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  1.  Brilliant publication.


    One of my biggest passions in life, is that of understanding and researching Whales. This book helps you do that, whether on a basic level for a child or a more in depth level for someone keen like myself.

    It has real photo's and true information and data on each breed.

    It has a wealth of information that would benefit any Whale obsessed person like myself. A good book all in all.

  2.  Perfect for a newly diagnosed sufferer.


    I brought this book not long after I got diagnosed with M.E. I have apparently suffered with it for 10 years so the Doctors believe and it was quite a shock. Even though I thought I may have before diagnosis, it took a while to get properly diagnosed and to get a response.

    Due to many Doctors not being very helpful with M.E and the lack of understanding, this book is perfect for a sufferer who is screaming out for someone to help them.

    It has helped me get a better understanding. It has tips, advice, cases studies and various other information that I know will assist anyone with M.E.

    You can't go wrong with this book on this subject. I researched many books and it took me a while to choose my fist M.E book, I chose this one and have not had a need to buy another.

  3.  Fab


    This is a fantastic book...whether you work in this line of business or you just want some home natural help that you can try and sort out yourself safely.

    It covers many different herbal medications and vitamins and explains their benefits pretty well.

    It is a very informative book and very useful to have in any household.

  4.  Pretty cool


    This book is pretty cool. The reason I have only given it a 3 star is because it isn't a book soley on Natural wonders of the world...it also includes man made wonders of the world. Which is ok, but I wasn't expecting that.

    If you are wanting a book dedicated to natural wonders then this isn't the right book for you.

    It does however have many articles on some fascinating wonders around the globe and tells you in great detail the design of them.

  5.  Most imformative Ocean book around.


    I brought this book quite a few months ago and I have not being able to put this down. This is the most imformative Ocean book around and covers every possible detail on the Ocean. It also describes beaches and coves and different seas in great detail.

  6.  Awesome....Addictive


    This was my first Crime Scene book. But I thought I would give it ago and see how I got on. I could not put this book down. Its addictive and every line Tana has wrote is addictive...always keeping you on edge and thrilled by her story. Its a good buy and well worth the money.

  7.  Beautiful.


    If you love colour, baking, sewing, painting, decorating, knitting, gardening, reading and anything else crafty then you will love this book.

    I love just a few of the above, and to be honest was attracted to this book at first by its front cover and photo's inside.

    But then...

    I read it...

    Wow. She has really managed to master a way to brighten up our "house wifey" lives. Teaching us to not be boring but to be daring and extravagent. Its full of ideas and advice, and just generally full of nice sparkley, colourful and yummy things.

    Its the perfect gift for a Bride to be or your mum or your daughter.

    In my case, it is the perfect gift for yourself.

    I think every women who owns a house should own this book.

  8.  Butterfly mad? Buy this!


    I brought this book a good few weeks ago.

    I am a great lover of Butterflies and Wildlife and I also like to paint. This book is perfect for artists who like to draw or paint butterflies.

    But its also very interesting and informative. It's not only full of hundreds of butterflies, Thomas Marent has explained and described each one either briefly or in depth.

    I have looked at a lot of different buttefly books but hadn't found the best one for what I was wanting. I wasn't wanting a small book, nor one filled with butterfly "drawings", not one that dragged on and on...but this one fitted the bill perfectly.

    Its expensive, but worth it. There is not one single drawing, they are all photo's and his descriptions are spot on. I definately recommend this one.

  9.  A very unique level of understanding towards life and "fear"


    I brought this book just the other day and have not been able to put it down.

    Susan Jeffers approaches "fear" in a very unique and untouched way. She helps you to see that "fear" isn't something that will go away, in fact she says it generally never goes away. But you can handle it.

    One of her famous quotes from the book is "I'll handle it" - which is a new way to approach your fears. Rather than saying "you'll do it later" or "you'll try it when you're ready"...instead she teaches you to deal with it - to "handle it".

    I think whether you are depressed, have low self-esteem, are lonely, divorced, lost a loved one, have money problems, want to try something new - whatever it maybe, this book will really help you. With techniques and tasks and food for thought it will help you.

    A very positive book!