weapon unlike any other and the powers you unlock make stealthy kills really satisfying.

    The online gameplay is good but slightly flawed. Only after completing the story can you use the main character in the online play to its full ability (this is due to the game manual being pointless and having little information in. Possibly a good thing as it doesnt spoil the surprise of powers you've yet to obtain.)
    Another flaw of the online play is once the infected player is killed, it interupts the gameplay and respawns every player. Instead of the one who was infected, and the one who is about to be.

    However, for the prices this game is available for on play.com, I may be being too critical. For under £10 this game is sheerly awesome. Great enjoyment, good amount of replay value and enjoyable online play.

  10.  Shockingly boring


    I was expecting this film to be very good, but it was by far the worst film I have seen in years. I can't think of much positive to say about it.
    If you really want to watch it, rent it, or spend less than £4 on the dvd...
    It's not great...