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  1.  Great Fun


    Nothing like guitar hero but wat would u expect for £13 its a fun game with great music and all u have 2 do is shake the wii remote the stages a fun the bands are funny and with so many songs all in different styles it make it even better.
    Would have paid £30 for it just for 2 player mode.

  2.  Average


    Great graphics and weapons plenty of gore also the gameplay is very good.
    Now for the bad points online mode is rubbish game isn't long enough and some of the boss's take a few hundred bullets 2 kill.
    Would recommend COD4 but worth a try if u already played that

  3.  Best racing game for ps3


    Excellent game plenty of cars and tracks.
    If u crash u can have an instant replay and rewind time 2 before the crash and do it again which is amazing.
    The only bad thing is if u damage ur car it gets very hard 2 controll.
    All in all well worth a go 4 any racing fan

  4.  Very Good


    Not set in prehistoric times which other people seem 2 think its set in the future on another planet this explaining the amazing guns 2 kill dinosours.
    The planet is huge and the graphics are great couldn't play for hours on end but still a very good game they've changed it from the old N64 game but for the better worth a try some will like it others will hate it



    I bought this game for my uncle who's addicted to pokemon games and this is very simular but with better graphics.
    There are plenty of monsters 2 catch and battle the story is great and at only £9.99 a must have for anyone

  6.  Shoul have been better


    If you have already played COD4 then you'll know wat high standerds other shooting games have 2 beat this unfortunately is a poor example.
    The graphics are OK
    The gameplay is OK
    All in all its an OK game but we should now demand excellence and not OK



    Just finished this game and its amazing very dark and freaky.
    Graphics are good nearly everythings a weapon and you don't need to play the first to get the story.
    I lost count of the many times it made me jump would recommend this game best of the year so far

  8.  Boring


    The only reason i gave it 2 stars is because of the graphics which are quite good but its the same thing over and over again.
    Its also 2 easy and a story would've been good



    This is an amazing game which i paid £45 for its £18 now and i got a copy for my wee brother who also loves it great graphics great monsters not to easy but not so hard either there are five people each with there own weapons and and speical powers.
    Its also very freaky kinda like the darkness.

  10.  Amazing


    Why is this game getting mixed reviews its 1 of the most fun original games for the wii flipping from 3d to 2d is really different but also well done.
    Gets a big thumbs up from me